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Your friendly neighbourhod arsonist. Here to read great stories and meet new people. And hopefully finish a story of my own or two.

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  • T Octy's Eggs
    Octavia was always well organized and responsible pony until one day she started finding eggs every time she woke up. Read as Octavia deals with madness of this situation. She is sure of one thing only. It is all Vinyls fault somehow.
    Cinder Vel · 1.8k words  ·  44  2 · 520 views
  • T Tell Me Sweet Apple Lies
    Sweet Apple Acres, the home of the Apple family but also a home of apple secrets. For as long as anypony could remember, apples have been fresh and ready for harvest. Neither the cold of winter or heat of summer would prevent apples from being ripe.
    Cinder Vel · 2.4k words  ·  15  0 · 217 views

Random Pointless Bloog: Missing scene from "The Mysterioys Mare Do Well" · 9:53pm July 21st

So I decided to beat a dead horse to try and imagine how did Twilight and rest came up with the whole plan to dress up and be a mysterious hero in order to make Dash less prideful. Being bored gives me stupid ideas.

The images are sadly not all equally sized.

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Yay, I miss that. Also by the way, I left something on the chopper this time.

*Throws you in a gas chamber that's being carried by a chopper*

Bored. I haven't be dropped of a chopper or gassed in months.

Hey, how you doing?

Always pleasure to hear my winged friend. :twilightsmile:

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