• Published 29th Mar 2014
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How We Got Our Big Sisters Together - TheNewYorkBrony

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom are no strangers to love, even if they're only twelve. So when they see that their big sisters need a little push in the right direction, they're more than glad to help.

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Something Strange Is Going On

We’re no love experts, but when we saw our sisters glancing at each other in the way that Mama and Pa used to, we knew we had to do somethin’ about it.

It all started when me an’ Sweetie were up in the clubhouse doin’ homework with Scootaloo. Applejack came up to bring us some snacks. She had been working in the fields all day so she was pretty tired. You could tell she was on account of the bags under her eyes. But she still came up ta check on us. That’s my sister for ya. Working herself till she’s dead.

“How’s the homework goin’?” She asked, placing the tray of apple turnovers and cold cider on the table where our notebooks laid. She glanced over at mine, then glared at me because mines was pretty much blank.

“Great.” Ah lied. Ah was never really book smart. Math was more my forte. All those numbers made sense in my head. Words? Not so much. Not that Ah was illiterate or nothin’.

Applejack rolled her eyes. “Now Applebloom, you know if you’re havin’ problems with your English classes you can always come to me and Mac.” She scolded. Man, Ah hate when she does that. Especially in front of my friends. She always has to go an’ make me feel like a little kid again.

“Ah know, Ah just was gonna wait to do it later.” Ah told her to get her offa my back. “Jus’ let me finish this.” I said, dismissing her as Ah leaned back down to write down some more problems from my textbook.

Applejack clicked her tongue. “Alright. If you say so.” Ah think she knew Ah’m getting to that certain age where no matter what she says Ah’m gonna do what Ah want. Because lately, she’s been really distant. She’ll only tell me to do somethin’ once, and she’s stopped nagging me so damn much. It’s weird. Maybe something was up with her?

“Oh, Sweetie Belle?” She called to her. Sweetie picked her head up when she heard her name. “Rarity’s comin’ by to get ya in a few, so Ah’ll come back here ta get ya.” She smiled at her and began her descent down the stairs. “Ya’ll make sure ya’ll finish you hear?!” She said as she got farther and farther away from us.

Soon even the faint steps of her work boots on the grass couldn’t even be heard.

“That was weird.” Ah commented.

“What’d you mean?” Scootaloo asked.

“Ah mean, like, doesn’t she seem a little...you know, off to you?” Ah told them. Maybe it’s because Ah’m real observant, or maybe it’s cause Ah’ve been around her my entire life, but Ah know when somethin’s botherin’ Applejack- even when she don’t want no one to.

“She did seem a little...depressed.” Sweetie agreed. “Maybe something happened to her?”

“Like what? Applejack’s like the toughest person I know. After Rainbow Dash of course.” Scootaloo inputed. She ran a hand through her short purple hair. “I don’t know man, she could be just having a bad day.”

True. That could be it. Just because she was the rock of the family didn’t mean that she was exempt from being down in the dumps. Though when Applejack was sad, it showed. She wouldn’t cry or nothin’ but there’d be this sad look on ‘er face. An’ she’d have this sad smile too...Ah never really see that face unless it’s Mothers or Fathers day. Or Mama or Pa’s birthday. Or the day they died. That’s the hardest day to look at it.

But she wasn’t making that face. She had a look of annoyance. Agitation. And it wasn’t just because Ah wasn’t doing my homework. “When Applejack comes back to get ya Ah’m gonna come with, kay?” Ah said to Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie nodded. “Kay.”

Not even ten minutes later Ah could faintly hear Rarity’s Mercedes pull up. Not long after Ah could hear Applejack bellowing for Sweetie Belle to come down. Ah helped her pack up her stuff and we went down the ladder. “Ah’ll be back!” Ah called up to Scootaloo. She waved faintly in response and went back to reading her notes.

We crossed the green towards the farmhouse and Applejack met us halfway. When we got to the front of the house, Rarity was leaned up her Benz all proper like. Like she was a model for the car’s advertisement or something. She had on her signature pair of Prada sunglasses that took up half of her face (Ah will never understand those things), a frilly low cut white shirt, and a high waisted black pencil skirt. She must of just gotten off of work. Ah don’t know why she was all dolled up still. S’not like there was anyone here to impress on the farm. Maybe ‘cept for Mac. But he ain’t too bright when it comes to girls.

