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Cloudy writes stories. Cloudy likes it when ponies like each other maybe a little too much and sometimes end up in love. Cloudy writes stories about these things, often.


On the eve of Nightmare Night, Rainbow Dash is finally poised to enact her dastardly, clever and awesome plan. The goal? To scare Pinkie Pie right into her embrace so she can admit that she fancies her.

Saying things do not go according to plan is probably redundant.

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Yes! My favourite PinkieDash fic of all time and the fic that made me fall in love with shipping as a genre! Thank you so much for posting this, Cloudy! To this day it still is a real inspiration to me! :heart:

Yay! I still love you for writing this prompt Cloudy

I have read this before. It was pretty awesome, goodjob.

This is my second favourite fic of all time (favourite being; 'Within and Without'), and my favourite PinkieDash fic! (PinkieDash being my favourite shipping pair)

It is a masterpiece of fan fiction, and I love you for writing it! :twilightsmile:

I remember reading this a few months ago.

Jeeeeez. It amazes me when writers can manage to pull of a PERFECTLY written spunky Pinkie. I just can't do it the same way. But I love a bit more of a calm, serious Pinkie anyway. Although she doesn't have to be like that ALL the time.

Amazing story, all things considered. <3 I love PinkieDash almost as much as I love TwiDash.

Really cool story. Pinkie was totally comforting a Dashie melt-down in the only way she knew how. Moar Pinkie!!! :pinkiehappy:

really awesome story:rainbowkiss:

Hey, I've read this one before! I loved it! Great job, bro!

Well. I have nothing to criticize. Which is damn good. 5/5.

Love this. Your characterization of Dash and Pinkie are nigh perfect, and I love Dash's approach to wooing a love interest. It's so very HER. And I adore Pinkie's big speech at the very end, her explanations of what she is (and isn't) scared of, and how confused it leaves Dash--because of course, Dash's fears are of a very different nature.

And, of course, the kiss. Lovely. Perfect.

Thank you for writing and sharing this.

This was one of the very first fics I read.

You get an instant 5 stars and favorite. :yay:

Actually the second PinkieDash fic I read, but probably my favorite just because of the perfect characterization of Pinkie and Rainbow. The Party Hasn't Ended may have started me on PinkieDash shipping, but this is the one that sold it!

Nice to see that this fic made its way to this site.:pinkiehappy:

This gave me diabetes it's so cute! :heart:

I love the bit where Dash says 'Okie dokie'. :)

Well written and planned, but I didn't care much for Dash's personality as portrayed.
Thats my only complaint. It was well done though.
Good read.

I think this was the first fic I ever read. I didn't think it was great at the time... but then, I had nothing to compare it to!

Don't like PinkieDash in the least, but this was quite hilarious. Tracked because I'm picky.

Why am I not surprised that you were the one who wrote this fic as well?

Well, that chalks it up to two wonderful stories you've written. And if memory serves me a second time, this was the first fic I read.
I guess I can blame you then for the stupidly large amount of fiction I read now. And that also means I owe you a thank you :twilightsmile:

Ab-so-lutely EXCELLENT, Cloudy! I can only give applause to this fic, very well done! Even I have trouble getting Pinkie's personality across accurately, she's a tough cookie so to speak.


This had me grinning like a fool.:pinkiehappy:

Sweet, well-written, overall beautiful. This was a pleasure to read.

I just signed up for an account here and figured I'd inaugurate that event by reading a story, and this story it is! Yay!

OK, so far, this is pretty well the most hilarious thing I've ever read in my life. You've got Rainbow Dash's over-the-top arrogance down, and her self-aggrandizing plantasy is making me laugh out loud for real. The bit about the miniature sonic rainboom... and I particularly like how she sums it up. "Scare the hay out of her, get hugs, something something, admit that she was super attracted to her, become marefriends, profit!"

"...not far from her own cloudhome." Hmm, that makes me wonder if maybe Pinkie didn't have some kind of a plan going tonight too. Also, that throwaway line in reference to plan B was hilarious.

It would be just like Pinkie to be keeping track of all the times she thinks they've been playing "Shh" and nobody else is aware of it XD

"...the scare-pony-thingy..." The terms Dash is using for pretty well everything are so funny. "...the rich and deliciously nutritious soil..." Seriously. I can't stop laughing.

Uh-oh, looks like Pinkie did have a plan for the evening. Somehow I doubt this creature (a hydra?) was part of it, though.

"...a mare of not entirely inconsiderable weight thanks to her shapely-" I love that Dash thinks about this at such a moment.

'“I was really hoping for the hayfries bar."' Oh, Pinkie, why are you so freaking adorable. Dash's crush is 100% understandable. Also, '“We win, Dashie!”' If everything's a game, you're constantly winning; what an affirming attitude XD

Ooh, a tiny underground room in the dark seems like a perfect place for Dash to confess. I bet she won't be able to bring herself to do it, though. Yeah, not looking promising. "The Wonderbolts would just have to share that spot on the pedestal with Pinkie Pie." Aaawww!! That line brought tears to my eyes; so adorable!!

'"I’m going to throw her a party tomorrow, just to be safe.”' XD XD Dear Pinkie... to quote a certain someone we both know... that's your answer for everything. And "Fang-and-tooth-and-whatever-who-cares-yawn-boring-monster" is my new favorite description of anything ever.

Da ha ha ha, so Pinkie's plan wasn't just a prank; it was the same as Dash's plan all along. And I love that Pinkie apparently isn't even the least bit surprised at the revelation that this was the case.

