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On a warm Summer day, Rarity and Applejack get together to enjoy the Ponyville county fair. Carnival food and rides preface a night of dancing and fireworks.
Extremely fluffy Rarijack. The two are already in a relationship here, and have been so for some time. This story is meant to display Rarijack as a strong relationship aka I hope y'all ready to see AJ & Rares absolutely SWERVE standard relationship snags and act like reasonable adults 😎

Header art is by me! Check it out on my DeviantArt: http://fav.me/dcg7i37

Genre Note!
This fic is written in the style of a Iyashikei or "Healing" story. This means that it is a slice of life story that contains little in the way of a conflict or drama. The main point is simply to be relaxing. You may find this sort of thing good to read before bed, or right after you read something grimdark as a cleanser. If you enjoy this kind of story, I would reccomend checking out the 2012 manga/anime Flying Witch, or for a more recent example, try Yuru Camp.

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Hmm. You have caught my interest here. Do try not to lose it, as this holds great potential for you as a writer.

This is a wonderfully sweet story and I would enjoy it even if I were not a RariJack fan! Thank you so much for writing and sharing it with us. It was very relaxing and loving.

No drama? 0/10, worst RariJack fic ever!

I kid of course, I love a good cute fic, very nicely done.

Glad you enjoyed it <3

No drama literally unreadable -10/10 ( glad you enjoyed, thank you! c: )

9024187 I should probably write more cute... I tend to include at least the whole "nervousness about asking my crush out" level of drama.

I normally don't comment but I had to since I noticed the Tyler the Creator reference! Have to check this out later!

Man, i really needed this after a tough week, it was so sweet and beautiful, thank you for writing this!

Of course :raritywink: So glad I could help cheer you up <3

So cute and sweet fic. Great job!!

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