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Call me Dessert (because I'm unhealthy and expensive).
19, studying Games Art and Design at The Art Institute of California.
I like ponies.
I enjoy playing with my neopets, spending real money on skins for my video game lovers, and eating hot cheetos.
I'm sad probably 87% of the day.
Rarity is my favorite pony and Rarijack is the ultimate OTP in this godforsaken show.
I have this...idea...that I'm a good artist. It's strange, I know. Anyways, I'm gay and I don't know how to read.


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school over yAy · 12:24am Dec 21st, 2016

ugh finally my first quarter of school is dONE and i deeply regret going to art school (lol im jk i love it i love gaining the ability to become better than everyone).

im also moving out of my shitty dorm because i hate living with other people who keep making fun of me for not knowing how to cook (im learning so shut) and also they dont appreciate my organized chaos OR my need to game for 23982 hours a day.

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Thanks for the watch! :raritywink: Expect more stories actaully coming soon!

Hmm, I dunno. There was that time you won at art.

Dude that's the main character Solid Metalgear wearing his signature scarf

it is literally the best thing ive ever drawn??

You and that Pinkie icon :raritywink:

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