• Published 30th Nov 2014
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Working Up the Courage - Rainbow FlutterDash

Can Applejack buck up enough courage to tell Rarity her true feelings for her?

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Epilogue: Thanks!

Applejack trotted down towards Rainbow's house, whistling happily as she went. She waved energetically at any pony who passed by, probably freaking them out a bit.

"Rainbow! Rainbow Dash!"

Rainbow's head popped out of her house. "Oh hey Applejack! How'd it go? Uh... you are not mad at me are you?"

"Not at all partner!" said Applejack. "I got her!"

"Whoohoo!" Rainbo zipped out of the house and landed in front of Applejack. "So, tell me all about it! How'd you break it to her? How did she react?" She grinned eagerly and pressed her face up against Applejack's.

"Well, I knelt before her and professed... hang on a second... why are you interested?!"

"Uh... because..." Rainbow scratched her head, "I want to know if my plan worked!"

"Well it did... I just wanted to say thank you Dash, I would never have done it without you."


They hugged, but as soon as they let got, Rainbow was in her face again. "So.... would you say that you did it the best that you could... or would there have been a better way to do it... especially if the pony was more... timid?"

"What in the hay kind of question is that?"

"Uh... nothing?"

Applejack shook her head. "All it took was guts, and thanks to you, I got 'em. I hate to admit it, but you're a much, much braver pony then I."



"Well actually..." Rainbow avoided eye contact, and suddenly Applejack understood.

"You... you have a crush on somepony..." then Applejack realized something worse. "And you... you... used me! You used me to as a test dummy!"

"No! No way!" Rainbow flew up to a safe distance.

Applejack glared at her.

"Well, okay, maybe a tiny-winy little bit... But I did really want you to succeed! I was rooting for you mate!"

"Rainbow! Get down here this instance!"

"Uh... I would... but I have a timid yellow Pegasus to confess love to... Gotta go, thanks!"

Author's Note:

The End!

Don't forget to comment your thoughts, I'll never improve if you don't tell me what I did right and wrong.

Have a nice day!

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This story has some weird formatting issues. There's an extra space between "Rarity" and "shook her head", and then in the next paragraph there is an accidental paragraph break after "Perhaps both?" Really, odd paragraph spacing and similar things seem to be present throughout the story; I'd recommend going back through and trying to clean them up for the purposes of readability.

said orange farm mare.

This should probably be "said Applejack" or "said the orange farm mare", though the former is better.

I'd really recommend going over your story again for formatting issues before you submit the next one. And go through this one for the same reason.

I love the story! You know I'm not a big RariJack fan, but this was a good one.

Towards the end Dash says, "...I was rooting for you mate!
I don't think I've heard her say mate like that.
If you have, then disregard my naivety. :scootangel:


You're probably right... but I can picture her saying it so well, it seems like she should!

It is your story after all. So she can say whatever she likes. Just so long as you want it that way.

But, it makes me think of an Australian accent. Breaks the mood a little. Just my opinion.
Still love it, though.

Again, another wonderful story from you, FlutterDash (If I can call you that). Like the other two stories you wrote, the characterization was spot on! If the show introduces homosexuality (Which is actually very unlikely), I can see Rainbow Dash using Applejack to get Fluttershy. :rainbowlaugh: There were some minor errors (And I mean extremely minor errors), but I enjoyed this story anyways. :twilightsmile:

P.S. The more I read your romantic stories, the more I become interested in romance itself.

Thanks pal! And sure you can call me that!
Or you can call me Megan, if you like. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I know there are errors, I wrote it and posted it too quickly... and now I'm too lazy to edit it!

Well I have almost no romantic experience...So don't be taking advice from me! I have no idea if my interpretation is how it works.
Most of it just comes from reading romance novels and fics here on fimfiction... :twilightblush:

5352181 Nononononono! I meant clop-free romantic MLP fanfiction, not being involved in romantic relationships. :twilightblush:

Well you did say "romance itself"... :pinkiesmile:

5352261 Hey, I slept at 1 in the morning and I am still kind of sleepy even after I woke up. So... yeah. :twilightoops:

Funnily enough, I went to sleep at one in the morning too, I had just gotten back from seeing Mockingjay Part 1 the second time. Heheh! :pinkiehappy:

5352299 You and your Hunger Games love. Good ol' FlutterDash.

Loved it! Rarijack is always good, but it is even better with a hint of Flutterdash!!

Thanks! and Hahah, yes I agree. RariJack and FlutterDash are the best and most canon ships ever! Trade Ya! proved that. :raritywink:
BEST. EPISODE. EVER!! :rainbowkiss:

Great story

5976832 rd and fluttershy..... U. GO GIRL

This explains Rainbow Dash's nervousness when she asked Applejack if her crush was somepony she knew. She was worried Applejack had a crush on Fluttershy. Not a bad job. Even when it's not center stage, I like stories where FlutterDash is mentioned.

Hehehe exactly. And thanks! :pinkiehappy:

I totally agree, FlutterDash is best ship. :yay:

Wow, thanks! :derpyderp2: That really means a lot to me, I'm glad you liked it and honoured this was your first "offical" RariJack fic (#secondbestship). :pinkiehappy:

(Btw, what do you mean by "official"? :rainbowhuh:)

6799201 Well I read a FlutterDash with a hint of Rarijack, but this is the first Rarijack fanfic I've read :pinkiecrazy:

Ah, I see! :rainbowkiss:

My two favourite ships... Would you mind linking that fic? I'd love to check it out.

It works, thanks! :rainbowkiss:

But, awwwww, it's cancelled? :raritydespair:

6805478 Really?!:fluttercry:
Well I read it way before I made my account so it's been awhile since I looked at it:applecry:
I'm so sorry about that:raritydespair:

There's only one chapter, the second one is just a prologue. :scootangel:

Thanks, though! :pinkiehappy: I actually never even edited this one after it was published, unlike my other two which are much more polished.

Uh, I think you mean "Epilogue".

Er yes, thanks for pointing out my half year old typo. :rainbowlaugh:

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