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Your friendly neighbourhod arsonist. Here to read great stories and meet new people. And hopefully finish a story of my own or two.

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    Octavia was always well organized and responsible pony until one day she started finding eggs every time she woke up. Read as Octavia deals with madness of this situation. She is sure of one thing only. It is all Vinyls fault somehow.
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    Sweet Apple Acres, the home of the Apple family but also a home of apple secrets. For as long as anypony could remember, apples have been fresh and ready for harvest. Neither the cold of winter or heat of summer would prevent apples from being ripe.
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Random Pointless Blog#1 · 10:36pm April 2nd

Ok so seems plenty of users make these things for other reasons besides talking about their progress and guides how to write and stuff. Fair enough here is me typing for myself about a thing nobody will care about.

Now on this glorious day of 2nd April of 2017 elections were being held in my country and the results are now in. And my Prime Minister is now my President. No, I have no idea how is that possible and yes the Progressive Party did screw over the current president who was in power for just one mandate (curiously never seen in the last four years). Now the wiki claims the party is "center-right" and is populist, national-conservative and Pro-Europe but I doubt they are any of that except that the eternal road to EU is still ongoing. Going to Eu... while most of Europe wants out.

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*wakes up*
Huh, what? I totally wasn't hibernating, that would just be silly.

And who knows when that might be, I am notoriously slow. Though I suppose not having any classes or exams might speed things up...

*pokes Cinder* Oh don't mind me! ...Just anxiously waiting to read your new story. :pinkiehappy: Whenever it might be coming out.

Cool, I'll be checking them out as they come.

And...I wrote a new story. That is if you even want to read it. You might like it, at least I hope. ^^

Well won't be the origin story. More like random adventure to see how much people will care. Then I make prequel trilogy obviously.

As for when? Well I have no idea, ideally I should at least try to start writing first chapter from tomorrow.


That's amazing! I was thinking of asking you if you'll ever have like, an origin story for your OC. When do you think You'll start to post them up?

  • Viewing 130 - 134 of 134
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