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The Rising Tide of Night


A year is made up of four seasons, each with its own identity and experiences. These same four seasons can be said to describe the life of a relationship. The relationship between Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash rises and falls with time, but through sadness, hardship, joy, and laughter, they both love each other with a depth that cannot be fathomed.

This is but a glimpse into the life of that love, told over the course of a year – a year of four very different seasons that span a lifetime.

Winner of the Four Seasons of FlutterDash contest.

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The two bright-eyed pegusi

Spotted this. But really, that's the only mistake I found in the entire thing.

This was freaking amazing and I'm sorry that I don't have more words to write here to tell you that.

It is rude to watch...
Unless you're invited. :pinkiehappy:

God, that was beautiful...


So far (chapter 1) Loved it, thumbs up my friend, 9/10 Me Gusta.

OH MY GOD LIQUID PRIDE, THUMBS UP ALL THE WAY, (CHEERS WITH THE ENTIRE SKYPE CALL OF OVER 50 PEOPLE WHO JUST GOT THIS READ TO) BRAVO MY FRIEND BRAVO, 999999999999999999999/10 ME GUSTA!!!!!!! Also play this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRpU4bnzIdA after the vid, it makes things awesome. This was the best FlutterDash story i have ever read, i will NEVER forget this story, thank you so much. About 30 of the 50 bronies who just heard this are crying while listening to the song i just posted. Also, for all who are curious, the skype call is a private reading group, we only invite friends, and we have no name, so don't ask. Awesome story!!!!

Haven't even started, fave and upvote anyway.

All my :heart: are belong to this. This is the first really good story I've read since june, and I LOVE IT!

Dear god.... After reading this... this MASTERPIECE, I'm speechless, awed, crying, and so very happy that I read this.

One Question:

Can we get a longer version with less skips in time? PLEEEEEEEASE!?

5053641 Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile: I don't know about expanding on it, though. I'm not sure I have enough ideas to fill up all of the in-between. I'm currently working on an epic that's taking up much of my time, and I've got another idea waiting in the wings after that. We'll see what strikes my fancy.

5052514 This is probably the most enthusiastic response I've ever received for one of my stories. Thanks! Also, that vid was beautiful. Probably a little more appropriate than the original song that partially inspired the last chapter.

5051852 Thanks! :twilightsmile:

5051685 Pinkie does what Pinkie will... :pinkiehappy:

5051549 I will admit, I struggled to find a good plural for pegasus, though this is the one I've seen used most often. Thanks for reading!

Wow this was an absolutely beautiful story. Bravo. :yay: :moustache:

5055169 Liked it? This is going on my list of Greatfics man, it wad truly incredible.

... Well. I didn't see that coming...

Absolutely gripping story by the way. A very good Flutterdash read with surprises everywhere.

I found a new way to express the Me Gusta-ness of this fanfic, with an oversized huge Mario! 9999999999999/10 Bravo!


... I blushed sooooo much during this, also the brashness of fluttershy is becoming a welcome, hilarious, and embarrassing sight. and WTF PINKIE!!! You don't watch ponies having SEX!!!


That last chapter was beautiful. I like you thinking. Them going and moving on together. I knew the instant that Fluttershy appeared, that Dash was now gone too. Makes sense that she would die of a broken heart.

I havent cried like this while reading a story in a loooong time. So many emotions, all of which came across as so genuine and real that you kept me sucked into the story right to the very end. This goes on my very short list of best MLP stories Ive read this year. Aside from Pinkie watching that one time, I liked every moment in your story and I think it works well as it is.

Ohhh that was amazing, this is one of the few fics that has made me cry... I have needed to cry for a while and this allows me to do so. hell when my uncle died I didn't cry, when my great grand parents died I didn't cry, my grandma who I loved dearly died and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't cry. this is an achievement that you must take as a dear welcome and I hope that this story will be told to many in the future.

greatest fanfic? possibly one of tyhe greatest short stories i have read in a decade

I don't have a problem with keeping my emotions in check when reading a story. I read it, analyze it, find flaws in it, and try my hardest to figure out how things could be improved or why I shouldn't become attached to it. Emotional responses make it hard to really critically analyze works of art from a purely factual standpoint. Very few fanfictions have ever been good enough to elict an unchecked emotional response from me, and even less have ever impacted me as much as this one had. In the end, I simply cannot criticize or analyze this piece of art. This chapter in particular had me openly crying near the end, and simply contemplating it reignites the fires that reading it the first time had lit. There are few fanfictions in the world that can be called absolutely magnificent, but this is one of them, and I would have to call this the epitome of emotional fanfictions. Dear author, you are a literary god among men, an artist who can elict tears of sorrow and laughs of joy from the same story. I can only ask one meager thing from you; never stop writing. You have a gift, and it needs to be shared with the world.

