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Did anyone else get weird vibes about Cozy Glow while watching 'Marks For Effort'? Well I'm here to tell you, your suspicions are exactly correct. Read on as we delve into the secrets behind this filly, but I warn you: You might not like what you find.

No, really. Spoilers for the episode, of course.

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I love the idea Cozy Glow is really Discord. And the reference to Harry Potter with Tom Riddle. (I am Lord Voldemort) But I’m calling it now, Cozy Glow is not any of our known villians in deguise. But is a new villain who is using very strategic planning as her cutie mark, a chess pawn, suggest. Though I have no idea what her plans are...

Halira #2 · June 3rd · · ·

No villain; not Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrystalis, Sombra, Tirek, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, the Sirens, the Pony of Shadows, Tempest Shadow, the Storm King, or anyone else will ever compare to the greatest menace of all, Cozy Glow.

Seriously, that filly is evil.

Actually now that I think about it...do you know who she looks a lot like? Age Flurry Heart up a few years and take away her horn. Could you hide a horn in all those curls? I knew that was a demon baby.

Oh, so she does really give a suspicious vibe.

There goes my "Chrysalis pretending to be her in the finale" theory.

Actually, it's a rook I think, not a chess pawn... :raritywink:

Well even Maggie Simpson's has a rival in the baby with one eyebrow, so who knows. :moustache:

Not according to future episodes, where I think we see her not as a filly

Tch. I'm going to believe Cozy Glow is Queen Chrysalis >:/

I don't actually believe she's anypony we know in disguise, especially judging by some plot descriptions I have seen for future episodes. This fic is just a harmless piece of speculation, that's all. :twistnerd:

That was pretty good! I saw a lot of 'Cozy is actually Chrysalis' posts in the episode discussion, but I watched a leak of next week's episode, and she's not in it. After that is a mid-season hiatus, so I dunno what's coming in the later half.

Thanks! It's fun to speculate anyway, whatever happens next. :rainbowdetermined2:

God (yay) dam it. I missed another episode. :facehoof:

Right speculation, wrong villain. And I think it's very much a current villain.

Hope you get to watch it soon. Twas a good one... :moustache:

I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, nothing to stop our minds going into overdrive as to their identity. :eeyup:

Can't watch it soon. Need to finish the rest of season 7 (episode twelve onward) and then start watching season 8. I'm so behind.

Here's my joke speculation:
She's the daughter of Tirek and Chrysalis

Hmm. I'm not sure whether to be jealous of all the quality episodes you have to look forward to, or glad I haven't got such a huge backlog of shows to watch. :twilightoops:

In any case, hope you enjoy what's to come... :ajsmug:

Sounds like a future fan fiction in the making, that. Wait long enough, and someone will probably write it. That's if, they haven't done so already... :moustache:

Probably what amuses me the most about this is how long the site without adding any tags, and here, less than 12 hours later, the new character already has one. :rainbowderp:

I have a feeling I'll never get around to it. I have school, going to college (maybe) in one year and two(?) months, and the semi-judgmental family members who shouldn't know I'm a brony (but I have very little, if any, me time).

Yep. We might not have the character pictures any longer, but it sure makes it convenient when you want to add a character from a recently aired episode.. :twilightsheepish:

Oh. :fluttershysad: All I can say is 'best of luck to you' then. Although the show is good, education clearly should be your first priority. As for family, I think mine would be slightly more open-minded. Not taking any chances though... :trixieshiftleft:

This was fun. (And a bit creepy with the hypnosis, but hey - Discord! XD)

Also, I loved the Harry Potter joke in this story. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for reading, and I'm glad it gave you a chuckle. :rainbowkiss:

That's a question MLP will want to answer: Who is Cozy Glow?

I think it's a question the rest of us want answering, too. :rainbowhuh:

Here's another theory: Is she Spike's stalker?

I meant, I thought Cozy Glow in the finale was Chrysalis pretending to be her, but it sounds like it'll actually be Cozy Glow.

