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Rainbow Dash just bought a camera, and wants to show it off. She and Applejack rope Fluttershy into a silly improv session. The shy pegasus gets an idea, and runs with it...

Based on the award-winning film Potion Seller by esteemed director and playwright Justin Kuritzkes.

In other words: a very silly idea.

Thanks to Compass the Pegasus for encouragement and proofreading.

Now featuring a reading by Mystery Pony Fiction! (aka The Mystery Fluttershy Fan)

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You're a rascal! You're a rascal with no respect for knights. No respect for anything... except your fanfiction!

I didn't read the description closely so the joke was a surprise. and let me tell you: it hit like a truck

Very good! I wasn't quite sure how impactful it would be, since the idea came to me so fully-formed. Glad to hear of its lethality.

My [Random]est fanfictions would kill you, traveler.

I know that I'll definitely be reading more of your fics!

This fanfic would kill anyone faster than the potions. :rainbowlaugh:

Holy crap this was BEAUTIFUL

Absurdly beautiful.

KvAT #10 · March 6th · · ·

Fanfic seller, I am going into bed and I need only your best stories

Heh, that was fun.

Thank you!!!!!!!!

You better go elsewhere, traveler. My fanfictions are not fit for a beast, let alone a man!

Hmmm, when I audiobook this, I think I should try to do some kind of video, of fluttershy in front of that trophy, and going back and forth. I know what episode that's from. Could be extra funny that way :).

Oh wait, I remember it wrong, it's only AJ and Pinkie in front of the Trophy in Applebuck Season. Was that a screenshot from another scene?

Okay recorded. But I think you need a little work on establishing who's speaking when. It was hard to tell at times, so I probably put the wrong voice on at time.

I'm probably going to see about actually recreating the video this is inspired from with a Fluttershy figurine or something.

That's great! In terms of the voices, I could have provided you an annotated version to make it clear who's speaking at all times, and I guess I could still provide that now if you want. I just wasn't aware it was an issue.

For the visuals, like the cover art, that's just a screencap from the gif below. Not sure what episode it comes from. A miniature reenactment of the Potion Seller video would be pretty funny.


I guess

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