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"The Eggening" (MLP) Mystic Reads Ep. 1 · 10:04pm Dec 6th, 2017

Ok, so turns out someone made a video reading of my story "Octy's Eggs" (in hindsight I should have switched chapter title and story title but oh well).

To say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. Big thanks to Mystical Reviewer for taking time and effort into making this video. And thanks to the featured voice talents of FluttershyFilly Yay, Izzy Fizzy, and Midnight 29.

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Have a great day, WW. :raritywink:

That looks great!
And I know, along with Devil's food cake. But the eggs aren't that hard to make, I'm sure you could find a good recipe online. :scootangel:

I got to go now, have a good one, Cinder!


Mmm ham. I would be mouthwatering right now if I wasn't full already. Though idea of putting something sweet on meat always sounded so odd to me.

And deviled eggs must be one of the most unfortunate food names. Would still want to try them.

Well it's a little bit different with some families but generally it consists of Turkey, Stuffing as a side dish, pies like pumpkin and pecan, casseroles.

At our house we're having a ham too, yams, deviled eggs, 7-layer dip, rolls, and potato salad. Plus I love Cranberry sauce on Turkey even if it comes from a can.

But man, your food sounds delicious! :pinkiehappy:

Before it starts one takes a spoon of cooked wheat and sip of wine. Then it starts with appetizer, loads of sliced dry meat, eggs, cheeses (cottage and your hard yellow kind), various salads, bread etc. Then comes the cooked meal, either a stew of some sort, boiled rolled up cabbages or some other cooked/boiled dish. Then comes the main course, roasted meat (pig or lamb) usually with cabbage salad. And then finally for dessert you get a cake and possibly sweet things.

Unless it is a fasting day in which case remove meat and cheese products and replace them with vegetarian dishes. Also a lot of fish. And since today is Wednesday it means it is fasting day.

How does it compare with Thanksgiving? I pretty much know only about turkey, pumpkin pie and potato salad.

  • Viewing 206 - 210 of 210
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