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Cloudy Skies

Cloudy writes stories. Cloudy likes it when ponies like each other maybe a little too much and sometimes end up in love. Cloudy writes stories about these things, often.


If you ask Applejack, she’ll tell you Pinkie Pie can be a few apples short of a bushel even on the best of days. They’ve always been good friends, but nothing more than that. After all, what could a hard-working apple farmer and a sugar-crazed party pony possibly have in common?

As it turns out, the answer to that question may not be a pleasant one, but something good may yet come of it.

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Looks promising so far.
Onwards to chapter 2!

“I don’t think Celestia knows what she’s thinking, either."

:trollestia: I do believe I see what you're doing there. Tee hee.

You're on a project to ship Pinkie Pie with everypony, aren't you?
I love you for that.

And Applejack starts to understand the Pie. Wonders will never cease!

Looking forward to more of this. Quite like it so far!:rainbowkiss:

Now I need ice cream to top this applepie with

“Ew,” Apple Bloom said, sinking halfway below the table so only the top of her head showed. “It’s weird enough that you’re my brother, but she’s my teacher. If she ever asks me to bring you a love letter or somethin’, I’ll be laughed outta school I will! Why can’t we talk about something else?”

Well then you should have thought about that before suborning their will under the weight of a potion with the idea of getting them together, then, shouldn't you Filly?!

I was waiting for your next work, and it's looking very good as expected.
The only thing to criticize would be that there isn't more of it yet.

And did you put a reference to Twice as Bright in chapter one?

3022934 To hell with that. Muenster cheese!

Yes. Very much yes. Yes deep-fried in yes, with a big side dish of yes sauce.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes! Always had a little heart for ApplePie. AppliePie with cheddar cheese on top! :pinkiehappy::ajsmug:

Ah it's finally here! :pinkiehappy: Good start so far.:twilightsmile:

I'm with these guys:ajsmug:. Apple pie with muenster or cheddar cheese is the best!:pinkiehappy:

Great start. Can't wait to see what happens in the next week with everypony.:twilightsmile:

I love a good ApplePie fic.

It's heeeeeeeeere! :pinkiehappy:

....But I'm incredibly tired so I'm going to have to wait til tomorrow morning to read it! :raritydespair:


Never tried Muenster cheese. Gotta give it a try.

But I agree. Screw that stupid ice cream! :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

Oh yeah baby, it's live! :D

#7 in the featured box, go you!

3023889 As if there was any doubt it would get there!

Your ability to write astounds me. As someone who has started to write rather recently, I am just in awe at how seemingly flawless you make these conversations and descriptions happen, how well everything flows, because I know how hard that is to do.

Needless to say, I love this. Please continue being an inspiration/making me feel inadequate.

Off to a good start so far. :twilightsmile:

This is completely awesome, and Apple Pie shipping isn't done enough. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

more chaotic than a twister in a berry patch.

Yeesh, rarity's worst nightmare :raritydespair::twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

now there's a project I can get behind... :pinkiehappy::heart:

So nobody in Equestria has ever heard of a wake?

This is terrific so far! I'm eager to read what else you cook up for this story. :twilightsmile: I really need to read ApplePie more often. :pinkiesmile:

This is truly exceptional. Have a fave and like!

Wonderful story! Keep it up!

*sharp intake of breath* .... Applejack? And Pinkie Pie? But... Cloudy Skies... .... Okay....

You've never let me down before, Cloudy, I reckon' I can give this a shot.

Applepie? Yes. There needs to be more fics with these two. :ajsmug:

When first they’d met, and for years after, she thought Pinkie Pie was impossible to understand, a constant mystery. Now, she wasn’t quite sure. The Pinkie who left the barn this night had been back to her regular grinning self, but at the same time, she was so very different, relatable and almost real.

