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Moondancer became an EBI agent to solve crimes. Unfortunatley, her new job is more akin to chasing ghosts. Or so she thinks. With an old friend by her side Dancer sets off to solve the unsolvable, and maybe even learn a thing or two about friendship.

Header art is by me:

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A MLP/The X-Files crossover? Intrigued...

“Okay, I was definitely not thinking what you were thinking,” said Moondancer as she closed the gap between herself and her partner.

“Really? I thought we were on the same page for a minute there.”

“Yeah, no. I have no idea WHAT page YOU were on, but it certainly isn’t in any book I’ve read.”

Okay... that exchange was hilarious!

Based on such starts, I wonder if Moon Dancer will get out of this case with her insanity intact - or at last somewhat sane! :facehoof:

Curious to see if Lyra knows that her friend Bon Bon is a former secret agent...

Good solution to the mystery and nice resolution between Lyra and Moondancer! :raritywink:

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