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"I know writers who use subtext, and they're all cowards." -- Garth Marenghi


Twilight's still smart. It's just that everypony else is smarter, and it's up to her to find out why. She’d better hurry, because her friends are almost done building their spaceship.

Set some time around Season 4.
Huge thanks to Zalmax and ScratchPaper for pre-reading!

Featured on FimFiction 10/11/21 to 10/13/21!

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Is this a reupload? :rainbowhuh: I could swear I've seen this story before.

Great premise, twist, and final joke! Twilight was a great straight mare for this and I'm glad this didn't require making her a moron to make the comedy work.

This is like that Futurama episode where Prof. Farnsworth meets Da Vinci, and he is the stupid one on his planet, so he went to Earth where he was a genius, relatively speaking. Prof. Farnsworth is even stupider than him when they go to Da Vinci's planet.


The first version 'starred' all humans, and was mostly hundreds of years ago? :twilightsheepish:

Not so much “dumb” as “unfamiliar with the subject matter.” Or possibly “working with a different set of physical laws.” Suffice to say, delightful bit of silliness. Though I do wonder how everypony will react after the fact… and just where that rocket would end up.

Okay, this was pretty great, and not at all what I expected in the best way. The choice of individual topics Twilight's friends focused on, the twist second chapter, and the stealth astronomical history lesson all worked.

Ah, Twilight...you forget just how Discord works sometimes.

Well, that was a fun story. :D

Nice story

No reason that astronomy and the princesses can't coexist though, once Luna and Celestia come settle everyone down



:heart: Futurama. I didn't remember that episode until I read your posts, but it must have influenced me subconsciously. :twilightsmile:

And thus, after being declared a filthy heretic and being banished from Equesria, Spike would go on to build the first interspecies space agency.

Upon being informed of their first moon landing. Princess Luna was said to have threatened them to, quote, "Get off my lawn!"

I want to see what the princesses think. But this is another interesting thought about how the pseudo-medieval/19th century world of Equestria runs. Presuming it runs on the same physical laws as our own, would anypony believe you or would you be taken to the nice little garden of the ponyville hospital/sanitarium?

Fun start but not “dumb” and weak ending.

“And we built a super huge-a-normous three-stage rocket with 17,850 hoof-tons of thrust so we can gooo toooo Marecury!"

Huh. Wonder why specifically Marecury then. Assuming the Equestria star system is analogous to that of real life Sol's (and let's face it, with a name like Marecury, there's no reason to assume otherwise), there'd be other world's both closer, and thereby a little easier, to get to, and altogether a bit more interesting to explore. Not to say Marecury wouldn't be interesting to explore too, but it is effectively just an overcooked rock in space, so it'd seem like it wouldn't be the first world one would be clamping at the bit to get to, especially if only still in the beginning stages of operating what's effectively a space launch program.

"I tried to borrow AJ’s rulers, but I’m not allowed around her tools since the belt grinder incident.”

Sounds like there's a totally different story to be told there. :trixieshiftright:

"That’s when the funniest thing happened. An apple fell right on me!"

Yeah, saw that coming from a mile away. :rainbowlaugh:

“It’s almost as if gravity is more than a mere force between two objects. Perhaps it’s more like a…fabric.”

Oh, now they're cracking general relativity even.

“But if there are other worlds with life, then there must be other worlds with intelligent life. With so many stars, there could be millions. What are the chances we’re the first to discover all of this? That we’re the first who realized their world isn’t the center of the universe, that there are ways to move around, and who wanted to get started. It’s millions to one. And they could have been doing it for eons by now.” She turned to Twilight. “So when are they coming here?”

...and now we're getting into the Fermi Paradox.

Y'know, delivered all at once like this, I'm starting to see how Twilight would be more than a little overwhelmed by it all. :rainbowlaugh:

The quill stopped. Spiked cocked his head to the side and squinted at her. “Dear who?”

Yeah, I knew he had given himself some sort of loophole. :trollestia:

Yep as a lover of fae . Always read the fine print.

She was already rocketing for Golden Oak Library.

That's a pun, right? :moustache:

:duck: Come along my lovely Gorn :raritywink:Spikey and I have a meeting with a Starfleet Captain ...
:raritystarry: We shall take over the galaxy
:pinkiegasp: the six elements
:ajbemused: Space Balls, There goes the neighborhood
:rainbowlaugh: Galaxina
:yay: Harley David and Son... varoom-varoom
:trollestia: who?

Twilight had the distinct feeling that the conversation hadn’t just flown over her head, it’d left for Marecury without any way of getting back.

Only more reasons to launch as soon as possible.

“I built it,” Rainbow said. Twilight’s jaw must have hit the ground, because she added, “What? It’s just rocket science.”

Well, you're not wrong...

And now her friends may remember the princesses again, but they also remember their space theories.
As such they realize the princesses are actually scammers and form an angry mob trying to overthrow them.
Whether that's an improvement to their previous state-of-mind remains to be seen.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

A very nice read! Very funny, had me chuckling at several parts!

“Just a few days ago. It was a gift. You see, Discord wanted to thank me—“

I bucking knew it! As soon as I saw the line

But it was a different kind of crazy, hinting at something deeper and more organized. Twilight had no idea how to respond.

Well, that was a nice plot twist. Although with Discord's promise, you could see the ending coming a mile away. :rainbowlaugh:

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