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Jay Bear v2

"I know writers who use subtext, and they're all cowards." -- Garth Marenghi


On a trip to Ponyville’s new cat café, Sandbar makes three discoveries:
1. He has a huge crush on Gallus.
2. He is severely allergic to cats.
3. Griffons are half cat.

Set early in the school year in an alternate Season 8.

An entry for The Discovery Young Six writing contest.

Thanks to Cat Scratch Paper for editing and the cover art!

Chapters (4)

Ocellus, Smolder, and Sandbar discover an off-limits room in the old changeling hive. Inside, they learn that even though Chrysalis may be gone for good, her actions linger on among changelings...and elsewhere.

Take a look into the Kaleidoscope.

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This story is a sequel to Errand, Errant

Sweet Biscuit is the sweetest unicorn anypony has ever met, and she’s come up with the sweetest cookies anypony has ever tasted! If they impress Zesty Gourmand, her treats are sure to be the next food craze to sweep through Canterlot.

There’s only one problem: “Sweet Biscuit” isn’t the sweet unicorn she appears to be. She’s actually the changeling spy Agent Myrmarachne.

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Silverstream and her husband Gallus are going to be parents! Everyone is so excited about their egg.

Well…almost everyone.

We’re Eggspecting! takes place a few years after the Young Six graduate from the School of Friendship and go their (mostly) separate ways.

New cover art by the truly wonderful Cat Scratch Paper. :heart:

Featured on FimFiction February 2019!
Posted to Equestria Daily!
Selected for the Royal Canterlot Library!
Translated to Polish by Zodiac!

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Campfire tales never scare Gallus. After surviving life alone in Griffonstone and a year of challenges at the School of Friendship, it’d take way more than hearing “The Olden Pony” again to get his heart racing.

But Silverstream’s monster story isn’t like other campfire tales. As Gallus and his friends listen to each revelation and twist, an unshakable feeling possesses him: something is waiting for him at the bottom of the ocean.

Chapters (6)

It’s hard to be a changeling spy trying to restore Queen Chrysalis to Her rightful place. As if living in deep cover wasn’t stressful enough, a secret agent never knows what assignment the Hive-in-Exile Command will issue next. Some days are spent on lowly errands like following ponies of interest. Some days call for quick thinking and risky gambits. Some days threaten to be an agent’s last day of freedom.

And some days Agent Myrmarachne is just trying to get a job at the Las Pegasus Airfield.

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At night, Fluttershy dreams only of monsters. Under the moon’s unerring glow, she fights her way through their endless gauntlets, aided by a legion of unimaginable friends, to rescue the ponies imprisoned at their core. Each dream is different, but every one ends the same: her standing before the final, most terrifying monster, alone and hopeless.

When the sun is up, Fluttershy is like any other pony. She spends time with her best friend Rainbow Dash, trains for war, and follows the latest reports of missing fillies and colts. By day, everything is perfectly normal.

And all wrong.

A crossover with Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Knowledge of the series is not required.

Thanks to CatScratchPaper for editing and cover art!

Chapters (14)
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