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Everyone's invited for a sleepover at Twilight's house. At 2 am, everyone is fast asleep - except for Applejack. She decides to grab a midnight snack, and a tired yet energetic Rarity joins in. The two cook some food together, and in the meantime, find some wine. Hilarity ensues.

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And then they had sex

2282792 And the girls were stunned and amazed at a human's stamina compared to that of a stallion when it comes to the art of lovemaking.


You mean
~Le FIN! Please favorite and like! :DDD

Comment, rate, and critique please, if it's not too much trouble. :)

...meh, don't feel like it.

...It was a good beginning, not seeing many errors. Though it seemed to end a bit early, this kinda story seems like it would be better as a one shot, not a multi-chap fic, but to each their own I guess.

I'm uploading it in chapters purely for convenience - It might be a while for me to finish the whole thing, but I figure posting it chapter by chapter will keep my updates regular.

Hey Blue, Silver here. This could be a good story if you can flesh it out a bit more. That and the tenses need a little more work. So yeah, also what the guy said up there is pretty good ^


(It's 12 midnight, give me a break. I'm sleepy :moustache:)

Seems like a good story. Continue onward my good author for that I have followed and upvoted.

Like it so far. Looking forward to see where it goes.

"If you want, I could throw a piece of salami on yo-"

*wiggly eyebrows*

i'd like to see where this is going...ima go play WoW untill next chapter ;D

Nice work. I'm quite curious to see where this leads.

I hope the next chapter charm forward:ajsmug:

Ooh, an early morning dinner/breakfast with best humans? I like it.

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