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Silent Earth

Evil is evil. Greater, lesser, middling, it's all the same. I haven't done only good in my life. But if I’m to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.


Applejack has never been one to second guess who she is. But lately, she can't seem to shake the feeling that something is missing, that a part of life has passed her by.

Sometimes, it takes another to remind us what it means to truly be home.

Special thanks to Pearple Prose for proofreading and for the partial inspiration for this piece. If you haven't, go check out his work!

Approved of by Twilight's Library, and thus, a purple pony ribbon.

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Comments ( 39 )

Holy crap, that was adorable. :heart: The perfect kind of sweet. Simple and short but it gave a beautiful message and the love between them both was wonderful!


I've already told you this, I think, but I just want to say that this is amazing writing. Probably better/as good as my own, really. Excellent work, Heather.

Now write me a TwiPrincess fic and I will be your #1 fan <3

I'd give it a 10:yay:/10:yay: if there was a "silly pony" reference, but since I didn't see one (either to it not being here or I'm just blind and/or stupid), I'll have to give it a 9.5:yay:/10:yay:

Great read. Loved it.:heart:

Aw, thanks! Glad you enjoyed. :twilightsmile:
...I'll humbly accept that half-point reduction. 'Tis more than fair.
Thank you kindly!

*blushes furiously*
Aw, shucks Pear. Thanks so much. :rainbowkiss: And I can't really thank you enough for the help, if it's as good as you say it's in no small part because of you.

I have to do this now. I can't disappoint you. OhgodwhichonedoIpickIdontknowhowtodothis


I can't really thank you enough for the help, if it's as good as you say it's in no small part because of you.

Pfft – all I did was fix some small errors and feed you some flattery. You wrote it so well that there was nothing else for me to fix. :rainbowlaugh: I should really learn how to actually critique stuff some day...

Any are good. All are good.

Or write anything, really. I'd love to see what other stories you got locked away in that noggin of yours. c:


I should really learn how to actually critique stuff some day...

Whatever you're doing, it helped me immensely. I'd say you're doin' fine.

Hmm, well, I have a few, I can tell ya that much. I'll add it to the list. :ajsmug:

It takes a certain type of fic to hit me right in the feels like this one did. :raritystarry::heart::ajsmug:
What I really liked about was that it wasn't all gushy with romance like so many fics. It stayed down to Earth and remained constantly sweet throughout.

First time I enjoyed AJ/Rarity. :rainbowderp: Colour me impressed. Very well written, and it didn't feel overdone.
Good job to you, Heather. And thank you, Pearple, for helping her make it the best it could be. :pinkiehappy:

It'd be awesome if you two continued to work together to really make the work you both produce shine. :heart:
TwiLuna is always nice, IMO
I agree with that point, though. Write anything. If it's you, Heather, it's probably good.


I'd love to continue working with her, yeah. Though, I really didn't do all that much >.<

yay Twiluna :D

Spoiler tags are fun.

I rather liked this! I'm not big on the Rarijack shipping, but this was very good. I like the pacing and the tone you kept throughout. The dialogue sounded natural and unforced. The scene description was just enough to paint a pretty picture. Everything about this felt measured and in it's place. Have a fave and thumb-up.

4544070 They ARE!
I knew I forgot to do something.
Thumbs away!:facehoof:
... No gold star though, because while it's a super great story, it's not a subject matter I love. Sorry. :unsuresweetie:

I shall give this fic a chance, but the sight of applejack is not a good start, my friend :/

Rarijack is always fantastic. Sadly, there's rather few stories for the best AJ ship.


"Would you try, just give it a chance?"

Thanks! Glad the dialogue seemed natural, as part of the reason I wrote this was to practice dialogue in particular.
No worries! Glad you still enjoyed. And we'll see what happens. :3

Not half bad! You're a pretty good RariApple writer. :raritywink:
Funnily enough, it's the first time I've seen some pseudo-family bonding between AJ and Sweetiebell (not counting a certain episode), so that was an interesting experience! Good work!

4545450 My friend, just the thought of AJ being loved by other pony is enough to make me gag.you might not want to hold your breath :/

Thanks! Best filly is another favorite of mine, so good to know that aspect of it worked.

It's ok, AJ. Rarity still loves you. :duck:

Oh my god, this was sweet, and adorable, and awesome. Keep up the good work.

