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The real villains were the friends we made along the way.

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The ESS Lunar Shine, Equestria's first interstellar exploration vessel, has finally been completed. Its first mission was to investigate an unknown anomaly in deep space. However, when the expedition ends up going sideways, the crew of the Lunar Shine end up crashed on a distant planet. Hope is not lost, however, as they soon discover that life in the Universe is surprisingly plentiful. Now they must gather assistance from the various alien races across the galaxy and find a way back to Equestria.

Of course, things are never that easy, and sinister forces lurk in the depths of space. Can the crew of the ESS Lunar Shine make it back home before it's too late?

Starbound crossover. Cover designed by Novel-Idea.

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This story is a sequel to Across the Dimensional Divide

Hey, it's me again. You know, the human-turned-pony thrust into the crosshairs of a crazy sun princess and her plan to "harmonize" all of humanity? Well, I just wanted to get home, but things have hit a bit of a snag. I'm now even farther from home, left to wander the multiverse without a clue as to how I get back. Hopefully I can find my way around the multiverse and back to where I started, so I can finally get home. However, while I'm out here, I might as well have some fun with it.

Just as long as nothing bad has happened to my friends while I was gone...

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Minuette has a visitor in her bathtub. Unsure about how to handle this, she invites Lyra over to help. She's not sure either. Especially when the visitor looks just like her. Just who is this mysterious visitor? Well... she likes to swim...

Now has a reading right here!

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I have just fallen victim to an accident involving dimension travel. Now I am a pony, living a life similar, yet vastly different from my old one. I'm being thrown into adventures, though they may be just ordinary days. It's crazy when you think about it. Between meeting old and new friends, figuring out what happened to send me here, and uncovering a hidden secret involving the ponies of this realm, I've got my hooves full.

I just want to go home. Someone, please help me.

Written, proofread, edited, and cover by myself.

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