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While burying Rarity in the sand at the beach, Applejack finds out a very important piece of information.

Random Rarijack, once again. Enjoy.

Edit: featured 12/14/19 🤘

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While it was a bit repetitive/simplistic in a few places, overall this was a fun read!

Have a Thumbs Up!

This was super cute and so very AJ and Rarity. I hope that Monochromatic sees this story and enjoys it as much as I did! Nice work!

oh my, Mono is like my favorite author on here!

She is one of mine, as well.

Silly fun... mostly

Somehow I doubt that the Queen of RariTwi is going to enjoy this story. Call it a hunch.

Huh. From the name and description I would have guessed a Horror story.

This was cute. I love it!

I love this! And the lost mag reading, ❤️!!!

Holy shit that almost got dark af.

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