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This is a group dedicated to emotional works of art, we strive off of the emotions that the story makes us feel we want more. This group will help you find those emotional works of art, and help you see what you can do to get your story appreciated.

How to get a story on here
First off this is for emotional stories, if the emotion cannot be felt it can't go on here, there will be three folders that the stories could be on. Pending approval, Approved, and Admins' choices.

About the folders
"Pending approval" is for stories that haven't yet been approved by the admins, you can still read it, but it is not acknowledged by the admins.
"Approved" are the stories the admins have agreed make the cut and will get praise by them in threads
"Admins' choices" are the stories that the admins hand pick and are featured they will be in the folder for a few days at a time and then removed from this folder

About the threads
Admins will give praise to stories they believe are of high enough quality, they will get their own threads and be highly recommended. A thread if it doesn't have anything to do with an emotional story will be deleted without warning, with the exception of an announcement thread posted by an admin.

How to become an admin
If you wish to become an admin message the founder an emotional story and they will read it, they will reply with one of two messages, "[Story's name] was a great and emotional tale, it surely deserves to be on the group, you have become an admin" or "I regret to inform you but [Story's name] did not meet the criteria to become an admin's choice it will still be on the group, and I am unhappy to say but, you haven't become an admin" get it? good.

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