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It's fanfiction all the way down.


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Wow... that's ... Wow.... :fluttercry: :ajsleepy:

That world is so different from the usual, it's startling, for me anyways...

Is that really her talent? It's so specific, it feels unreal, and yet... I have no reason to doubt...

How do Cutie Marks even work in this universe? Like normal MLP? Wait... what is MLP in this verse? An escapist fantasy?


Careful. That's strong stuff. 90% drama by volume.


True... Are they getting darker? From those hints Butter Up drops... it seems we are, and fast...

If wonder if I'll think the next one deserves a Dark tag... I don't think this one doesn't... but it's close?

:twilightoops: Well, dang. And to think, this just started as a novel interview. Still, that's Hollywood for you. (Applewood? Just how much of the Equestria we know is part of the show?) There's a dark underbelly there. I kind of dread seeing more from this setting, given how it's going. That's not to say I don't want any, but it's a worrisome trend.


The next one is less dark. Promise. :twilightsmile:

This story leaves me hungry for more!
:fluttershyouch: Oh, uh, sorry, Butter Up.

The train seemed to stretch on forever, and she could not see it’s end.


Any surviving vestiges of subtly were undone


Zyrian #7 · Mar 5th, 2015 · · 1 ·


I'll hold you to that.

First, let me start by letting out a long, long, really long, like omg-record-settingly-long sigh. :fluttershysad:

There. Good.
Now that's out of the way, I was imagining these stories were gonna be like, Star Power interacts with each of the other cast members. Turns out it's not, which isn't a bad thing since it would have been a little cliche, which I'd hate for such a fantastic series. This is a really original idea that I haven't seen done ever. And lemme tell ya, pony ain't my first rodeo in the fanfic circuit.

I'm kinda surprised it was Butter Up that got the "I hate being pretty" treatment. I mean, it was implied that she got the job largely for her looks, but I figure most people would classify Rarity as "The pretty one." I guess in this universe the Fluttershy appeal is a lot less about her ability to induce Super Diabeetus? Makes sense considering the people watching the show are y'know, actually ponies.

At least she never burns toast, gotta look for the little things in life.

5701804 I don't know about that. Remember how she was described in the other ones.

This gave her a kind of depth, so not the direction I thought but she certainly seems to understand the act she's playing... And she hates herself for it.

Have you ever worked a job where you're surrounded by the public that has a preset image of exactly who you are? What about your co-workers, can you stand even being in the same room as them. To dislike them so much that the one you pity is the closest you have to a friend. To have your personal life dictated to you by someone, with the hint that if you don't do what they say you'll be out of a job.

I'm Deep Cover in this. I don't hate her... I pity her and that's even worse.

Holy fuck this hit feature fast...

Not... That I'm complaining!

I do enjoy these so...

~Skeeter The Lurker

warpd #12 · Mar 5th, 2015 · · 7 ·

Maybe she should go back to making toast.

*Me not really seeing the point*

“Drop it, Cover,” Butter Up said, letting out a sharp snort. “Bringing me to a restaurant that serves huge amounts of food and then watching my plate the whole time wasn’t super subtle.”


You fainted. I’m worried about you.

This is, ah...wow.

“Fine, you want to know what’s wrong!?” Butter Up bellowed, wings spread as she took a sharp step towards Deep Cover. “I used to have a life. I used to have friends! I had ponies who really cared about me! Now what I do I have? An agent? The props ponies? And you losers of course. The spoiled child, the desperate career dud, the pill-popping basket case, and you, the psychopathic pathological liar. The only one of you who isn’t a worthless waste of space is Barnstormer, and the only advice I’m giving her is to run away as fast as she can! You see how that might upset me!?” she asked, her voice rising to a scream.

...I have a close friend who has an eating disorder. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go give them a hug.

Oh, but first: *Likes, Favorites, Watches*


I am really wondering about Rarity: is she maybe a workaholic, consecrated to her career to the point of no having life outside?

We learned a lot about Butter Up, but I feel like we learned even more about Deep Cover, just by contrasting this chapter with the last one. Deep Cover comes off to me like a high functioning, very self-aware sociopath who's trying to be a decent person and just not sure quite how to do it. Of course, they kind of tactics that work on a reclusive 17 year old are not really going to work on a 22 year old college student studying the social sciences, and it was kind of good to see Deep Cover on the defensive for most of this. That explanation of how Deep Cover sees her job as an actor to make others feel good about themselves is incredibly insightful to me.