Oh, well now that's starting to make sense... :twilightsheepish:


My theory Discord and Fluttershy's time traveling daughter.

Well if peeple read the descriptions for the rest of the season, this little bitch isn't done yet. And of course she's evil. Why?

Because Hasbro common sense says so.

As good as any I've heard so far... :raritywink:

Who knows? Well the writers for one, but I don't think they'll talk... :facehoof:

Fetch #32 · June 3rd · · ·

Her mark is a Rook, not a pawn. Rooks are many times a piece ignored by the opponent at their own peril.
I think Cozy has a talent similar to Diamond Tiara, as they both can get others to do what they want, but with a different spin in how they go about it.

Also, Cozy has Diamond's coat color. We see THAT shade of pink on a pony, we know something is up.

Okay, first: WHAT?

Second: EEWWWW!

1. I made that using the plot synopsis for two upcoming episodes.
2. I did say it was a joke.

AC97 #35 · June 3rd · · ·

Fun story, but in all seriousness, I believe that Cozy Glow is actually... Cozy Glow.

I'll point out a subtle detail that I missed the first time I watched the scene with Starlight and Cozy: Throughout the conversation with Starlight, Cozy never took a sip from the "Empathy cocoa."

To answer the question the summary asks?

No, you are not the only one.

(Spoilering for the sake of curtusy)

In fact, I spent up right until explictly proved otherwise under the assumption that Cosy Glow was Twilight in disguise and that she'd set-up all the freinships stuff for them to do with everyone in advance.

(I mean, organising sprinkles by colour? Isn't that - and her reaction to Mrs Cake making rainbow again - exactly Twilight?) And literally up until her, they show has basically shown everyone at the school to be more like university or college student-age (and itmakes more sense for Twilight's schol to be a techical college or university, really) so I'd been wondering why Twilight hadn't just said "you're not old enough, but once you've graduated girls..," from the get go.

Discord makes sort of sense though.

Possible spoiler for future episodes, so consider this a double-spoiler, though it is largely based on my own speculation from half-read results in a google search:
In fact, in google Cosy Glow to find her voice actor WASN'T Tara (because she sounded and acted just like Twilight laying it on a bit thick, I would have sworn blind she was), there MAY be something more to it, since she may have something to do with the finale. So she might, in fact, be Chrysalis in disguise or something.

(And no, I don't want any coroboration on that, if such exists, I'll get to it when it does.)

But if so, then this episode was actually probably being as clever as I THOUGHT it was up until the last few minutes.

This is horrible. I am trapped in a state where I have a theory, and I can corroborate the theory like, right now, but that would mean to spoil myself.

But wasn't the cake sprinkles Sweetie's idea, not Cozy's?

Alondro #40 · June 3rd · · 6 ·

Cozy Glow is going to be such a Villain Sue that Starlight (Starlight after her initial episode, which was quite good) will appear the most subtly nuanced character in television history by comparison.

None of them saw the devious little wink she gave in her retreat though, or heard the distinctly un-fillylike laughter that followed her up and over the hill.

Oh boy...it's Discord isn't it:rainbowderp:?

It all meant absolutely nothing. Honest.

Oh really:ajsmug:?

Um, if Cozy Glow is really Discord, then it wouldn't be for anything evil. Discord would just do that to have some mischievous fun and get into the school.

Besides, based on a future episode summary, Discord will actually feud with Starlight over being the temporary principal of the school, so it sounds like he does like it.

Why does Nellie Oleson spring to mind when I look at Cozy Glow?

Didn't she turn out nice in the end? I fear the reverse effect for Cozy Glow, however...

Some people seem to believe queen Crystalis is Cozy Glow but that headcanon makes no sense it doesn't even seem possible.

She is NOT Chrysalis.

Hilarious in hindsight now that we know for certain she's evil as shit.

I'm under the belief that Spoiled Rich was Cozy Glow's mother, and that she raised her to be as she was shown in the show.

Not sure if cannon is better that this story...

9083764 Spoiler, she's an evil little brat

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