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Rapists can climb


After a surprising blizzard, Applejack awakes to a certain white unicorn calling her out the door. It's all for fun, right? So why can't Applejack stop blushing?

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Applejack's ending thoughts... Great story!


This is so cute, like, really. You got me saying 'awww' at the end :rainbowkiss: Rarijack is too good and pure for this world :heart: As always, amazing and cute work :raritywink:

This story keeps popping up on my alerts to read. Omen?:facehoof:-I guess I'll track it and give my feedback soon.:trollestia:

Comment posted by Violet Rose in The Rain deleted Apr 22nd, 2016

So I tried sorry Harmony. But you are just not the type of writter I like, I don't know why your work is good I just don't enjoy the stories you make. It not you, it me I'm sorry to say this but I'm no longer going to read your stories. I never follow you the first place so this seems kind of pointless.

Again sorry you got great work I bet all of them are better then mine so good luck on every story you make and well this is where I say goodbye until you reply to this comment if you want and when I.reply back meaning that could be our last goodbye. But then again.... no wait, I'll shut up now

Alrighy, that's fine, I guess. I'm sorry you don't like my stories, but I'm glad you gave me a chance:heart:

7148254 Please don't take it too hard, I say that I'm a heartless monster but I'm a really nice guy that makes his friend annoyed because I always put they needs before my own. Anyway good luck I got to write this short story on Fluuters and Screwball that would be fun, I might need help for that but no one wants to work with me. Never mind later keep on rocking on. :twilightsmile:


"ATTACK ON THE MARSHMALLOW!!" I shrieked, leaping into the air, and gathering a mass of snow in my hooves. Rarity squealed, ducking away at the last second. "You ruffian!" she teased, blowing snow dust at my face.


"You ruffian!" she teased, blowing snow dust at my face.

in a new paragraph.

Very cute, harmony. I love RariJack and this was just perfect!

This is both adorable and very well written. You captured both characters perfectly and I was especially fond of Applejack's narrative as well. Like I can clearly hear her voice the entire time. Nicely done!

This was amazing. We need more! Multi chapter now! *holds you at gun point.*


I miss winter

I can't remember the last snowball fight I had...
I love the image and mood of this story, one of those silly romantic moments that are the highlight of any relationship.

Sorry, I don't think so:twilightblush:

That was bloody adorable. Well done.

Aww thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :heart:

Sequence , Sequence!!!!!!!!

This was adorable!!!!!!:raritystarry:

You mean Sequel, right?

Short, sweet, and super fluffy. Just like cotton candy.

I had five other stories earmarked for reading the night I read this one, and it easily was the best of the bunch. Thanks for writing it!:pinkiehappy:

7150799 yes…sorry wasn't paying attention

It's all fine, silly:pinkiehappy:

A well written Fic with damaging amounts of fluff not even the first person stigma could survive the cute.-Thespybot
You'll be in the next taco tuesday.

I liked it. Very well thought out, and the words used did the job. :pinkiehappy:

Rarijack is one of my favorite ships, mostly because the two of them are so different personality-wise. But their common ground is that they're both hard workers, in their own respectice fields. I like how you tied that in at the end. This was really cute. I think I spotted a typo though:

Why was my face was hot?

Is the second "was" supposed to be "so"? It threw me for a loop when I read it, and I've made plenty of mistakes like that myself.

Great work, as always :yay:

i'm working on the review now im so sorry


No, of course, it's okay! I wouldn't recommend this story of mine as much, but feel free to give me your thoughts:raritywink:

7249655 didnt you suggest it to me..... or was that someone else


Nope, I don't think I did. And you don't have to do it if you don't want to

7249678 I'm more then happy to I've already started and it's such a cute fix I'll have to recheck who sent it to me but is it ok if I post my video in your comment section

This reminds me of The Princess Rarity's Rarijack fluff series.

Ah, I do love me some adorable RariJack, and there's few things more adorable than love being birthed in the midst of a cute-tacular snowball fight! Well worth a like and favorite, indeed! :raritystarry: :ajsmug:

"We are now pony warriors, one against the other in dual."

If I may (not that this is a big deal or anything), I believe the word you were looking for was "duel" not "dual".

Your the first review after the clip


This was absolutely adorable!!!:rainbowlaugh:

This is so cute I wish it had a sequel since AJ figures out she's in love at the end. *squee* :raritystarry:

*3 years later*


Lmao I hate my 13 year old self. And just myself

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