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"I was just thinking, maybe I was wrong before. Who cares if the stars are dead? As long as we can see them they're real to us. Right?" "Right." - Rachel Amber and Chloe Price.


Applejack has had a crush on Rarity for awhile, but she is unsure that the white unicorn shares her feelings, or if she even likes mares. The usually honest farm mare finds herself lacking something she'd never have expected: Courage.

Perhaps the courage of her other friends can help her to work up her own, or will she watch helplessly as Rarity ignores her forever?

POV Characters:

Other Characters:
Rainbow Dash
Fancy Pants
Fleur Dis Lee

Image vector source: Unknown

You may notice, that the Golden Oaks Library makes an appearance. This is because we know next to nothing about the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle, I will not write about it until Season 5 comes out and we learn how it looks on the inside other than the throne room, or if Twilight will even live there full time. You can assume this story takes place before "Twilight's Kingdom".

I hope you all enjoy this, my first fic centred around any of the Mane 6. Also my first non-comedy.
I know "how they got together" fics are overdone. But as I always say "If it's over done, it's probably good."

As always, someone may have written a highly similar story already, but if so, I have not read it.

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Lyra and Bon-Bon have been dating for awhile now, but because they are fillyfoolers, they've decided to keep it secret - at least for now. However, when Lyra's friend slips up and tells Pinkie that it's their anniversary, Pinkie thinks she means "Best Friends Anniversary" and decides to throw a... PARTY! :pinkiehappy:

Will there romance stay secret under the eyes of anypony with un-Pinkie-ish logic?

POV Characters:
Lyra Heartstrings
Amethyst Star (AKA Sparkler)

Other Characters:
Bon-Bon AKA Sweetie Drops
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash

Cover art edited by me, vectors by:
Pinkie Pie: http://pikn2.deviantart.com/
Bon-Bon: http://cooltomorrowkid.deviantart.com/
Lyra: Unknown
Background: http://thelastgherkin.deviantart.com/

I'm not nearly as pleased with the outcome of this as I was with Practice. But oh well, here it is!
Hope you enjoy it.

Constructive criticism is welcome, but please try to be kind about it.

PS: Unfortunately I cannot use the "It's my first fic" excuse for it being bad any more... is there such a thing as a "It's my second fic" excuse?

Chapters (2)

Just a little short story about Octavia and Vinyl Scratch practicing their respective instruments… in the same room. Which, for anypony who knows them, obviously will lead to… problems.

The name also has a double meaning because I’m practicing. Practicing writing that is.

This is my first story posted on Fimfiction, and is mostly only just practice as I said. It is also to figure out how posting a story even works!

POV Characters:
- Octavia Melody

Other Characters:
- Vinyl Scratch AKA DJ-pon3

Contains Octavia x Vinyl, which is a lesbian shipping. If you are homophobic feel free to NOT read my story. But if you wish to read it, realize that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, and then become a good, loving and tolerant person… That’s okay too.

I don’t have an editor or pre-reader and I wrote this really quickly, so it probably sucks. I'm not really a good writer and I know that. Just enjoy it as it is, for what it is: Fluff.
(I also know I overuse ellipses!)

Constructive criticism is welcome, but I’ll be honest: I'm kind of easily hurt, so try to be kind about it please.

There will be no clop… but there will be subtle hints. (Or maybe not so subtle). All only mention of course. No explicit mentions though, don’t worry…

This story concept could very easily have already been used by someone on this site or beyond. However, if this is the case, I have not ever seen it. So sorry if I seem to be copying someone. It’s entirely accidental.

Cover art from MLP wiki.

Edit: This fic now has a dramatic reading on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-5UUJ4bvn0

PS: Not planning a sequel or anything, but if I get surprisingly positive results I might. Let me know if you want one etc. etc.
I’m not a huge shipper of Octavia x Vinyl, but I do passively ship them. I’ve been reading a lot of fics about them lately and decided write some myself. That way, if I screw up, I won’t ruin one of my favourite ships!

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