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Applejack was only gone for a minute, but now there seems to be a sea of blankets covering Rarity's living room. And unfortunately for Applejack, this ocean of blankets is home to a deadly and vicious snuggleshark.

Just a cute, fluffy story based on a rather silly idea I had the other day.
Header art is by me: http://kaminakat.deviantart.com/art/Rarity-the-Great-White-667397997

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Comments ( 25 )

"Smile, you son of a--"
*Rarity explodes*

8003037 oop, yep I think it should just be "Breathe". Thank you. Glad you liked it :o)

well that was a good little read to cheer me up, thanks for this :derpytongue2:

This makes me wish I had enough blankets to cover a room. And that I had a partner to be my victim.

Good story, I liked and favourited.

who could dislike such fluff

Is there a group for this kind of simple-fluff?

Glad I could cheer you up bud :twilightsmile:

Haha, same here. It just sounded so fun in my head.

I can only imagine it was too sugary sweet that they got diabetes and disliked in protest.

I haven't seen one, but I wish there was one. This is usually the kind of thing I wanna read/write.


Impossible for any EARTH pony.

:pinkiecrazy: <--- Remember her?
:pinkiehappy: <--- What type of pony is she?
:pinkiegasp: <--- Remember what kind of thing she's (in)famous for?
:pinkiesmile: <--- I rest my (hopefully not rude or insulting) case.

Thank you for writing this. I was having a hard night. This story helped me out. It was the exact type of adorable and affectionate I needed.

A raised eyebrow is an action most commonly given in response to something unusual. Seeing an alligator in a baker's bathtub would be an appropriate example of when a pony might raise her eyebrow. Unless she was in said bathtub, in which case she would most likely just scream.

Unless, of course, it is Pinkie Pie herself who is the baker, in which case she would simply say "Hello Gummy! How'd you get in here?"
8005944 Duh. Pinkie Pie is clearly less an earth pony and more an eldritch abomination from beyond the !!?%***??? in the shape of an earth pony. :pinkiecrazy:

Glad I could help :)

8008290 According to this fanfic, Pinkie may or may not be a draconequus in pony form (don't want to ruin the ending, so withholding the answer). Is that what you meant by "eldritch abomination"?

...Yeah, you know what? She's an eldritch abomination, and yet she still got granted control over the Element of Laughter. I DON'T want to even think about Princess Pinkie Pie Don't think about it don't think about it don't think about it - crap, brain exploded.

Very cute and very fun story! Sweet and light (and my favorite ship), romantic without anything lewd....just perfect!

Oooooh this was too cute!!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

I've heard from others that the Rarijack ship (one of my personal favourites) can be difficult to write, but you've pulled it off beautifully here. So cute fluff. I loved it! :raritystarry:

Thanks! It's interesting that people say it's hard to write, I find that it comes the most naturally to me out of all the ships I ship. Probably because I relate most to AJ + Rare out of the main cast, so it's kind of like writing a conversation between two sides of myself.

This is one of the cutest stories I have read in a wile.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh Celestia that was funny and cute. :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy:

8016363 It's while you goofball. And I think this might be Fluffle Puff levels of fluffy.

*audible gasp*
*blows raspberries*

8017021 The Fluffle is strong with this one.

Ahhh, you have a wonderful way with RariJack, this is incredibly adorable!!

Is overdosing on fluff possible?

Anyone else want art of Rarity rolled up in blankets like a burrito now?

Seriously cute. I'll keep this handy to read if I'm ever having a bad day and need a good laugh and dose of cuteness.

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