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I tried my hand at writing in the winter of '13 and discovered a life-long passion.


Writeoff, right on? · 12:24pm Mar 5th, 2015

If you've read The Sunset Room, you will notice that it was originally written for the Writeoff Association's December short story competition. This draft took me three days to produce, and clocked in at approximately 3 300 words.

Now, how many of you, followers, write an average of 1000 words a day?

One of you? Two?

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The Pink Party Pony · 5:04am Feb 17th, 2015

Recently, I wrote a story for the Writeoff Association called Contradictions. It can be found in its first draft stage here, and I'm looking to publish the cleaned-up version sometime in the next fortnight, along with the edited version of my other Writeoff story, The Sunset Room.

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