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I'm pretty two-dimensional, but I'm memorable enough that you'll be sad when I get killed off next season.

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I Love your avatar its so perfect.

Gives you a whole new reason to become a catholic, to try and gain access to that collection. I know I would just so I could lie to the public, then turn around to my closest friends.

And say, "You have no idea what I've seen, it's enough to put the internet to shame. I mean I knew Jesus hung out with prostitutes, but the man hung out with prostitutes. And you think for being the son of god he'd at least be packing. Or do you think it's one of those 'like father like son' situation going on there?"

I've got a couple more videos you may enjoy.

The first one mentioned in the second video made me laugh way too hard. And you'll see why.

  • Viewing 1,761 - 1,765 of 1,765
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