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A collection of stories centered around different parts of Saddle Arabian culture. The first two were written for the Quills and Sofas speedwriting server, but I may publish more if I feel inspired!

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I'm so happy you publish this! Hope to read more of this story and world in the future!

Lots of interesting ideas here, thanks for writing!

How many chapters do you see this story having?

Great, evocative imagery in service of simple but heartwrenching tales. Hope to see more of 'em!

I still remember the way the sand felt under my hooves

"I like sand. It's course and rough and it gets everywhere. Not like clouds."

No idea, honestly! Each one is it's separate little one-off, so I guess I'll just keep putting things in here as time goes on!

Interesting I always imagined sadle Arabia as a stallion dominated society, if only for the idea of seeing culture shock from anyone from equstria visiting

I hope you're inspired to write more at some point, I love tales of Saddle Arabia and there aren't very many of them. Have you read Beyond the Veil?

Thank you!

And no, I have not, but I will now 👀

this is so good!!! so romantic. the imagery is insane

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