• Published 29th Mar 2014
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How We Got Our Big Sisters Together - TheNewYorkBrony

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom are no strangers to love, even if they're only twelve. So when they see that their big sisters need a little push in the right direction, they're more than glad to help.

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That Awkward Moment When...

The room was silent. My sister stood in front of us awkwardly, shifting her weight around as if she were waiting for any of us to say something. I wish I could. I really wish I could. I look over to Applebloom, who was staring at Applejack, who looked very alarmed. Surprised even. And...slightly relieved?!

“Since when?” Applebloom barked. She hadn’t meant to sound judgemental, at least I think she didn’t. She was probably still in shock. I would be too. I mean, I am.

“Since I was about your age.” Rarity responded, folding her arms. Applebloom pursed her lips. Yeah, I think it was best wise not to say anything else to her. Especially since Applebloom was the type of girl to let herself say whatever the first thing that came to her mind was. I think that she gets that from Applejack, seeing how shes so blunt and honest all the time. Though I think the difference in that is Applejack is honest, Applebloom just has no filter.

“All I ever seen ya date were those fancy fellas you meet in Canterlot.” Applejack finally spoke up, her eyes returning to normal size. At least she could speak more calmly then her sister could.

“That’s since you’ve known me, darling. I’ve never told you or the girls about my previous romantic endeavours.” Rarity clarified, rather haughtily I might add. “Truth is I’ve gone out with plenty of women.”

“Oh yeah? Name five!” There Applebloom goes again, opening her mouth without thinking about what she was about to say. Ms. Cheerilee always gets on her for that in school. The girl never second thought anything.

Rarity’s mouth dipped into a slight frown before giving a wry smile. “Fine.” And then promptly proceded counting women off with her fingers. “Rose Luck, Carrot Top, Flitter, Berry Punch, Fleur De Lis-”

“Isn’t she married to that Fancypants dude?!” I piped up. Only reason I knew is because when Rarity got back from Canterlot that one time she was going on and on about that Fancypants guy. And about how she had one of the best nights of her life with- wait a minute! “You had a menaga twa?!”

Rarity rolled her eyes. “It’s pronounced menage a trois.” She corrected me. “And yes, very quite so.” Applejack’s eyes went bug eyed again. Man, who knew my sister was such a freak?

“Ah feel like this is becomin’ an adult conversation.” Applebloom blurted, scratching behind her ear nervously. I could see that she was kinda turning red. It was kinda cute how she got uncomfortable when people were discussing these kinds of things around her. I never thought she was such a prude.

“Ah reckon’ Bloom’s right.” Applejack muttered awkwardly. “Plus it’s gettin’ late. It’d be best if ya’ll head out now, it bein’ a school night and all.” She scratched behind her ear. I guess that’s a habit AB got from her. I could see a faint blush on Applejack’s cheeks as she sneaked a glance at my sister. Was she kicking us out because my sister was going into a devious topic or was it because she needed time to think over this new development? Applebloom sent me a worried look. Yup. I think I’m gonna go with the latter.

Rarity gathered her things and cleared her throat. “I suppose so.” She agreed stiffly. “I will see you tomorrow then?” She asked, a slight hint of hope in her voice. Oh right. Tomorrow was Twilight’s birthday party. She’s having it here on the farm cause the whole towns coming. They would both have to be there to support her no matter what. This should be interesting.

“Sure.” Applejack responded, smiling wryly.

Rarity nodded to me, signaling we were leaving, and walked towards the door. I took my book and gave Applebloom a confused look. She just shrugged. I would have too, honestly.

Applejack opened the screen door for us and we stepped out into the night. The porch light automatically turned on, illuminating Rarity’s white Mercedes. My sister gave Applejack a faint wave and turned around to shuffle through her bag for her keys.

Once she found them, she unlocked the car and opened my door for me. I wordlessly stepped in and sat down, reaching into my jean jacket pocket for my phone. Unlocking it, I saw that I had a message from Scootaloo. That was surprising. I haven’t spoken to her since Friday. I opened it, squinting to read what it said.

How’s the meddling going?

Well I wouldn’t call it meddling. More like pushing them in the right direction. But either way it wasn’t looking very good. My eyes flickered to Rarity’s in the rear view mirror. Her grip on the steering wheel was tight, and her lips were pressed into a tight line. She only did that when she was contemplating something or was seriously annoyed.

Not so good.

I wrote back, biting my lip.

That sucks. Where are you now?

I guess Bloom forgot to tell her that we were hanging out in the clubhouse today. But then I remembered that she had track practice on Sundays, and training with Rainbow Dash all afternoon so she probably just didn’t bother.

In the car on the way home. Major awkwardness ensued down on the farm.

My phone buzzed less than a minute later.

Oooh! Give me the deets! You know I love gossip!

I rolled my eyes playfully. Nosey. She always wanted to know someone else’s business.

