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Well, hello! I own the official Boop Army here in Fimfiction! I also own an ask blog for my OC: https://ask-happylass.tumblr.com/

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[X] Make a story.
[X] Make two stories.
[X] Make three stories.
[X] Make four stories.
[X] Make five or more stories.
[ ] Make 10 stories.
[ ] Make 50 stories.
[ ] Make 100 stories.

[X] Have a follower.
[X] Have 5 or more followers.
[X] Have 10 followers.
[ ] Have 50 followers.
[ ] Have 100 followers.
[ ] Have 500 followers.
[ ] Have 1,000 followers.

[X] Make a blog post.
[X] Make 5 or more blog posts.
[X] Make 10 blog posts.
[ ] Make 50 blog posts.
[ ] Make 100 blog posts.
[ ] Make 1,000 blog posts.

[ ] Be famous.

[X] Be an admin on a group.
[X] Be an admin on five groups.

[ ] Make a Clopfic.

[ ] Make the website admins notice me.
[X] Make myself not lazy for a day.
[ ] Make myself not lazy for a week.
[ ] Fix the schedule for posting new stories/chapters.
[X] Add more things for this list.
[ ] Get Swan Song-san to chat with me .W.
[X] Get Soaring Senpai to notice me .W.

[ ] Actually make a trollfic.

[X] Double check the list.
[ ] Improv my grammer. (Did it on purpose)
[X] Snooze off while in the middle of writing a story/chapter.

[X] Edit a story.
[X] Proofread a story.
[X] Pre-read a story.
[ ] Review a story.

[ ] Make everyone embrace the Boop.
[ ] Make a religion out of it.
[ ] Stop watching too many bill wurtz videos.

[X] Be fit.

[ ] Actually get all the boxes crossed off.

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My ask blog! · 12:40am Jun 5th, 2017

You can ask my oc in tumblr!
(Ask Box is currently down.)

You can also submit posts.

Click this link to go!
The blog is SFW and will remain SFW.

REAL bio

You could say I'm a bit of a Grammar Nazi, but I always try my best not to point out mistakes wildly. If you want, I could edit OR proofread, some of your stories! Just PM me, though I have to tell you all that, sadly, I can't accept any Cross-over stories and Human stories. Mainly because I get confused on the Cross-over. And I accidentally jumble the names in each human. :twilightblush:

Just so all of you guys can know, I'm more experienced in proofreading than editing. I just, don't edit a lot... same with writing, I read more.

I like to edit Romance, Comedy and Adventure stories. Though, I read all genres, mind you. :twilightsmile:

I dislike to edit Tragedy, Human and Crossover stories.

Favorite ponies are, Rainbow Dash and Derpy!

Ponies I like a lot: Starlight Glimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia and Button Mash!

Or in other words... I'm like this:

That's all there is to say, for now. :scootangel:


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Interesting, Really. · 8:06am Jun 5th, 2018

You know, I just found out there weren't any stories on this site where the two best royal sisters fight over which method of putting cereal was the best.

idk, shit happens in my head and this pops up.

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Non ending God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

BOOP!! Hello Lassie, how ya do?


Thanks for the follow. :heart:

And by read I mean looking at the desc and comments and skimming the story.

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