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I'm too lazy to write a bio. Tells you more 'bout me.

Hi mates!

So! Hello..

As an Australian aborigine guy, I feel need to make political discussions, and express the views and belief of political projects..

Other than that? I bike around our ranch, write stories, play soccer, and do homework..

I love nature, as an Australian, we usually like big ranches, and things like that! We happened to have a drought this year, and many poisonous snakes!

And some times I am too daring, as rock climbing is not the safest thing to do, and making wrong cuts following wrong trails, and bad curves on a bike is not considered a comfort for most, then again, it will explain my weird self that no one else can describe..

As an Aborigine, I know how to survive the poisonous creatures, take care of the farm, and live a decent life trying to avoid the bullies. I hate how were never excepted in culture, and the whites took our land like it was no biggie!

Never mind on that.

I find the need to soothe human hunger by writing horse sex. :twilightsmile:

Bout the snakes? If I die from a bite, I have not much followers, and no one will give a damn..

Oh well, moving to the next thing..

So mates, park around the boat decks of Sydney, and enjoy my works, blogs, anything that you feel you need to enjoy! MOST of the things that you feel you need to enjoy..

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Comment posted by Chase123 deleted Jun 16th, 2016


Just realised you are my 60th follower! Congratulations!:pinkiehappy:

There is no prize for this accolade, just a massive loopy hug!


Thank you for the follow :pinkiehappy:

Hey thank you for the follow and I shall follow you back, why did you choose to follow me(just curious)


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