Well my sister came out as bisexual. And Applejack couldn’t quite process it without her brain short circuiting.

Scootaloo replied almost instantaneously.


I sighed.

I wouldn’t give it much thought. It’s probably her southern upbringing that’s making her react like that.

This time, Scoots’s response took longer.

Yeah. Uh, can I tell you something?

Uh-oh. That didn’t look good.

Alright. What’s up?

By this time we were almost home. Maybe a block or two. We were pulling into the driveway when she finally responded back.

Well. Okay. What do you think about liking older people?

Huh? Where did this come from? And why did she think I would know about that? I mean sure I dated Rumble, who was in the eighth grade and a year older than us, but that was about it as far as I was concerned. And how old, exactly?

Um. I don’t know. I guess it’s fine as long as the age gap isn’t too wide.

I typed as I got out the car. Rarity yelled at me to get ready for school in the morning and I responded with a lazy ‘Kay.’ Before turning my key and walking into the house. I watched her headlights disappear down the street as I made my way upstairs to my room.

My pocket buzzed, and then I remembered I had texted Scootaloo back.

I think I uh. I think I have a crush on Rainbow Dash, okay?

Wait, what? She can’t- Why?! I mean sure, Rainbow has been spending more time with her, and helping her with her track meets and stuff, but she does that to be a good big foster sister! That’s what Rainbow is to her! A sister! Why would she even-?!

I couldn’t process what was going on so I typed the one thing that came to mind:


The next day at school, we had a free period to do whatever we wanted because Ms. Cheerilee had to go to a teacher’s meeting. Me, Bloom, and Scootaloo all sat huddled in the back of the room so no one could hear us.

“Can’t they like, kick you out of your foster home if they find out that yer in a relationship with one of your siblings?” Applebloom mused out loud. A bit too loudly actually. She really can’t control herself sometimes.

Scootaloo pulled at the drawstrings on her hoodie, making the hood cover her whole face. “Shhh! And I’m not in a relationship with her okay? I just really like her, you know?”

“Does she even swing that way? Because apparently Rarity’s barn door does.” Applebloom snorted. See?! No filter!

“Well we know that.” I said, rolling my eyes. I didn’t want my sister’s sexuality being the topic of conversation. Especially not after what happened yesterday. When Rarity came to drop me off this morning, she still had that irritated look on her face. Applebloom said Applejack wasn’t faring too well either. She’s usually all daisies and sunshine up at six and dressed before everyone else. This morning she was up and dressed, but not as happy as she usually is. She didn’t even wake Bloom up. Mac did.

I wish they’d just get over their petty feelings and make up already. I couldn’t take another drive to school with Rarity complaining and whining about how no one understands her and how hard it is to be the only bisexual girl in Ponyville. (Which I totally knew wasn’t true because Scootaloo, Rainbow and Twilight were too.)

“I just don’t know what to do.” Scootaloo mumbled, drawing her knees up to her chin. “And you guys can’t say a peep to anyone. Especially not around Diamond Bitch and Silver Idiot. They’d jump at the chance to make me miserable.” Due to Dash, one of the fastest runners in the whole state, training Scootaloo, she was winning more and more meets. And with that came popularity, scholarships, and, the jealousy of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Those two were nothing but trouble.

“Ya got my word.” Applebloom said, placing her hand over her heart and crossing two fingers on her other hand. “Crusader’s Honor.” She nudged me, and glared at me, expecting me to do the same.

“Uh, yeah,” I mumbled distractedly. “Crusader’s Honor.” Something caught my attention out the corner of my eye. I wasn’t really sure, but I think it was Rarity talking to Principal Harshwhinny. And then, to my horror, my assumptions were true, because the next thing I knew, my sister was walking into the classroom carrying a piece of poster board and a bright smile.

“Good morning children,” Rarity greeted, looking directly at me. “Ms. Cheerilee won’t be coming back today, but, I am filling in for her with a workshop on Sexual Orientation.” My eyes bulged.

Had she done it?! Had she finally lost her mind? Had all the nights she spent sewing those stupid designer dresses finally gotten to her?! Was she completely mad?! You couldn’t teach something like that seriously to a bunch of seventh graders!

“Now,” She said, smiling sweetly. “Let’s begin, shall we?”

Bloom put a hand on my shoulder before my head collided with my desk. “God, kill me now.” I mumbled in despair as the worst forty five minutes of my life began.

Author's Note:

I want there to be some conflict between the crusaders too ya know? I just don't want the story to be about them getting their sisters together. I mean its the main focus, but it'll get a lil boring sometimes. Also hello yes I am alive, ive just been lazy I'm angry with myself that I wasn't able to complete the Mother's Day chapter for Adventures In Babysitting, but eh. What's done is done. I might have to change it but it'll be up probably next friday. Maybe. Idk. We'll see. Welp, hope you guys enjoyed this, I'm going to go watch some anime.