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Your friendly neighbourhod arsonist. Here to read great stories and meet new people. And hopefully finish a story of my own or two.

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"The Eggening" (MLP) Mystic Reads Ep. 1 · 10:04pm Dec 6th, 2017

Ok, so turns out someone made a video reading of my story "Octy's Eggs" (in hindsight I should have switched chapter title and story title but oh well).

To say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. Big thanks to Mystical Reviewer for taking time and effort into making this video. And thanks to the featured voice talents of FluttershyFilly Yay, Izzy Fizzy, and Midnight 29.

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Warning: Intruders will be fired

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It happens. Just got to be more careful.

sorry for the mishap in the group

Comment posted by Chill Sweet Samus deleted June 3rd

Ok, I am being a bit overly dramatic about not knowing. Though I do have problem of getting into lengthy arguments, hence why I started avoiding places where things attract serious topics. I feel much happier just being silly.


Honestly, I don't mind that much. Mostly because I have a bit of anxiety over getting into lengthy, serious debates with people who disagree with me.

Hence why I often take my sweet time checking the replies in the notification.

  • Viewing 227 - 231 of 231
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