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Sunburst is dead, but Starlight Glimmer has fixed it.

She isn't one to let a little death get in the way of a good time.

An entry for both the Dialogue Only Contest and A Thousand Words Contest III (Comedy category).

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I say this with the utmost admiration, affection, and respect: Uggggghhhhhh.

Huh, just think of the possibilities. You can sedate pony, rip it open, restore all the problems like clogged artery or a tumor. If it doesn't survive, the you stitch it up and perform resurrection. Equestrian healthcare has to be wild

I love this so much, amazing job

Georg #4 · June 15th · · ·

Something like this deserves musical accompaniment.


You may like Rambling Writer's necromancer series:

A necromancer with a price on her head. A ragtag team of bounty hunters. The glacial wilderness of the Frozen North. The chase is on.
Rambling Writer · 75k words  ·  333  6 · 3.8k views

It features necromancy being more like a branch of healing magic, at least when it isn't being used by insane megalomaniacs.

Thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy:

That fits! :rainbowlaugh:

Fun read, wished there was more of a story revolving around Zombie Sunburst and adapting to life as an undead. What is his new diet consist of, pony brains? Will he have to invents heavily on air freshener?

"Dead or alive, you’re cumming with me!”

Something tells me that the purpose of this story was simply to be able to use that last line with that specific meaning and intention.

So... the resurrection's going to fail and Sunburst will have to be rebuilt into a cyborg? One with a very pointy USB jack? :derpytongue2:

Hilarious blend of raunch, gore, and the kind of ethically concerning good intentions that only Starlight can offer. Thank you for it and best of luck in the judging.

That something is the Author's Note, claiming that he got tired of waiting for another feghoot contest. :twilightsmile:

Impressively groantastic!

Absolutely hilarious and oh man that was a beautiful ending. For everyone involved it sounds like n_n

Hee-hee, I never knew aortas were so bouncy!

I shouldn't find that as funny as I did I suspect.

“The longest and hardest. Did I mention that you also have virtually infinite stamina in your current state?”

“Ooh, infinite stamina, you say?”

“Mm hmm. The detention. Will last. Forever!”


That was so much funnier than it had any right to be.

:duck: Precious Scales what's taking you so long? Our reservations ?
:moustache: Sorry I found someones stuff in the Library, I'm sure Twilight can figure what to do with it
:twilightoops: Who left a bucket of stew on my desk?
:trixieshiftright: How about the mess under your desk?
:facehoof: Not again.....

Majin Syeekoh

I had to read this. And I'm glad I did.

Five star feghoot there.

I looooove it! It's really funny.

“Nah. Maud got me access into the restricted section of the Royal Archives when she needed me to bring Mudbriar back last month.”



“You know what? I can live without the details. It’s just… huh.”

Death by snu-snu?

It was really good, except for the last line or two.
SO still quite good on balance, and if you don't read the last two lines, it's even better!


Let it be known that my ignorance of what was intended by not reading the author's notes as a testament to the author's talent for doing what was intended.

Guilty as charged. :trollestia:


One with a very pointy USB jack?

There are two places I can think of for that pointy jack, and both are rather inconvenient for its intended purpose. :rainbowlaugh:


that was a beautiful ending. For everyone involved it sounds like n_n

Except the janitor, maybe. :pinkiecrazy:

Tee hee. An alternate ending was the librarian catching them in the act and letting them off with a warning: "Cum quietly or there will be trouble!"


Death by snu-snu?

Well, when stick goes up against rock, the stick usually doesn't come out on top... :derpytongue2:

tragically funny


It's one of the most stupidly obvious jokes in modern history...and yet I still laughed because I was wondering what the story was leading up to and got surprised.



Or he might take the Izombie approach and eat the brains of recently deceased ponies that Starlight could possibly steal from the morg.

I could have thought up something clever to say about this story... but I didn't.

Hurr durr, undead pone sexxorz. :derpytongue2:

I died at the last line.

“See? You’re not bound to my will. I modified the spell so that you’re bound to yours , which is effectively the same as free will. Can we please get back on track?”


Okay but thats a smart loophole. Of course the pony that managed to rewrite A Freaking Time Travel Spell in order to change the timeline, can do something like that.

Is that stolen...er..borrowed from Amanita's trilogy?

If that's same continuity, he even would heal back to alive state.

I don't know what a fungus has to do with Starlight Glimmer but I wasn't referencing anything outside of this story.


This trilogy: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/429737/hinterlands
There the trick this Starlight invented is the plot device which led to creation of a new kind of necromancer. Coincedences happen, yeha, provided something very similar once was used in Forgotten Realms, or some other DnD sequence, I forgot which.

Ah interesting.

I might give that a read.

It's about as bad as I expected.

Please never stop.

THANK YOU. :pinkiehappy:

Necroprancy. Beating a dead horse's meat. :pinkiecrazy:


Is that stolen...er..borrowed from Amanita's trilogy?

Yes, yes it was.

Please do. That's some good stuff right there!


Please never stop.

Starlight and Sunburst sure aren't... :trollestia:

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