5065889 thank you all for your words. It's nice to know that I can bring out such emotions with my writing. I will say that writing that last chapter was especially an emotional undertaking for me as it was partially inspired by personal experiences. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Also, we all know about Pinkie and boundaries. They just don't apply. :pinkiehappy:

Must not cry..cry a whole lot...but those will be manly tears, brilliant story all together :')

...wow the feels I cant even put into words about how I feel so...:pinkiesad2:
This messege brought to you by torge

but ya great and I mean GREAT story keep up the great work... man still cant get over the feels:fluttercry:

No, jus-just no, Pinkie, jus-no, you dont do that. I mean, really, wtf? And you KNEW they were going to be doing that before you even LEFT!?

10/10 laughing dashes


The feels are overwhelming

RIP Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy

10 crying fluttershys out of 10

It is honestly a travesty that this story is sitting so quietly. It's a stunning series of vignettes into Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's romantic life that I could only describe with one word: beautiful.

5157998 Honestly, a good part of it is that I suck at self-promotion. Between my family, work, and other interests, I don't always have a lot of time to do much here beyond writing and reading. Add to that the fact that I tend to second-guess every post I make, I end up not posting many comments. :twilightblush: I'm glad you enjoyed it, though.

5150846 Thanks. I'm glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

This literally put me on the brink of tears I love this. I am putting this at a higher status than My little Dashie. I definitely think that this is a great piece and honestly it touches my heart. Thank you for writing this, and I hope you continue your work with FlutterDash.



Just to let you know that someone spotted the reference :ajsmug:

5262691 Gold star for you. :yay:
Your bonus: the working titles for spring and autumn were Edge of the World and Silver Moonlight. I changed them when things moved too far from the original drafts.
Hope you enjoyed the story. :twilightsmile:

A beautiful story.... I'm not gonna cry *goes to the corner of the room, lies down, cries*

Oh gaaaaaaaawd the feels hurt me.... :applecry:

im not crying. This room is dusty and I was eating popcorn and something accidentally stabbed my eyes and it's allergy season and my eyes have that dry condition thing so i took some eye drops and i sweat from my eyes a lot and you know liquid pride. But definitely not any form of tears or how you say "crying". Certainly not. Certainly not.

I swear, this is one of the most amazingly beautiful short stories I have read. You are a wonderful author! :yay:

I'm crying now. Really hard. That was simply too emotional.

However, it's one well written story. I loved reading this story, and couldn't put my tablet down. I was utterly hooked from the first sentence. I didn't spot too many mistakes, making it an easy read. I also love how you've managed to capture each ponies personality perfectly -- something that can be hard and is hardly seen in fanfictions. The descriptions offered perfectly clear images in my mind, making it easier for me to understand. It was one great story. I also love how you made each season compare to the relationship. Like with spring symbolism of growth, new beginnings to winter where things die, and are left lifeless

I think, after reading that story, I can confidently say I ship FlutterDash. Keep up the amazing work. :)

Well, at least they'll be together forever now.

I can't believe this story dosent have more comments, but I would like to say that I absolutely love it. The way you characterize the mane six+dragon are spot on. The flow is well done( if sometimes just a little clunky) and I swear I'm not just saying that because rainbow shy is my favorite couple.

I would like to point out, however, that every other time I've seen the plural for Pegasus on paper it has been spelled Pegasi.

5628872 Curious as to what parts you think are clunky (They're probably the same ones I'm thinking of). I'm always willing to hear constructive feedback. :twilightsmile:
Yeah, I've learned learned a little bit about the plural for pegasus since then. I should probably fix that.
Thanks for the read, and glad you enjoyed it!

That was.... Just beautiful. So well written and just genious theme and pacing

It was a bit hard for me to read the Autumn part all the way through. I know that this part is emotionally breaking, which is why I can't bring myself to read it. I just can't. But this entire 4-partner is enough to ravage my emotions, which are typically nonexistent. Although I simply am unable to read this 4th part-knowing that it starts and ends in death-i want you to be even further reinforced of the idea that your writing is powerful. Leaps and bounds ahead of my own. That is all

Even when I knew it was coming, you ripped out my heart and-
~ Wywint

5783945 Nice to see you back. It's good to know that it still has that effect with a second reading. :twilightsmile:

5784626 Yeah man. I'm on a binge-read of fics I haven't read in forever. They may or may not all be Flutterdash.

~ Wywint

This was amazing. I have never read something so emotional that leveled out tragedy and happiness. When reading the last chapter, I cried more than I cried when reading my little dashie. This story deserves to be mentioned in the top romantic and emotional stories. When reading the last chapter, I was like, no, no, no, nononononono Fluttershy can't... no she can't die...

