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Applejack knows it's been ages since her parents died, but she still harbors hidden feelings about it. She tries to keep it all in, but can't help herself from shedding a few tears now and then.

A short holiday fic! Rarity and Applejack are in an established relationship.

Cover art by me
Proofread by Krickis

(Sweetie Belle is also in this story but she couldn't fit on the tags, lol)

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Nice story, but since Rarity and Applejack are a couple here, shouldn't this have a romance tag?

I think that the story is well written, but I couldn't get really immersed due to the poor length.

Yeah, I never really seem to get story lengths right haha. Thanks for the compliment and the criticism, I appreciate both very much.

I didn't think it was a very romantic story but this is the second time someone mentioned that so I think I'll add it in. Thank you for the advice and the compliment!

Nice little story ^^

This is super sweet and good! Should have a lot more views!

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