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As an agent of S.M.I.L.E., I've always had one goal: Keep Equestria safe from the dangers that the general populace shouldn't know about. It's something not anypony can do, and that's precisely why I do it. The threats I face are fierce, and I don't always come home with a clear conscience. However, in my heart, I know that what I'm doing is for the greater good.

At least, I thought I did.

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What a fantastic buildup to an incredible ending. The implications are fascinating, there are so many different ways to take that.

Ahh, existential anxiety. Gotta love it

Is the greatest evil in the shadows around us or is it in the light right in front of us?

A bit of Horror, Gore, Violence, Death and Profanity to the story?

so warhammer logic? When it comes to Gods at least.

This is exactly why, partway through (canon) s1e1, Princess Celestia ate everypony. :trollestia:

i didn't understand the ending.

I like it the story

Though it makes me wonder... do you play FFXIV?

Well, I would figure that it would be part of S.M.I.L.E.'s mandate to take down Celestia in cases like this.

How very glib!

Celestia is the same kind of god-thing she has been sending Bon Bon to kill. All of ponykind is under her control. Celestia has been eliminating the opposition.

Oh, that's messed up

Honestly wonder how many S.M.I.L.E agents have had to be put down after killing one to many entities? Cause shit like that doesnt just vanish.

Well written.

Sounds like Sweetie Drops needs a promotion from "Special Agent" to "Scion of the Seventh Dawn." Pretty rare to find any creature immune to tempering from a primal.

Good job :)

Having played Final Fantasy 14, this short story resembles some of its main plot points. A group would pour belief and magic into making their god into existence, but the 'primal' that they summoned wasn't really a god, and it was more so a creature that would bend the will of those around it for its own goals.

Massive spoilers for FF14 ahead;

Even our own players and peoples gods, the gods of mankind, are essentially the same. In this case the idea of Celestia. Interestingly tho, is that our own gods ask us to defeat them, and to take up their mantle of protecting our people once we have gained enough strength and willpower to do so. They did exist to help and support us until we could stand without their help. I do feel like Celestia could fill that same role, having raised Twilight to take from her the mantle of rule as a mortal grown into strength rather than a being believed into strength.

I enjoyed the story~ :heart:

Hye #18 · 2 weeks ago · · ·



Chilling. Very chilling.

Feels like this warrants a [Dark] tag for the implications, hence why I put it in my Best of Dark shelf.

Excellent work, Runic. Slightly different from your usual work, but just as good.

PiMan #21 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

And then, God retired.

You have my Woot! :twilightsmile:
In context, I guess the Conclusion should be considered Inevitable? :trollestia:

And then a new God took her place.

Amazing short story!

So gods are treated like glorified imaginary friends. God I hate this cancerous RPG cliche.

She seems like a practical mare, so... Celestia shouldn't bother her as long as she's their goddess

Bueno, al final Celestia le da su trono a Twilight así que todo bien (ignoraremos a la G5)

Mwah. I love the made god idea. Those pesky buggers always popping up and spreading dangerous ideals. ;)

"Do you know why the gods demand blood? Because gods don't bleed."

I don't see why she's so worried. If a god is shaped by that which summoned it, then it can be as easily made a force of Good and Law as Evil and Chaos, simply takes a bit to know which is which, and a being that has led a kingdom in peace for 1,000 years, and only struck out at evil, not merely annoying(like say certain YAKS), shows she's not aggressive in a proactive way.

It's those gods that think they're helping that have the issues. Five nations at constant war with each other, some even eating one another because they are different races? Well, I'll create a zombified tower of flesh that infects those around it to force them to join together against it. What, they didn't unite? Then I'll manifest as a mortal man, build a fortress, and then FORCE them to join together, lest they be wiped out by my creation...though now that I'm manifested I can't destroy it either...whoops.

I personally would tell some other agents, then start to investigate about Celestia’s intentions. Celestia is a benevolent dictator, does it matter if you gains power from belief? I would just give a closer eye to our actions and if I find anything wrong, try to limit her influence and if I do not find anything inform other people and maybe ask her some questions.

Small town do-gooders like the police and the Royal Guard are there to keep everypony safe.

Characterizing the nation's army as "Small town do-gooders" says a lot about either Equestria's militarization or the interservice rivalry between S.M.I.L.E. and the Guard Possibly both.

As for Sweetie Drops's body count, there's gods and then there's Gods. Thankfully, she's been dealing with the lowercase ones. It's a concerning phenomenon, yes, but there's the question of what these amalgamations of faith and magic actually want. Especially the ones built on as benevolent a framework as Celestia. It's a nicely ominous note to end on in theory, but the story leaves enough unanswered questions that it loses some impact.

Still, a fascinating idea. Thank you for it. I hope you build on it in the future.

