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Vinyl shares what she and Octavia learned after a rather unforgettable night. Vinyl spins a grand tale of drinking, drama, deceptions and more as Octavia struggles to keep her sanity from slipping away.

Will either really learn anything from this experience?

Entry for the Comedy (Is Serious Business) contest.

The selected prompt was "We Learned Something, Octavia."

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Octavia was always well organized and responsible pony until one day she started finding eggs every time she woke up. Read as Octavia deals with madness of this situation.

She is sure of one thing only. It is all Vinyl's fault somehow.

Live reading by Mystical Reviewer.

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Sweet Apple Acres, the home of the Apple family but also a home of apple secrets. For as long as anypony could remember, apples have been fresh and ready for harvest. Neither the cold of winter or heat of summer would prevent apples from being ripe. Natural or even supernatural disaster could not ruin a single harvest. Every day from begging to the end of the year Sweet Apple Acre had one season and one season only. Bucking season.

And now one pony wants to know why. Timid but brave Carrot Top is venturing on a quest, a quest to discover the dark secrets of apples.

Chapters (2)
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