It does sound like role is really painful for Butter Up, she wants to be known as an intellectual someday, but right now the country thinks of her as a pair of flanks. I don't know anything about eating disorders, but I think loss of control is a big trigger, so it unfortunately makes sense.

In both this chapter and the last, I was honestly unsure if Deep Cover was only trying to manipulate others, or if she also wanted what was best for them. Only at the end, when she tells Butter Up to quit, was I finally convinced of her good intentions.

This just seems like it's hinted at, but are Pegasi exoticized by the other pony races in this setting?

Just a note: y’all means “you all”, and is almost always used to indicate multiple people. Even if you’re just talking to one person, if you’re talking about them and their family, or them and a group of people, you’ll use “y’all”… but if you really just are addressing that one person, you use “you”.

I hope you continue this, and that these characters overcome their hurdles and their lives improve, because I hate sad endings for characters I like. On a related note, I like Deep Cover much better in this story than in her namesake story. She's still extremely manipulative, but this time it feels like she has good intentions. With Star Power it felt more like she was just manipulating her for her own amusement.

Lastly, which one is Barnstormer again? Rainbow Dash?

At the start, I thought Butter Up was going to jump in front of the train, and I was wondering what the other 5900 words were going to be about. Then, it ended up being even more depressing than that by bringing up college debt, which is currently the bane of my existence.

By the way, I blame her parents; who names their child Butter Up in a world where your name has, like, an 80% probability of determining who you are as an adult? She was either going to end up a toast maker, or a kiss-ass; not good odds.

Anyway, good job. I'm guessing from what BU called the Rarity and Pinkie actresses, the next couple of stories are going to end up being pretty sad as well. Guess that's what happens in show-business though. Sucks the life out of you.

Hm, I almost think Barnstormer would have been a better match for this one, but I get using a character from the last chapter as things progress. At least, I'm assuming that's a pattern that'll stick.

Also I take offense to Deep Cover agreeing that Twilight/Star is stupid. Twilight's/Star is naive and young. I would have expected somepony as worldly as Deep to understand that intrinsic difference. <.<


If you really wanna keep lookin' good for the camera, you get a trainer a diet counselor.

Squat thrusts all day long, Shy!

Poor Butter Up. Good story really enjoying this universe . Keep it up

Lovely story. :rainbowkiss:

Possible plans to write an "actress in MLP" story saga?


This just seems like it's hinted at, but are Pegasi exoticized by the other pony races in this setting?

I don't believe so. This draws from the show itself, where Fluttershy had the beauty to become a successful top model. If we imagine Fluttershy having a flesh actress, then this actress would need to have the body as well.

(Clutches heart) Amazing feels in an amazing story in an amazing series. Keep on amazing us. :pinkiehappy:

I wrote a review of this story. It can be found here.

5702347 I was getting that impression less from Butter Up herself, and more from the format of the restaurant. I think all the waitresses were Pegasi.

It's also used by Southerners, who tend not to care much about grammar. I've been there. It gets used in the singular all the time.

Also, AJ's a sociopath, Flutters is suuuper-cranky anorexic, Pinkie's a druggie, Rarity's Gary Coleman, and Rainbow Dash is the ill-fitting non-actor. Poor Twilight might actually have to pull this dysfunctional mess together.

Well, it looks like Deep Cover is trying to do that. :heart:

And I've been to the South; I went to college there. :rainbowwild: Y'all is almost always plural, in my experience, or in reference to "y'all", as in "you and your folks" or whatever.

Look at Applejack in the show; she can use "you" and "ya" and often does.

This is good, just like the last two were. It's good in a different way, but still enjoyable.

You know, a part of me hates that these are becoming a thing. But I cannot deny they are enjoyable and excellently done.

I particularly liked the opening setting. You probably didn't bother to decide this, but, out of curiosity, does this railway use Brunel Gauge or something else (some others and I on a forum once determined that Equestria, based on measurements from the show, appears to use Brunel Gauge)?

"with a hoof. She sat lengthwise"
I at first read Butter Up as the antecedent there. You might possibly want to make it clearer; sorry.

I'm still liking Deep Cover.

And another interesting story in this universe!

By the way, is there a particular meaning behind the depth of the visual descriptions in the first part of chapter? I'm certainly not complaining, but, especially since it's one of your stories, I'm curious.

5701511 Next one doesn't mean the one after that isn't dark. Still, sometimes things only look as bad as we imagining them.