The seeds have been planted, now they just need to be watered and tended so they can germinate. :raritystarry:

I'm liking how this story is developing so far. Pinkie and Applejack is an unusual pairing, given their respective natures as the Cloudcuckoolander and the Everymare, but you've crafted a good series of circumstances to put them in close proximity to one another. The fact that Pinkie came to AJ to consult her about experience with grief and mourning was another nice touch. Looking forward to seeing how this story develops! :twilightsmile:

This is written excellently and I love it! Can't wait to see what happens next! :raritywink: You've earned a like and a fav :pinkiehappy:

*reads title of fic*





Most excellent so far! I'm with Pinkie - a party sounds like a good idea :pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to more!

and I don’t want know what to do because I’m not good with these things, okay?”
I think that 'want' doesn't belong there.

Ugh they're so in-character it's awesome :DD
Also, I seriously get Pinkie's feel of not wanting to be sad...
It can be so hard sometimes.

I really loved the conversation of this chapter.

You shouldn't take things for granite. That's what they make tombstones out of.

I've read most of your previous work and have loved it all. Really interested to see how you're going to introduce the romance side of things.

Best ship name is best ship name! :pinkiesad2::ajsmug:

I enjoyed these chapters a lot, and I'm looking forward to seeing where things go next. This story strikes me as beginning much as "Where Earth Meets Sky" began, with Applejack seeking out a friend who's behaving strangely because AJ's worried about her. I'm guessing that's a head canon you have for AJ, and I like it. It nicely displays two of AJ's most characteristic qualities--her pragmatism ("Oh, it's probably nothing") and her devotion to those she loves ("But 'probably' isn't good enough--I better check on her").

Oh Granite... I get it. :twilightblush: I thought it was a spelling mistake at first but now I know it's a play on words. Adding to my reading list. ^^ I'll get to it once I finally figure out what the heck is going on in Shipping and Handling

3022792 Much, much, much more to come yet, but am glad!

3022849 In line with Pinkie here, I don't know what I'm doing myself, either! (Unless you take it to be a TaB nod, in which case I see it but it was unintentional!)

3022918 3025294 Two answers to that: One is that it's not me doing anything, it's Pinkie being so damn adorable and fun to write! The second answer, of course, is "yes" by the same token that I aim to ship everypony with everypony! I want to have 15/15 at some point.

3022927 They're not all that uncommon! I mean, okay, maybe they are, but Donny's Boy is writing one (that's the green-coated gent further down the page here somewhere), and Esle Ynopemos's Stubborn as Ponies is absolutely lovely, in many ways the fic that inspired me to give this a go.

3022934 Two scoops? One multicoloured tutti frutti rainbow surprise and one of spun sugar?

3022997 Come now, the Cutie Mark Crusaders' quest for their cutie marks is at this point one of the main driving forces in Equestria. They can't be held responsible for anything they do!

3023003 More is coming very quickly, as a matter of fact! Very rapid update schedule as is the norm for my stories.

And, um, I think there's a TaB reference but it's later--I think? I lost track of all the references, to be honest, but there should be a half-dozen or so. Lemme know if you find them all! (That'd require you to have read a lot of different stuff though!)

3023095 I can't imagine why you of all ponies would read something like this! No sir, don't understand it at all. (Hi! Very curious to see what you, especially, think in the end!)

3023140 You may be disappointed, I don't like cheese. :(

Actually, sudden new theory: I compensate for my dislike of RL cheese by writing terrible cheesy romance. Huh. It's all clear now.

3023313 Glad to hear it, and thanks! Should be running for a few weeks yet; I haven't decided exactly how to split some chapters, but we should be keeping a rapid pace!

3023889 Much appreciate the support!

...And the help!

...And the title!

3024347 I do appreciate the very kind and glowing words; I don't consider myself anything special as far as writing goes, but I am extremely pleased to hear someone highlight conversations, because those aren't always that easy for me. Chapter 3 in particular has seen more edits than most any total fic I've ever written, hah. Reminds me I still need to get about to reading that story of yours, gah. It certainly seems to have done well for itself!

3024456 Glad to hear you think so, thanks!

3024697 Thanks! In my experience, every ship is criminally underrated, always. It's a comprehensive approach, I find.

3025085 Particularly enjoyed the little creative series of heads there with the laughing RD, bravo, hah.

3025611 The short answer is "not Pinkie or Applejack, at least. Apparently." The long answer is that Equestria doesn't seem to be part of a globalized world etc etc and you can make lots of arguments for them appearing slightly insular blah blah, but you know, I'm gonna go with the first one!

