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And it's done. · 8:59am Mar 1st, 2016

Perhaps it would have been better to post this when I posted the last chapter of that long and silly story, but that's beside the point! The point is: It's finally done. The journey is over. The Great War is won (unless you were the Ottomans, or the Germans). Now the question is: What to write next?

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I'm sorry 'ol chap. I totally forgot to tell you to go ahead with it! Have fun.

Well, you got him. I'll let you think on it. I love Fluttershy and AJ


Interesting. Allow me some time to think about it.

Also: Goodness. I never expected anypony to like it this much. :twilightblush:

Oops! Forgot to actually comment! Lol. Anyways, I was wondering if you can give me the honor of reading "An Unnamed Love Story" on my YouTube channel which is MrPonytron. I really like this story

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