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I'm adopting The Oatmeal's philosophy on creativity to write some pony! It'll be weird.


This story is a sequel to Errand, Errant

Sweet Biscuit is the sweetest unicorn anypony has ever met, and she’s come up with the sweetest cookies anypony has ever tasted! If they impress Zesty Gourmand, her treats are sure to be the next food craze to sweep through Canterlot.

There’s only one problem: “Sweet Biscuit” isn’t the sweet unicorn she appears to be. She’s actually the changeling spy Agent Myrmarachne.

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I’m onboard just ‘cause of Sweet Biscuit.

I don’t know why, but a pony named Biscuit really has my interest...

I think this is the single best use of Zesty in any story I've ever read.

Hah, excellent. :D

Hehe, hopefully no changeling spies show up at the next Biscuit family reunion...

Thank you! I know she’s not a hugely popular character, but she left enough of an impression on me to wonder where she went after her episode.

That poor agent just can't win.

In any case, hilarious work. Zesty's may be a cursed existence, but she's certainly making it work for her. And the pegacopter was a fantastic touch. Thank you for this.

This kinda reminds me of a Cold War espionage thriller called Deutschland 83, but more comedic and more disastrous.

I wonder if SCAMU would even still be in a position to try to collect.

Where there’s a bit to be made, Flim and Flam will find a way.

Huh, I’d never heard of that show. I’ll have to check it out!

Thank you! One of these days Myrmarachne will catch a break, although probably only after the management at Veiled Fang gets Her their act together.

She had a point. On one mission, I spent two months disguised as a mirror in Prince Blueblood’s private quarters.

jaiks *shudders*

She had a point. On one mission, I spent two months disguised as a mirror in Prince Blueblood’s private quarters.

If that had been a permanent position, it could be described as one step above hell.

Providing they haven’t reached the burn everything to the ground and run into the night so the law can’t catch them part of their plans.

which was run by two business ponies named Flim and Flam

Well, there's your problem. :rainbowlaugh:

On one mission, I spent two months disguised as a mirror in Prince Blueblood’s private quarters.

Oh gosh...how close did she come to strangling Blueblood by the end of that assignment?

...or did she actually strangle Blueblood and they had to get another changeling to pose and fill in as Blueblood long term instead? :rainbowlaugh:

I suspect the only reason Zesty has that helicopter is just to make life a living Tartarus for the pegasi powering it. :trollestia:

The only thing I'm not clear on is what good does lacing the cookies (or any food for that matter) with changeling venom do? It doesn't seem to have any obvious detrimental effects on ponies ingesting it, or at least none of the ones said to have partaken of the cookies in this. It's implied to even enhance the flavor somehow, but I don't see how that fits into any sort of plan serving the presumed long-term goals of the Hive in Exile. Maybe the hoped-for runaway success of the cookies was just a means of generating revenue for the funding of the hive's affairs?

Do gotta wonder who's the changeling donor for all that venom, though. :rainbowlaugh:

Ooh, that looks fun! I’ll have to check it out before the next misadventure. :twilightsmile:

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