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The sexiest man you've ever met.


When Rarity’s friends discover that she has been secretly meeting with an escort, they begin investigating, and soon discover a web of lies and unrequited romances none of them ever could have expected.

A reimagining of Rarity's Mare of the Evening.

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It's a new story loosely based on Rarity's Mare of the Evening. A sequel/rewrite/reimagining/expanded version, I'm not sure what exactly.



If it's as enjoyable as the original, I expect it will be well received. :twilightsmile:
Looking forward to more.

why was AJ so objected to pinkie being there? and i didnt see anything wrong with your other story rarity's mare of the evening i liked it and i think it didnt deserve all the hate it got. i like this one too.

Innnteresting. You have my attention.

Also, dry heat of a sauna? I'm... confused. Saunas are the opposite of dry heat. They're steam rooms.

Loved Rarity's Mare of the Evening.
Loving this story so far too

That was a shocker at the end, I loved it! Cant wait till the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

2271163 Depends on the type of Sauna.

Oh dear.
I'll...save the Red Angel Seal Of Approval for later...I'm feeling kinda disturbed right now.

:applejackconfused:...... Priceless. Just priceless.

A halfway decent escort would be waaaay more discreet than Sugar Sweet. How does she keep clients?

loved the first story.....will probably love this one....faved and upvoted! think i may go back and read the first story again lol:ajsmug:

Why do I get the feeling I've read this story before?
Checks your list of stories
Why is this a repeat?:twilightoops:


sweet mother of god, I'm not crazy, I kept thinking I had heard something eerily similar before, too :P

Figured it out.
Rarity's Mare of the Evening, and it's by the same author.
I've checked one of his blogs, and apparently this is a rewrite that could possibly be a continuous story.

Pretty good. Confusing at some points but pretty good. Look forward to more. Oh an dat ending :applejackconfused::applejackconfused::applejackconfused:

Wow, this is great! I thought this sounded familiar, and I remember reading the original story a long time ago before I made an account. It was good but this is much much better already, since you've really fleshed out the scenes and characters and everything and slowed down the pace a lot. I love the way you describe things, I can really picture every scene clearly in my mind. :rainbowkiss: I reeeally hope you continue this, pretty-please because it's awesome so far and I want to know what you're gonna expand on and how the story's gonna change, if it does (I hope it has a happy ending).

Thumbs up and tracking for now!

Oh yeah, and great move, AJ's family, blaming the girl for the man straying.

Hint: it would have happened with or without a pro involved.

wow...:rainbowhuh:... just... wow... :rainbowhuh:
where can I get one of these pony hookers?:duck:

why did AJ react that way to pinkie knowing the escort just saying i dont think pinkie uses escorts.

This seems much much much too much like Rarity's Mare of the Evening. I want to bring myself to like it, but I can't.

Um...what the bucket-carrying Hell is going on right now, besides the fact that it looks like Rarity's got apples on the brain.
Good start though. Keep going!

Yeah, this first part follows RMotE very closely. Unfortunately, both fics have nearly the exact same set up, and the differences so far are so subtle as to be barely noticeable. From here on out though, there's only one more scene from RMotE (albeit highly altered), everything else is entirely new.

I'd ask that you stick around until then, if it's the similarity that's bothering you.

I think I prefer the original - this new one just seems a bit bloated to me. I'll investigate further I'm sure, especially as you say there's more new stuff coming, but the new Sugar Sweet makes me want to kick her for being so vapid and obnoxious.

2271163 Most saunas you can run either way.

Judging purely by the synopsis, this story is 5,335 words too long. It should just be "why is rarity with a hooker" "she can't get any otherwise"

I mean really, would any story beat those 11 words?

2277608 It never ceases to amaze me how such a simple, one-worded comment can contain so much meaning and confusion.

havent read the original, but think this is interesting, quite mature, but not gratuitous, and enjoyable. favd:moustache:


Theres an Original :-o:twilightoops:
where wehere

Is it foalcon between AJ and Twist?

If not, I'm not interested. :twilightsmile:

2276392 so is this going to be a full length story or more or less another one shot basically just in a alternative universe (to the original) where there are some similarities.


That would make for a real good plot Twist.

I'm not sure what your standards for what qualifies as a 'full length' story. This is a new story, and will be about 15k words long when it's finished. There will be two or three more chapters.

It shares the same setup as the original, the rest is new. It could almost be considered an expanded version, if not for how different events transpire in this one. As is, I'm calling it a 'reimagining'.

2280565 "full length" not the best word choice, but i was thinking more on the lines of more of a plot versus a more in depth plot when i said that. with about 15k words, i doubt there will be any extended plot.(like after the whole orginal story, then they also start dating and if you where to go say 50k words plus run into perhaps marriage and well stuff like that)

anyway, you answered my question despite it being worded so stupid :twilightblush:
thanks! (gonna wait till it's marked complete to read it, but i WILL read it):twilightsmile:

EDIT: another chapter released, getting anxious and don't know if i can wait for it to be completed first

So... Do equestrian hookers get cutie marks??? I didnt get the answer 100 percent from the story

I don't think RMotE got much hate. If anything, it's absurdly popular. Even so, I thought it could have been executed better.

Applejack was trying to be discreet, and Pinkie Pie is the polar opposite of discreet, hence her annoyance.

I believe saunas are dry, steam rooms are wet. I'm fairly certain the term 'sauna' is flexible though.

A fair point. But there are some extenuating circumstances here that justify this breach of conduct.

Thank you. I'm sure I'll be finished updating this by the end of the week. So you won't have to wait long.

Possibly. Either way, there's no problem in the world that was brought about by a single person. All parties involved share some amount of blame.

Applejack, correctly or otherwise, has chosen to blame the escort rather than acknowledge faults within her family.


A fair criticism. The exposition here is much longer and more detailed. I would have preferred it be more concise, but the added detail is necessary to set up what's to come.

I became aware too late of the problems with Sugar Sweet's introduction here. The most important thing to me at the time was to leave an instant impression, but the side effect is that she comes off as somewhat creepy and unpleasant. I promise that she's fleshed out with more positive traits later.

It hasn't actually been addressed in the story yet, but as far as I'm concerned Equestrian escorts get cutie marks just like everyone else.


Thank you. :twilightsmile:

The dialog in this is so great, I'm especially fond of this bit:

“She’s sittin’ on your back!” Applejack cried, her voice rising.
It was Rainbow Dash’s turn to roll her eyes. “It’s not like I put her there.”

Thank you so much for pointing that one out!

Most lines come about naturally while I'm writing, but that specific little exchange has been floating around in my head for nearly half a year, waiting until I found an appropriate spot in a story to use it. I was worried that tiny little piece would get lost in the rest. But someone actually noticed.

All of my love!

Excellent job.

Aww. :( I had a sad and a heartwarming now.

Poor Sugar Sweet. How sex-negative these ponies be!

We need a chapter with Sugar Sweet and a friendship letter out of it, pronto! :twilightsmile:

Very well done, otherwise. No real complaints.

>chicken coup
Them chickens are fighting beasts!

Hey, stop being mean to Sugar Sweet. She didn't do anything to deserve such. You big meanie pants! :pinkiesad2:

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