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Octavia was always well organized and responsible pony until one day she started finding eggs every time she woke up. Read as Octavia deals with madness of this situation.

She is sure of one thing only. It is all Vinyl's fault somehow.

Live reading by Mystical Reviewer.

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Comments ( 31 )

You uploaded it? Didn't even give a warning... I see how you are.

It can be reviewed as well...

Nice you posted it. But now you have to write a story explaining how Twilight saved the day with pancakes.

While this was funny it feels like it needs an explanation, to me anyway.


Nice postmodernist vignette. Maybe closer to modernist dada.

Certainly interesting XD

8187415 I certainly hope so or else I made a mistake with tagging. Glad to hear it.

8187432 Well you know, first I uploaded but forgot the teen tag so got rejected and then had to reupload. Plus all that drama in discord. And well it got uploaded when I was sleeping.

Also nooo not the Deshy judgment :pinkiegasp:

8187447 That will be a story for another time. Maybe.

8187736 You are not wrong but I just could not think of an explanation that would fit. I felt it was better to let readers use their imagination than provide a bad explanation.

8188018 Yes, totally intentional. E'yup...

8188172 Thank you :twilightsmile:

But Octavia's not a pegasus.

We need more. :D Plz give more? :D

What have I just read? I like it but I am also confused.:rainbowhuh::applejackconfused:

How do you know she's not at least part pegasus? Maybe she has some great grandfather that was a pegasus or something. :rainbowlaugh:

well this was a story a very intresting story that made me laugh harder then i should of

That is indeed a distinct possibility. She could be a pegasus/earth-pony hybrid like Fluttershy and Scootaloo but without the wings.
There's also the rumor of Pinkie being a pegasus/unicorn hybrid without any external extras. Explains her odd abilities and desire to be airborne.

If you don't mind me dropping in, I have a theory also. Now I am sure most of us can agree that Octavia is from Trottingham. Which is located on Griffish isles (check the map). So I suggest that Octavia is a part griffon.

8190586 Mighty nice of you to say that.

8188946 An insane story prompted by a discussion from Insane Creators Guild. True story. :ajsmug:

8188538 Duno, story feels finished to me. Working on next insane idea instead.

There are some issues with grammar and spelling, and the pacing is way too rushed for my tastes, but the concept is sound and it still works. Although personally I found the storyline about Celestia's mornings to be the best part. Also, the cockney accent put me off a little bit. But hey, still liked it. Thumbs up from me.

8190875 I'm just curious what happens when the eggs hatch. Random bird leaving eggs with Octy to hatch and she hatches bird eggs? Does she wake up one morning to find baby Octys, just causing more confusion? XD


Octavia: Vinyl! Get over here! They are hatching!
Vinyl: Wait seriously? That's impossible.
Octavia: You have been saying that every day since you've returned from Manehattan.
Vinyl: And I will continue saying it. Seriously Tavi, this isn't fair. I am supposed to be crazy wild one and now ponies are thinking that I am the sane one in this partnership!
Octavia: Hush now. They are about to hatch,

*eggs start to hatch. And from eggs lil gray foals emerge*

Octavia: D'aaaw. They are adorable. My lil angels.
Vinyl: Sweet Luna's-
Octavia: Language!
Vinyl: I mean. How? What! Why? They are mini-yous! They are adorable mini-yous but... what?

*rest of the eggs hatch and a lil white foals appear*

Octavia: Look! They look exactly like you!
Vinyl: Whaaaaaaa-
Octavia: Of course you know what this means Vinyl. You're the father!
Mini-Vinyl: Wub!

*Vinyl falls unconscious*

8192188 :D It is 6:13 in the morning. You just made me giggle so high pitched I woke both of my dogs, who in turn woke my whole family. XD THIS IS WONDERFUL! :D

Octavia's swearing vocab is a bit scattershot - though I wonder if that's the joke. Anyway, nice little fic.

8191425 Ah well guess I missed some errors. And hey glad you found something enjoyable. The accent I guess was me forcing it a bit.

8194134 It is sort of. A failed attempt to make her struggle between being polite and angry. Feels more like she is just being inconsistent.

This story is amazing, loved every moment.

Well, I’m confused? How in the hay did she lay??


Octavia checked the Vinyl’s room and then proceeded to the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom until realization hit her.

Just spotted this error and it’s the only one I found.

Whole night and nothing happened. Well there was some screaming outside but Octavia learned long ago not to worry about that.

:rainbowlaugh: Hahahahaha! Oh, that’s good stuff.

Okay, I confess, it was me...I put the eggs there!

I’m sorry...:fluttercry:

Hrm... (noise of clearing throat) chop, chop. :)
Link to D Day.

Well... the beginning was a little confusing at first, branching into too many sub-plots at once. However, I really like the Celestia And Ponyville bits there, progressing with the story. I expected some explanation at the end, but I can't really blame you for the lack of it. After all, it's Random. Also, sleepless confused Vinyl is really great!
In the end, the only little problem I see there is Octavia swearing from the beginning. Sure, let her do so as she becomes more and more ruffled, but at the beginning she still seems like the classy collected mare that wouldn't even think of swearing.

Thank you kindly for the kind words. And yeah I agree with your assessment, I really shouldn't have made her say that in her first sentence.

And sleep confused Vinyl was really fun to write.

Read your story with some guest voice actors! Hope you enjoy it.

Wow, that was rather unexpected. Almost made me speechless. The good kind!

Yes, I enjoyed it very much and I can't express my gratitude. Thank you! And of course to the wonderful  FluttershyFilly Yay, Izzy Fizzy and Midnight 29, I say awesome work from all of you. Honestly I never expected anything like this for something I wrote. Now I regret for being to lazy to write the part about the eggs hatching.

No problemo. I know your pain, as it took forever to edit this.

Why is Octavia played by Ron Weasley?

Well I was low on budget and wasn't picky when it came to hiring actors.

No, actually I was bored and found it amusing.

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