I loved the ending, and how you zeroed in on AJ's scent and how special home is.
However, I felt like the beginning was a bit disconnected from the theme. I feel like maybe you should introduce some of AJ's feelings while dealing with Sweetie Belle for more continuity...?

Good short story, I liked it.

Well, this is all sorts of well-written, adorable, and sweetly down-to-earth. I can't recall stumbling across this particular shipping before, but damned if I don't approve it of now. Have an upvote and fave, both well-earned.

Everyone else is including spoiler tags and I want to feel cool.

I'll more or less read any ship if it's done well, but Rarijack above all others has a special place in my heart. Happy you enjoyed, my friend. Someday, I'll want to post an actual spoiler and will need an additional disclaimer on top of the spoiler tag.

One of the strange things (and something every author needs to be aware of) about reading something that you wrote yourself is that certain themes and connections will be easier to see for you than they may be for others. Applejack and Sweetie's interaction in the beginning didn't really have anything to do with AJ's troubles of home--at least, not directly. It was meant to draw the connection between Rarity's sibling and her own. While spending time with this filly that she thinks of as a "second sister", it furthers the doubts and anxieties she has about her own sibling, and that in turn leads to AJ and Rarity's conversation. Applejack is worried about her sister, yes, but it's the fact that she sees the potential in Apple Bloom to make the same "mistakes" she views herself as having made that is her true fear.

This is all crystal clear to me--this connection to a connection to a connection--but, well, I wrote it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention that it might be otherwise for others reading it, I'll think about what I can do to help alleviate that a bit. Thanks for reading, and happy you enjoyed!

Thank you kindly. I shall do my best! :twilightsmile:

Oh my... This was amazing!

Such a lovely story, all that love and romance, the fantastic dialogue, Applejack's worries and Rarity's fantastic way to describe AJ's scent and the connection to "home" made me cry. :raritycry:

It was so satisfying yet it made me longing for more. Fantastic job on this one and thank you for writing such a sweet fic, starring the best couple ever. :twilightsmile:


Well, this was a sweet little story. Solid 6 out of 10. :twilightsmile:

Its rare to find these two wistful and sweet, contemplating about their lives. And the fact that its RariJack makes it even more so awesome. Great read my dear author:twilightsmile:

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed. And thanks for the watch. :raritywink:

I left this story feeling not entirely satisified. I'm not sure if it was the sentiments not touching me or what, but... just didn't quite get there for me. Or maybe I just didn't quite end up believing Rarity in the end.

As far as the text goes, there was one thing that really stuck out to me:

That was true, Applejack admitted. There were half a dozen chores she could be doing: the barn needed a new coat of paint, the roof above her room had sprung a leak, some of the rain gutters were misaligned, and so on. There was no shortage of things to be done, but, well...

While this went away after a while, there's a few paragraphs right around here in the story which were extremely telly, and yet the ytold us a bunch of things which really didn't need to be told to us in this manner. Could have been stuck in dialogue, or even omitted entirely, it pulled me out of the story partway through because it felt discordant with the rest of the text in its narrative style.

Understandable. I wrote this story primarily as a way to practice dialogue, because I have difficulty with it sometimes, and I know I have a tendency of not giving enough information to the reader through the characters.

As for the sentiment, it won't resonate with everyone. Thanks for reading though, and for the feedback! Very much appreciated. I'm always looking for ways to improve.

I liked how you took the time to bring SB and AB into the equation. It gave the two something to share with each other, which a lot of one-shot shipping tends to miss. Have a like and a ribbon:

Many thanks, kind sir! Glad you enjoyed.

Home is where the heart is, and her heart is on the family farm.

This needs to be animated! But at the same time that would have it lose its charm. You really set up some gorgeous scenes for the minds eye. Definitely going in my favs!

This is a REALLY good fic! :raritystarry: I didn't expect it to be so good. So short, but it's funny, beautiful, cute and emotional. Expertly done!

I liked this:

“Home is the one true place,” she whispered. “Because it's not really a place at all. It's a feeling. It's the memories you've made, the experiences you've shared with the one's closest to you."

Reminds me of:

"It's not the things that you gather 'round."
"It's not how much you own."
"The things the hold the meaning in your life,
Are the memories you've sown."

For anyone that doesn't know, those are lyrics from Make This Castle a Home reprise. :rainbowwild:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

Beautiful story!!

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