Thank you,

Peanut Butter and Oreo's taste AMAZiNG :twilightsmile:

Oh Rarity... :facehoof:

But great job, this is one of the most beautiful fics i've ever seen

Okay, I feel a tad bit conflicted about this story and have some things to say.

First of all it was really sweet, there's no other way to put it. So, I believe, since I did enjoy myself I'd call it a good story. I did like following the seasons theme, and I like stories where you see the ship getting old together and dying in the end. The story did hook me up and I was emotionally invested, and a lot of it was nice to read.

Now to get to the less flattering parts. I can't help but feel like sometimes the style isn't that solid. You know, little details that set me off, without any general problem to put my finger on. Let's just assume that I'm not seeing things; then I believe that some more practice and good editing (!) should get rid of the problem easily for future works.

What I must criticize is how out of the blue the plot points appear. Of course the story skips through the character's life and only shows the relevant bits, and the things that happened were surprising, which itself is a good thing; but, and specifically for the thing with the dragon, a lot feels too random (in other words: too artificial) for my liking. I would've appreciated if there were any foreshadowing at all, just so that I'd thought "oh snap, Twilight had casually mentioned a dragon in a conversation in the first chaper, but I wouldn've have thought it was actually showing up"; rather than just "so apparently there's a dragon now, huh". And it wasn't only the dragon; I couldn't really believe that Fluttershy would randomly fly off into the storm, and the thing with the newspaper was also really random; all of that I think should and could have been prepared better. Generally, the goal is "surprising, yet inevitable" and you kind of only do the first for the most part.

As for the rest, tension and relationship arc and all of that, there's nothing I can complain about. Even though Rarity was hella creepy, not to mention the time when Rainbow literally threatens to break down the door and forefully invade Shy's comfort zone. Well.

Overall I loved reading it, alright - just that there are restrictions to that for some parts.

Yay criticism! And constructive no less! Something we writers can always use.
I appreciate you taking your time to point out your concerns with the story, I also appreciate that overall you enjoyed it, but that's another matter. :twilightsmile:
Anyway, on to your points:
I'm not entirely certain what you mean by the style is off at times. Can you give me some examples so I know what to look for and improve on? The writing is only as good as the editor, and if the editor doesn't see it, then it's not going to be fixed. I do a lot of technical writing for my job, so I wouldn't be surprised if some of that technical style ended up translating over to my freewriting.
As far as the 'out of the blue' plot points - the intention for this was four stand alone stories with an overarching theme. Yes, one story would build upon the other and reference back to the previous one, but not necessarily foreshadow the following. Using the case of Autumn (which, to be fair and kinda to your point, I feel is the weakest of the four), yes it may feel like the dragon appears from nowhere, but at the same time, this collection is spanning their entire lives. This was just a freak chance encounter. You're not going to look at a bus one day, then twenty-plus years down the line when a bus comes out of nowhere to hit you, think "I should have knoooowwwnnn!!!!" as you're flying through the air. That kind of foreshadowing is a little silly, I think.
I suppose if you look at it that way, I could argue that the fact that Spike (a dragon) was present in Spring, that was my foreshadowing. That's stretching the idea to a point where it's too thin to even think about supporting, though. :twilightsheepish:
I suppose it makes a difference when presented in this format, though. I dunno. :ajbemused:
Definitely not discounting your feedback - I do appreciate you taking the time to give it - and not saying that the way I did it was 'right'. Just giving you some insight into my thought process.
And yeah - I think all of the mane six at one time or another have completely disregarded Fluttershy's comfort zone (with maybe the exception being Twilight, since she's got that socially uncomfortable/naive vibe as well) - and with Rainbow's 'act first and think later' attitude, it wouldn't be the first time Rainbow's done something like that.
Again, thanks for your feedback. I do appreciate it. Glad that you enjoyed at least most of the story as well. :twilightsmile:

I got choked up during my little dashie, yet didn't shed a tear. This utter masterpiece was the first of many tragic, sad, and emotional stories i've ever read that caused tears. heh, thats an understatement, i will openly admit that i bawled my damn eyes out.

You need to have some kind of award given to you. You deserve one. Sure, a less time-jump filled story would have been great, but what was here was an amazing buildup filled with happiness, sadness, joy and pain that led to a bittersweet, masterful end with mortallity.

The ending can even be interpreted as a happy one with Fluttershy and Rainbow reuniting in the next world.

You're better than the other authors that i've ever read...

You are the best.

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