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It’s hard to be a changeling spy trying to restore Queen Chrysalis to Her rightful place. As if living in deep cover wasn’t stressful enough, a secret agent never knows what assignment the Hive-in-Exile Command will issue next. Some days are spent on lowly errands like following ponies of interest. Some days call for quick thinking and risky gambits. Some days threaten to be an agent’s last day of freedom.

And some days Agent Myrmarachne is just trying to get a job at the Las Pegasus Airfield.

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My god, that was great! If I were him, I would've gone with the pegacorn excuse. "Nope, sorry, no earth pony here!"
Man, this story is awesome!

I hesitate to ask how Twilight ended up with that designation.


What her codename? It's obvious when you realize that Chyrsalis made the list and she almost married Twilight's brother.

Got a feeling this ling is being tracker by SMILE agents who make sure he doesn't get busted, so Chrissy doesn't know they are onto her infiltrators now.

Yep! I kind of like the idea that the Hive-in-Exile is just Chrysalis pretending to be a bunch of different middle-management changelings. :trollestia:

Really funny:rainbowlaugh:... There's moments in the show when you see how dense ponies can be on certain situations. Time to time is funny to read about that

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!
Glad you enjoyed it! Sometimes the show does hit a perfect balance of characters acting silly without being infuriating, but this story was inspired by episodes more like Princess Spike.


That sounds about right.

Ah. Good point.

So this whole story is Chrysalis being batshit crazy because she is all alone…


Trixie is outraged that the code name for trixie the great and powerful (and also repentive) is not listed among these codenames!

Well, that was enjoyable!


Official Correspondence of the Queen’s Administrative Office

Dear Ms. Trixie Lulamoon,
I We are in receipt of your letter protesting the Veiled Fang’s failure to approve a “suitably great and powerful” code name for you. Thank you for bringing this important matter to my our attention. I We are also shocked you were able to bring this to my our attention. Seriously, this is supposed to be a secret headquarters. Please find enclosed fifty bits, which you may retain if you promise not to tell anypony about me us.

I We will notify you of your Veiled Fang-approved code name after I have drained all the love from your pitiful as soon as possible.

On behalf of the Rightful Queen,
/s/ Chrys <illegible>

:pinkiegasp: Thank you very much, and I’m honored that you enjoyed it!

As silly as it is, this story has some weird air of… authenticity to it. I can really imagine seeing something similar in a canon episode. IMHO Higher-up ponies seem to be about as dense as required for such scenario, though collective common sense would make them realise what the heck they've done, eventually. Probably a tad too late for taking any action.


...collective common sense would make them realise what the heck they've done, eventually. Probably a tad too late for taking any action.

Heh, now I can imagine a sequel where Ray discovers his new hire is actually a dangerous changeling spy, but not reporting it until his performance review gets finalized...

“I regret to inform you that you’ve just hired a pegasus for your unicorn-only job.”


So of course what spills out of my mouth is the first dumb thing to pop into my head.
“I am Rivet,” I say, “the alicorn princess of making sure hot air balloons land…goodly.”

Sounds good. Would hire on the spot.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.
Is that an One-Shot or might there come more of him (or Chrysalis' Hive-in-Exile) in the future?

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! I don’t have any sequels planned at the moment, but the Hive-in-Exile is a fun enough idea that I could see writing more about it (especially after The Mean Six).

Haha, loved it. I'm a sucker for the whole "ponies being jaw-droppingly ignorant" thing when it comes to changeling comedy. They're like teens in a slasher movie. They just wanna be infiltrated.

Best explanation I've ever heard for the Prince of Air Traffic Control. Thank you for a hilarious read.

Also, I can't tell if Twilight or Starlight's codename is the best of the bunch.

'Softly' is Fluttershy's actual name in China, I believe. Which is quite amusing.

Equestria kinda deserves whatever doom comes upon it at this rate.

“I am Rivet,” I say, “the alicorn princess of making sure hot air balloons land…goodly.”

Nailed it!

Starlight: AND THIS FOOL

This is the best code name.

Now I look forward to reading how various background ponies are really Chrysalis's (inept) spies lurking in the background.


This is the best code name.

I dunno...considering her (poor) relations with Chryssie, I'm sorta surprised that's the best they could come up with. :rainbowlaugh:

In an earlier draft, her code name was “AND THEN THERE’S THIS A**HOLE,” but I didn’t want to risk my E rating just for one swear.

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