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Lyra is getting ready to move. Knowing that it'll be the last time they'll all be together in Canterlot, Minuette decides to get all of their friends together to help. Trouble is, Twilight doesn't usually show up for such things, much to Moondancer's dismay.
Of course, Minuette knows Twilight's one weakness: Books. And Lyra has plenty of those.

Written for EQD's Writer's Training Ground "Amending Fences".

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You never disappoint when it comes to writing, do you? I find that you portrayed everyone quite well. Though, I did feel a little bad at the end when Lyra asked if Twilight will even notice that she's gone. Anyways, congrats on yet another great story.

One mistake that I saw though.

“Hello, girls. Are you hear to help Lyra reorganize her book collection too?”

While I'm sure they can hear her organizing books, I think 'here' would fit better.

Until next time,

Ps. What's the EQD Writer Training Ground?

Thanks. Glad you liked it.
Lyra wasn't so much hurt as she was genuinely curious, because Twilight missed so many obvious signs.

And 'here' wouldn't fit better. It's just straight correct. Which I shall go fix now. Oops. :twilightblush:

This was really fun; I love your portrayal of pre-friendship Twilight, and the concept as a whole is pretty cute. :twilightsmile: Though there was one thing I wasn't clear on; the 'wine pony' Minuette is implied to have a crush on.

What's this? You mean you don't know all the dozens, perhaps more, of the pony shipping pairs out there?! Shame on you!! :twilightsmile:

But honestly, it's Berry Punch. If you want to read some stories about them being together, I have two written--After the Bachelorette Party' and 'The Bridesmaids'. I'm planning on writing a third one, on how they met, which will take place during this time period.

And I'm glad you liked my story. Thank you.

6205755 I know of quite a few shipping pairs...

Oooohhh. :facehoof: My apologies for the misunderstanding; I've seen that one around in places, but generally didn't pay it much mind. Admittedly, I'm one of the five people on this planet who ships Minuette with Twilight. :twilightsheepish:

Not a problem! :pinkiehappy:


Twilight was a horrible pony back then. I bet she never DID notice Lyra wasn't around anymore.

Man, pre-canon Twilight is hyperoblivious!Twilight sometimes, but it's definitely a cute slice of life fic for what I dub the Canterlot 6 before they get broken up for all time. Quite nothing like books to get her out of her shell for even a few hours.

6215739 Minuette in Amending Fences says Lyra moved to Ponyville. I wonder if Twilight does recognise Lyra Heartstrings, but pretends not to know her given her antics. After all, Lyra as a background pony tends to be the one the animators like to use a lot for background gag shots, possibly more than Derpy. Hell, in Magic Duel she's just sipping on a smoothie while Trixie and Twi are in their duel!


New. Comment! Yay!!!!!! :pinkiegasp:

Yeah, Twilight is more than a bit clueless. We've seen it in the show, how she can become so focused on something that she misses obvious stuff. I think it's kind of cute actually, and I like to think her friends think so too. Minuette sure didn't seem soul crushed when Twilight finally found her a while later.

I do wonder about Lyra too. I'm kind of hoping that, maybe in a future episode, we'll get a little quick moment with Twilight talking to Lyra too. If not, I think I might write a quick story about it, because I can totally see Twilight be completely floored by Lyra's more...interesting interests.

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