I'm impress with the character Deep Cover. All of them so far.

All the deep conversations in these stories are to much for my little lizard brain to handle. :applejackconfused:

I didn't enjoy this story in the slightest, as the raw talent of the author REALLY brings the bad feelings home and that's not what I read FIMfics for--- but its always interesting to see new takes on the "show within the show" universe. Very well written, even if it makes me feel like garbage. :unsuresweetie:

Her special talent is buttering toast... Well, that must be a very anticlimactic cutie-mark story.
Great story, though I have a feeling you're going to drive me to a suicidal depression by the time your finished with the other three actors.


Native Texan here. Yeah, that's sorta it. It is plural, but it's short for "you all."


Generally, in the South y'all can be used in the singular depending on which side the Mississippi you're on.

That's because Butter Up wasn't acting at all.


Alondro #38 · Mar 6th, 2015 · · 17 ·

Are these stories suggesting that the VAs for the cast of FiM all have mental problems?

Cuz imma tell them! :trollestia:

You know a fic is amazing when you gotta scroll right back up to give it another readthrough. Seriously, this is so deep I think I need a submarine.

I wasn't really digging this story, but it comes around really nice at the end there.

Okay, sweet, you showed Applej...Deep Cover has a heart. Nice.

You also explained Flutter...Butter Up's situation quite well. I know someone exactly like her, minus the high paying job.

All in all, well done. Could have gone with milder language, sometimes I think it is cheap for authors to fall back on extreme and sudden profanities to convey emotion or mood, but I'm not going to bash on it.

I quite enjoyed this. Dark, but at least it ended on a hopeful note. Now I wonder if Rarity is the dead end workaholic and Pinkie Pie the pill popper or the other way 'round? Of course Butter Up's descriptions need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Well, remember in universe, Fluttershy's the one that got to be a fashion model in her episode. So I'm guessing that means the actress that plays her would have to be attractive by pony standards.
Yes, watching the differences between Deep Cover here and Deep Cover there really give you a feel for her range. She's fairly different and Butter Up's responses push her out of her own comfort zone. Though, I note, she never drops the accent.
Actually, I'm not sure she is a sociopath, even a high functioning one. She went too far out of her way for this one. I suspect she's just got a bunch of issues that give her some tendencies that overlap with sociopathy.


I've lived here in the South over ten years. We use y'all as singular or plural whenever we feel like it. Any textbook or professor tells you one or the other, they're wrong. You can't look at a localized linguistic invention and say "It's this way because I have a degree.", yet they do it anyway. The use is completely up to the person and interchangeable at all times.

I can look at my friend sitting on the porch and say "Get yer ass in the house." or "Come on in y'all, let's see if I've got somethin' to eat." Likewise I can shout at neighborhood kids running around in my lawn to "Get yerselves on home!" or "Y'all get the hell off my property!"

Both are correct for their usages, anything else is purely being picky or too attached to some sort of adherence-perfection modus operandi that seems to be shared by the professor-y and English Major stereotype. Smack them in the face for leading you astray, Titanium!

Well, that was the way I had always heard it when I was down in the South. But admittedly I was in Nashville, not the part of Alabama where they have family poles. :rainbowwild:

And more to the point, I'm pretty sure that's how Applejack uses it in the show.

Huh...well it is true that show biz can be stressful as all hell...


That was terrible and you're terrible.


I'm doing a panel at Bronycon! "Sadists and Sadfics."

My part is called "Giving your readers hope so you can take it away."


Bear in mind, Butter Up is an unreliable narrator. But yes, there's no denying she has got it goin' on, and some ponies (like Star Power) assert that Butter Up is the real reason the show is so popular with stallions.


The line "Jeeze, Butter Up, why do you have so much bread?" may be showing up in a later chapter.


Spot on. Deep Cover just didn't know what to do.


My sister had a severe eating disorder at one point. Butter Up is based on her during the worst of it, when she had severe emotional troubles. She's better now though.


You'll find out soon!


I am really glad you got all this. Working exactly as intended.

And yes. 'Dem wings, man. :rainbowderp:


Y'all can do what you like, but sometimes people do use it that way!

Though you're right that AJ doesn't.


Yes, Rainbow Dash. And I promise, this series has a happy ending.


Barnstormer is next. :rainbowdetermined2:


This is #3 in a series! Go read the other two!


Oh TD, you're too good to me~

Thank you! :heart:

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