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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.


After completing yet another marvellous masterpiece of fashion, Rarity faintly feels like she's ready to tell the pony that inspired her new dress exactly how she feels. She has only one problem. Though her feelings for a certainty orange earth pony may be genuine, she has no idea whether her close friend will feel the same way, especially after a certain training event involving unicorns to which Rarity was not invited. In the end however, she may simply have to accept that she's all out of luck.

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Urg, more RariJack! Where the hell are all the other less over used ships like TwiJack and FlutterLight?:twilightangry2::facehoof::flutterrage::rainbowhuh::ajbemused:


Yeah man how dare the author write what they like and not what you like

Perhaps in the Twijack and Flutterlight groups? Just a thought:trixieshiftright:

There are spelling and grammar errors in the description.

However, I'm a RariJack fan, so I'll still read this.

7729388 Yeah, I kinda had to be quick with the description on this one because I was a little busy when this went up.:twilightsheepish: I'm free now and have gone through it though, so it should be better.:twilightsmile:

Another amazin' shippin' story from ya, DraconicXeno, as Applejack herself might rightly say.:ajsmug:

I was only voicing my opinion, there is an awful lot of this ship out there, we need more of the other ships!


Maybe think long and hard about why the comments section from a story by a random author is an inappropriate venue for that opinion, especially considering how you phrased your original comment. This person doesn't owe you a damn thing.

Here is another way to handle it. Example: I don't like sparity; i deal with that by not reading sparity stories.

7729764 huh? why was I tagged in that comment? I haven't said anything about you or what you said.

7729920 Think I may have clicked on your comment by accident.:derpytongue2:

7729174 have you tried searching for a TwiJack or FlutterLight group?

7730173 no worries mate! we all Derp sometimes! :twilightsmile:

Nice little story. I did enjoy the inner conflict Rarity had with herselv. Also Rarijack :heart: Keep it up.
PS:Why didn't they ask Rarity in the show though (Besides from the creator standpoint on not focusing on too many characters; I guess she was to busy).

I really liked this story. Very well written and thought out. I especially liked Rarity's conflict as opposed to AJ's simple view of the situation. Rarity can sometimes overthink things and make them more complicated than they are. That is way Applejack is a good match for her; down to earth, solid and straight forward.
Just my thoughts, though. A very good story! I'll be adding it to my favorites!

7745508 Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile:

very nice read, i really enjoy it :)

Take my like, I love me some good Applejack ship.

Never thought I would like the Rarijack ship until I read this fic! Well done, man!

Just one thing: it's Opalescence, not Opal Essence.

Sigel = sigil.
Cat's name is Opalescence, fitting Rarity's "gemstone" theme.

Sweet for the first three quarters and then it's very rushed and unsatisfying.

"Wait a gosh darn minute, y'all are sayin' that ya’ were jealous of me?"
I had one-hundred percent expected Applejack to ask if Rarity was jealous of Snails at that point. "Good gravy, girl, I never took ya' fer a cradle robber before."

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