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Josh Crapo

Composed for 4 years, written for 3 years



As a result of a senior prank, every cat Josh has ever seen turns into ponies. It turns for the better only for his world to be taken down when he considers what might happen soon.

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Back to the house I’m staying, I get myself a cup of Diet W Up finally grabbing myself some supper with my one loaf of bread as well as peanut butter and jelly.

Do you mean Diet 7 Up

Rust Wind wanted to grab some too, so I just made four instead of two.

Rust Wind Or Wind Rust?

6554480 DIet W Up IS Diet 7 Up, but as a Wegmans brand. That's the brand is for.
6554488 Name swapping error. Purely missed it.

Although Tail Flight has experienced scents like at Grandpa’s and Justin’s, Tail Flight and Wind Rust aren’t used to it.

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