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Jubilee Glider

Still writing occasionally. Still love the show. I might post something again one day. We'll see.

Lots of words


Hey, visitor.

I hope you enjoy Sex Ed and Everybody Wins. Don't read Twilight Fights Dawnbringer because it sucks (I might rewrite it one day, but meh).

I'll be getting the next chapter to Everybody Wins out pretty soon (I hope).

I've not been in the mood to do much of anything since I had to put my princess down in the beginning of July. It's still really difficult, but I'm finally starting to feel like writing again and I'm also doing a bit of editing for a friend. We'll see how it goes.

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Do you want to sext? I'm bored. 388Derpy12@gmail.com

Thank you!
I haven’t been very active here at all. Real life stuff’s been at the forefront for a while now. Plus, I don’t get notification emails anymore.

1992553 :raritydespair: Don't even think about taking it down. I don't mind at all. :pinkiehappy:

Now, if you were bashing me on the other hand I would probably join in. :pinkiecrazy: Oh, wait... no. That's not right. :facehoof: I would...
Who am I kidding. I'd love you just the same. :heart:

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