'Twilight had once suggested that Rainbow Dash was a “visually reliant” pony, but Twilight herself was a boring pony, so Dash trusted her own version better. Rainbow Dash was an awesome pony.' You have no idea how hard this made me laugh. You've done a fantastic job not only making Twilight come across as appropriately erudite even in her absence, but also of giving us an excellent (and hilarious) impression of how Rainbow Dash views her.

Dash's carefully-picked next line also made me burst out laughing. Seriously, I freaking love this story. And I love that the first thing she focuses on when she's trying to get a grip is how awesome she is. But, aww, she really is having a bit of a panic attack, poor thing. Save her, Pinkie, save her!

Oh, squee. That kissing and cuddling scene was SO cute. I'm going to make everyone I know read this story.

'"It’s harder than you think when you don’t have wings, but you wouldn’t know, because you have wings, you sneaky cheater."' Pinkie Pie is just exhaustingly adorable. Every last thing she says. As before, I can totally, totally understand Dash's crush.

All right, all right, I'm done. I'm going to go around for the rest of the day with the proverbial big goofy grin on my face because this story was so freaking cute. Thanks for writing it and entertaining me so well!!

That was sweet. Thanks for the story. :pinkiesmile: One of the best ships.

Oh, rainbows. I did not expect this type (or volume) of response - thank you to everypony for your comments! I think it would be a tremendously spammy thing to reply to everything, but I'm honored and humbled by your words. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to leave me your thoughs!

181729 I get a lot of varing feedback on Dash as I write her - can I ask exactly which bits you didn't care for? Scenes or traits?

180598 Hey, if memory serves, the prompt was written by you? So I blame (and thank) you!

180706 180985 180706 If you've read it before on FimF, it was uploaded by an imposter. I'm in control of my account now and slowly uploading everything I've written. Thank you for reading, though!

Yes. It was. Like 75% of WTG prompts and nearly ALL of the shipping prompts, this one's mine. But still, thanks for writing it. This is perhaps the best story to come out of a WTG related thing.

191035 The arrogance was expressed inwardly as well. I can't see Canon Dash do that. Outwardly arrogant, inwardly confident (Most of the time).
Make sense?

191618 The intent was for her inward arrogance to be semitransparent bluster most of the time, but it's good to know what you felt worked and didn't!

191656 I get that. I can see what you were aiming for, but you missed a little bit.
Confidence is knowing your abilities. Arrogance is when you go beyond those abilities.
A subtle difference, but important to perspective readers.

Very good, PinkieDash fics can be pretty stunning and yours deffo is :twilightsmile:

You had a set plan as you started "I really just wanted to write a light-hearted ship story that had humor, action and gratuitous plot" and you did much more then succeed, as usual. Great story.

Very good I thought you portrayed dash very well:moustache:

To think that pink ball of Anti-logic was the same one in Captain Sparkles' Infamous gore story -_-
EDIT: Sargent Sprinkles.

474186 I guess to some of us, Pinkie was merely depressed and sad in Party of One, rather than a homocidal psychotic!

430325 346408 205759 Thank you, truly!

yeah, I honestly believe that Srg. Sprinkles made a fantastic representation of everything i detest when making ponies go OOC

This just made my day. It's nice to get some sweet Pinkie Dash in one sitting. :twilightsmile:

482126 While he's not alone in it, he certainly hit all the buttons labelled "no" as far as my preferences are concerned, hah.

488750 Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear it - I seem to have forgotten how to write this kind of short story since, sadly, ha. Stories below 30k? How do!?

Needs be I must agree with the general consensus. Very awesome, well written, great characterization, (I especially loved your Rainbow Dash's monologues and thought processes) and just a really fun story in general! Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

502591 Thank you very much! I'm very glad to hear it, and I hope I'm not quite spent on writing yet.

Oh, very nice. Very cute and, in the right parts, tense. Excellent oneshot. :twilightsmile:

505579 Thanks! Much appreciate it, and love hearing it!

I believe that this was actually the second PinkieDash fic I ever read, and it was therefore quite instrumental in "converting" me to the ship, so to speak. It's been a long time since I read this, but a quick skim through it brought back quite a lot of memories. That scene at the beginning was rather adorable and funny as well. Dash's ridiculously arrogant fantasy made me laugh and Pinkie refusing to take off her chicken costume was a nice touch. I also remember not being all that enamored with the sudden shift to action later on; I guess I just like my ship fics and entirely sappy and romantic. But that's just personal taste, and this really is a good story which takes a prominent place in my development as a Brony.

508083 Thank you for your kind words! It's always neat to hear when someone's read (and hopefully appreciated) something "early" in their fic-reading, uh, "career"? Sure, let's go with that!

I think it was during the very first few paragraphs that I decided on the tone, This fic wasn't planned at all, so - but I'm glad I stuck with it. While I myself may also tend towards more sappy and romantic fics, as you describe them, I like being able to point to this as proof that I can write more upbeat ships when I want to!

Yup. I still smile so hard my TEETH ache.

713262 And that, in turn, makes me giggle and hop on the spot.

Silly ponies.

good to finally read this. it has been in my tracklist for months now
awesome read

Silver: "Sir, wasn't our preliminary force supposed to strike here in two hours? Yet, Karalian troops are already here! I don't get it.," :ajbemused:

Me: "EQD, mid-Febuary 2012. A divine Pinkiedash fic. :twilightsmile: I remember this one. That answer your question?" :pinkiehappy:

Silver: "I guess," :trixieshiftleft:

Me: "C'mon our responsibility tonight is 'Ode to Friendship', not here," :twilightblush:

Silver out!

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