Well, what can you do when the outer beings just happen to be pretty competent in leadership and management? Would be really a waste not to put their talents to use.

Wow, that was... definitely "something completely different" from you, Runic, compared to your light-hearted Anon stories. It feels like the prologue to an awesome story. I definitely like it, but that ending leaves me begging for :flutterrage:MOOAAAARRR!!

11920149 Nah, it's cuz nectar and ambrosia is very iron-deficient! MAGICAL SCIENCE!!! :twilightsmile:

11919335 Pfft, humans do it all the time. Ever see any modern leaders or their rich benefactors on the battlefield?

Alondro #37 · 2 weeks ago · · 7 ·

Anything a single pony can kill isn't a god. I have known TRUE gods. That which is flesh CANNOT SO MUCH AS APPROACH THEM.

It is only because I AM ALONDRO (the Earth quakes at His name) that I can endure.


Anywho, what these things are is actually a gestalt entity formed from an amalgamation of wills, kinda like the Fendahl from the Tom Baker "Doctor Who" episode "Image of the Fendahl". Heck, even Gozer from "Ghostbusters" was a gestalt, requiring both Zuul and Vinz Clortho to be present in order to fully manifest.

And THOSE entities have serious vulnerabilities. They're unstable by their very nature.

And what of one of these 'gods' that was formed from actual ponies? Because Celly and Loony had foalhoods. They were once just regular ponies.

How will Sweetie deal with the fact that Twilight ascended, apparently ONLY BY THE WILL OF CELESTIA, and perhaps herself?

How can she deal with a god that is now clearly capable of replicating itself by 'infecting' other ponies with godhood?

And how will she fare when Bill Cipher shows up next week? :trollestia:

Comment posted by Mr Lore miser deleted June 6th

awesome story, But can somebody please tell me what S.M.I.L.E. stands for

The Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria.


Five nations at constant war with each other, some even eating one another because they are different races? Well, I'll create a zombified tower of flesh that infects those around it to force them to join together against it. What, they didn't unite? Then I'll manifest as a mortal man, build a fortress, and then FORCE them to join together, lest they be wiped out by my creation...though now that I'm manifested I can't destroy it either...whoops.

Could you please tell me the name of the video game you’re talking about?

Screams of terror filled the night, with panicking ponies fleeing all directions and the imprisoned Goddess of the Night drifting off into the forboding clouds, headed towards the Everfree Forest and whatever primeval creatures she could bend to her will within.

Sweetie Drops browsed along the buffet, adding some hayslaw to her plate before considering the deviled eggs. They probably were only metaphorically deviled, but knowing Pinkie Pie, there was always a possibility. Since the town hall was nearly empty and the buffet table had no competitors, Sweetie decided to risk it anyway and added two eggs to her plate before heading toward the dessert table.

"I'm on leave," she muttered beneath her breath. "They told me to take leave, or else. Smiting ancient mythical goddesses is something for another on-duty agent."

"Bon-Bon!" Lyra came dashing into the town hall, trembling like a leaf. "There you are! What are you doing?"

"Getting dessert," she responded calmly. There were so many pies to choose from, and although apple was her favorite, she deeply considered boysenberry or gooseberry since she could get a Sweet Apple Acres apple pie about any time, and the others were seasonal.

"But..." Lyra pointed outside, took several deep breaths, and noticeably relaxed. "Oh, there must not be anything to worry about, then. I'm so glad you're here."

Somebody else was just going to have to deal with Nightmare Moon while Agent Sweetie Drops finished dinner. Or breakfast. It was still dark outside, so either would do. Perhaps some scrambled eggs...

"I mean I get so worried about things in Ponyville," continued Lyra while getting a plate and following her. "Seems like something pops up every week."

It was something to think about when Bon-Bon turned back into Agent Sweetie Drops, but for now, she simply scooped ice cream onto her boysenberry pie and tried not to think of cyclical thaumic disruptions or ancient artifacts sparking in overload somewhere.

And years later when she found herself briefing the new leader of Equestria on S.M.I.L.E. responsibilities, she very carefully left out just what the agency had been doing, or more correctly not doing when Princess Luna had returned.

It was probably for the best.

Comment posted by Alex Warlorn deleted June 7th

It's the Avadon Trilogy, though it's not a mainline plot point, surprisingly. This is because Avadon as with a lot of Spiderweb games, is more about the world than the individual plot points. I would personally recommend the Geneforge series remakes he's doing if you want a taste of his design ethos at its best.

That's a game series wherein you are in the middle of an AI revolution, where living beings made by magic are rebelling against their makers...and the games do a REALLY good job of making everyone an a-hole, while showing how societies like the Shapers develop into the things they do, with morals that are just this side of absolute evil.

Oh, and I will ask...how did you know it was a game?

One of the rare instances where a personal interest spoiled the ending for me lol.

Irregardless, very well done!

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