3025639 Happy to hear it, and thanks! If you want more ApplePie while you read, I recommend you check out Esle Ynopemos' Stubborn As Ponies. Is good!

3026801 Thanks! And I most certainly shall! Next chapters aren't far off.

Dear Cloudy Skies,

As someone who loves Fluttershy but lives Pinkie Pie, this story really hit a chord with me. Finding humor in even the darkest moments is a quest of mine, and I fully sympathize with Pinkie's need to find some way to process her loss (I miss my grannies, too).

Couple that emotional impact with excellent characterization, clean, crisp, beautiful writing, and the power of having friends, and you have a remarkable creation that (at least as of Chapter 3) could easily be an episode in the series, and a good one. I suspect later chapters will be straying into territory the show wouldn't ( :ajsmug: :heart: :pinkiesmile: ) but that's what the fandom - and this site - is for.

And you, dear author, are a welcome addition to it.

Light and laughter,

3027013 One day. One day I'll find "emrlddrgn has left a comment on your story" in my notifications, and there'll be a teary-eyed confession from you, that I finally let you down.

I will cry. I can only hope that it is not today! Or, well, in a few weeks when this story concludes, rather.

3027389 You're correct! AppleAnything or PinkieAnything, honestly. Or really, pony x pony.

Ponypony is my favorite ship.

3027806 It strikes me now that the word "germinate" may be the least romantic word that can still be used uncritically in a romantic context.

Seriously though, looking forward to see what people think as this moves on; Applejack and Pinkie Pie are definitively very different--or are they?

/play xfilestheme.mp3

3027933 Much obliged, I'm glad!

3028223 I'll probably have to dedicate an entire section of the Authors' Notes to explaining this.

Privately, I hope that some of the downvotes so far are from people with terrible pun tolerance. It feels like victory.

3029255 I can only refer to the title of that chapter. I feel unreasonably pleased with that.

3030592 Fix'd!

3031571 Nopony would ever want to feel sad, but it's extra terrible when you're just not plain used to having to cope with it. :pinkiesad2:

Glad you like it so far though!

3031662 And besides, most things are heavier when they are granite. It's terribly inconvenient.

3032442 Thank you very much! Hope not to disappoint. As you've probably gathered, I tend to like to take things slow, but it'd be very sad if I did the exact same thing every time--so which is it? It's a mystery!

3034075 We are so agreed. RariLight is a pretty okay name too, and FlutterDash sounds like the awesomest aerial maneuver ever, but you really can't beat ApplePie.

It's a really interesting comment though, because while I think I thought a bit about not wanting to repeat my own tracks in planning some FlutterDash for later, I never had that sit-down-and-think with ApplePie. I had one fear, and that was stepping on Esle's toes in getting too close to SaP, something I think I managed to avoid. But WEMS? Wow. Did not think about that, and it's really keen of you to point that out.

That headcanon interpretations carry over, that's a no-brainer; we all have our own emphasises (emphasi?) when we write, and as such, my Applejack will resemble your Applejack, but she'll be a slightly different creature. That's not surprising. That those two characteristics carried over so strongly, however, that's kind of interesting. I don't remember the start of WEMS' first chapter entirely, but I think I may've come very close to a repeat. Um.

Whoops, I think?

3034091 Wednesday, but don't tell anypony!

3034382 I am sorry. Terrible puns are best puns. Blame PresentPerfect for that one!

3034614 Hmm, sounds interesting. Shall check it out soon, while I'm waiting for the next chapters :3

Sounds about right.

On one hand, this story is very well written, with incredibly articulate language and a lot of insight into minds of the characters. Technically speaking, it's more or less impeccable.

On the other, it took you three chapters and over 10.000 words to set up the basic premise. I'm still not quite sure what I'm heading into here.

...Oh well, I guess I'll keep an eye on this. I am rather curious, after all, and I like your grit. (Hustle could use some work, though.)

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