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Applejack knows that Rarity had a rough foalhood, and an especially rough love life. That's why she strives to give Rarity everything she desires, because that's what a marefriend does, right?

Then why was Rarity acting so strange?

Cover art by me, acting as a holder until I make a better one.
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So cute :twilightsmile: Thanks for letting me pretend I did more than fix a couple of typos :scootangel:

Rarity is Trans? Why is it always Rarity or Fluttershy are the Transgender in the Mane Six? I don't have a problem with it (Hell, I emplore it) but I would like to see Pinkie or Applejack be Transgender (Pinkie would be interesting if it included Shipped.....)

6936159 Oh dear, the picture seems to be blocked in my country :/ whatever could it be?

6936246 Whaaat? You totally helped me with more than just fixing typos, you silly.

6937824 Yes, Rarity is trans as my HC. Hmm, I never noticed that trend before, but now that I think about it, I can't get the thought out of my head. It could be something with their femininity, but I am not an expert on trans issues, so I don't think I should be giving any reasons. I HC her as trans because of the time in the MMM episode where she loses a fake eyelash, and since stallions don't have eyelashes, I just immediately made the connection.
I do HC Applejack as a demi-girl (she's my second favorite pony, and I identify as a demi-girl as well [if that term is confusing, it means someone who only partially (not wholly) identifies as a girl or woman, whatever their assigned gender at birth]) so I'll be touching up on that in my other fics, but you're right. The other ponies do deserve more diverse gender identities as well! Thank you very much for your feedback on my story :)

It's a cute story. I am fine with it being established that Rarity is Trans, but the addition of that information doesn't seem pivotal to the plot of the story. Maybe it is and I didn't see it, but that's the feeling I get.

gj! Kappa! Stay determined....

6937944 It is somewhat important to the story. The whole reason that Applejack is trying so hard to make Rarity feel so loved is because when Rarity was younger, she was teased a lot for coming out as trans at high school (well, in my headcannon, lol). Applejack witnessed this, and when they later fell in love, remembered all the pain that Rarity went through. I'm going to write a longer fic about them soon, which would detail everything about their relationship, though.

Thank you very much for your feedback! I appreciate your comments.

6937858 Shoot! It's the quote from Despicable Me : "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! " ^^'

I just decided to read this, and it gets 100% approval from me, even though I don't really ship AJ and Rares. Good job!

I personally dislike Rarijack. But this fic... sooo cuuute :applecry:

Haha! Nice! Why'd you stop writing it though?

Gah, so cute. Arm... Numb...


...worth it...

This is a very cute and moving story. I liked that Applejack was so supportive of Rarity and treated her so wonderfully. When other ponies saw her as strange or different, AJ saw her as unique and beautiful because of her character and not her appearance. Thank you for writing this delightful tale. I hope you can expand on it at some point. It would be a good story about how love is the same no matter what the circumstances.

7704450 Here lies TheWraithWriter: He wasn't ready. LMAO!!!!!

Heartwarming!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!

Its good to be greatful with what you have

Nice, this was short but oh so sweet. :raritystarry:

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