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Foxy E

I tried my hand at writing in the winter of '13 and discovered a life-long passion.

A few things about me

I'm an engineering/physics double major studying in Perth, Western Australia. As long as I can remember, I've loved reading and making up stories.

Recently, I decided to act on my writing impulse, and I'm glad that I did. It can be stressful, defeating, and painful at times, but when it's good, when the story ball is rolling and I'm keeping my balance on top of it, then it's the greatest thing in the world.

Someday, I hope to write well enough that people want to throw money at me. Could always do with a bit of extra dosh.

Feel free to send me a PM or skype me. (Search Foxy E and look for my avatar.)

Also, depending on what the piece is, I'm up for pre-reading/editing!

Story Statuses:

-- First Draft Written
-- Rewrite
-- Pre-readers
-- First edit
-- Pre-readers
-- Second edit
-- Publish

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R.I.P. Foxy E :ajsleepy:

Thank you for your feedback on Rose Petals, I really appreciated it!

Thanks for the fav on The Old Gray Mare! :twilightsmile:

I appreciate the feedback as well. I always have a hard time dialing things back. It's either super dull or over-the-top mush.

Thanks for the helpful review you gave Higher Senses. It'll help me as I go.:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 1 - 4 of 4
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