“Howdy, Rars.” My sister greeted, taking off her hat. Taking off her hat? Since when did she do that? She never takes her hat off unless she was being sincere or polite or talking to elderly people! And Ah know for a fact that Rarity was not an old lady!

“Good afternoon, Applejack.” Rarity said back. She said my sister’s name like she was reveling in it. Like it was the best wine she’s ever tasted in the twenty four years of her life. And that smile. That smile was the smile of a seductress. Aren’t they supposed to be just friends?!

Sweetie Belle must’ve caught it too because she had one side of her mouth tugged up in confusion. She gave me a puzzled look as if asking for help, but to be honest Ah really had no answer. Okay, so it wasn’t just Applejack. It was both of them.

“You let your hair down?” Rarity asked incredulously, pointing to Applejack. She looked like she was genuinely shocked. Ah couldn’t blame her. My sister really wasn’t one for lookin’ pretty. Not that she didn’t naturally in her own right. She just didn’t like to get all dolled up. Unlike someone.

“Yeah.” She answered, rubbing the back of her neck. Ah could see a faint blush bubbling up on her cheeks. Jeez. Applejack wasn’t a shy one. What the heck is going on?! “Ya like it?” And since when did she want Rarity’s opinion on lookin’ pretty?!

“Oh of course! You know you should do it more often. It really brings out the green in your eyes. Oh! Maybe if we...” Rarity trailed. She got distracted by something. Ah followed her line of sight and nearly choked on my own spit. She was totally checking my sister out! Ah mean really! And in the presence of children! Well, pre-teens!

Sweetie coughed. Ah think she did choke on her spit. Ah mean, Ah would too if Ah caught my high and mighty, high class sister doing something Ah would never think Ah would ever catch her doing! She looked a little scared too. Ah am a little too, to be honest.

“If we possibly got you some new work clothes, then you’d really shine.” Rarity finished, putting a thoughtful hand to her chin. No doubt to appear like she was admiring Applejack’s form- Which she totally was.

“Aw shucks, Rarity. You’re too kind.” Applejack responded, kicking one of her work boots in the dirt. There she goes blushing again. Jeez. This is sickening to watch. Does she even know that Rarity is flirting with her? And not looking at her like that from a professional standpoint?

“You’re ever so welcome, Applejack. And if you ever want to stop by and get fitted for some new work clothes you’re welcome to come at any time.” Rarity said, her words obviously having a double meaning to them.

Ah heard Sweetie Belle gasp. “Uh, Rarity, didn’t Daddy say that you have to have me home by five?” She asked rather quickly. She looked like she was praying to every god in the sky asking for that to work.

Lucky for her, it did. “Oh shoot! That’s right!” Rarity remembered, stopping her heel on the gravel. “Ah well, you do come first. Come along, Sweetie Belle.” She called.

Ah ain’t never see Sweetie run so fast in my life.

Applejack put her hand on top of the driver’s side of the car. “Drive home safe now.” She said, leaning in and giving a little wave to Sweetie Belle in the back.

Rarity put her sunglasses back on. “Don’t I always, darling?” She asked, teasingly, blowing a kiss at my sister. “Tata for now, ladies!” She said, waving a hand out the window before rolling it up. And with that, she backed out the driveway and on to the street. Applejack and Ah watched her go down the block until she disappeared.

That was weird. Way weird. “Is there something goin’ on between ya’ll two?” Ah asked her, crossing my arms. She has to answer with the truth. She always tells the truth. Even when she doesn’t want to.

“What?! Naw! Jus’ some, you know, friendly teasing!” That was one of the worst lies Ah have ever heard her tell. Maybe they weren’t dating, but something about being asked about Rarity made Applejack jumpy. Ah could see it. The way her eyes darted, the way she laughed nervously. If she didn’t want to tell me, she didn’t have to. But at least be honest with me. Ah am her sister after all.

“Whatever.” Ah dismissed. “If ya need me, Ah’ll be back there in the clubhouse with Scoots.” Ah could feel her watching me as Ah trekked back to the backyard. Ah knew she was thinking that Ah knew something. Oh well. Not that Ah care. But Ah certainly have something to ask Sweetie about.

Author's Note:

okay this is just something i just came up with. nothing special. Wanted to try my hand at Rarijack again. Tell me what you guys think!