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Well that was a rather interesting and well written story.

Very interesting indeed. I liked it. But... Celestia is the supreme ruler of Equestria. What could possibly hurt her?

Poor Celestia! Horrible hallucinations are driving her mad! But...now that she is injured, and Luna can't help with knowing that things may not be real...when will Celly explain that she's been having theses hallucinations and everyone finds out that its because of the dream residue of Starlight's swap spell?

It's a well written story but has a horrible cliffhanger and confusing ending...nice job though - I didn't know it would be so horrifying since I laughed at the cool cover art with Celestia having a scribbled out face.

... I didn't see that coming. That ending... I would love to know more, but will accept it being held just out of reach.

Was hoping for more mind bendy hallucinations for Celestia, but oh well. The idea is nice though.

Powerful magic surged through my horn in a fit of instinct. The monster froze midair in an aura of bright yellow, then slammed into the floor with great force. The floor tile under the creature shattered on impact.

Oh, no.... Please... Not her. You can hurt anypony but her (or Fluttershy).

That last question and how Luna already knew... Great ending!

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