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I'm a 18 years old student who lives in Chile and tries to make fanfics out of ponies... So... Yeah, that sums up everything.

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Nicely done on this one. It was a good read and having worked as a substitute a couple of times, I can understand the frustration there. Honestly though, I thought for a minute it was Twilight who was the substitute and not that this was during her time as a student. Well done! :twilightsmile:

Lol unintended plot twist ftw :rainbowwild:

Glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

It was a nice little story. I'll give it that. I really did enjoy it. However, there were grammar issues throughout. I'd suggest running it through MS Word to catch the more obvious ones, or team up with someone to proofread for you. Take these as examples:

Yelling because of the sake of yelling.
Would sound smoother as: Yelling for the sake of yelling.

Why did I took this job?
In order to use the same tenses, "took" should be "take."

How she got there was a chaos
You should get rid of "a" since chaos is not a noun.

There were many others; I'm assuming speed writing to be the cause. Even when you write just to get stuff down, you should always go back and proofread if you're going to post it.


Hehe, sorry about that. :twilightblush:

But I have to clarify something, I am not a native english speaker so it's difficult for me to have perfect grammar, even more when I'm trying to do something all by myself. Besides, I've been working on this story for at least a week. So I dunno, I personally discard the speed writing xD

Anyway, thank you for reading my story and thanks a lot for the grammar advice! :twilightsmile:

Unintended twists are some of the best :twistnerd:

This was rather good. :twilightsmile:

Some small errors, like 'took' instead of 'take', one or two places that could use some clearing up, but that's mostly just background noise.

Where you succeed is in the feelings of the scene, of a teacher helpless in the face of idiot parents doing nothing to corral and discipline their kids. All that stress and heartache...

Well done. :pinkiesmile:



Ah yes, I love to see that one kid in the class that wants to learn, always puts a little faith in me. I like this story, it really depicted what some classes are like, where no one really cares, and they think learning is for the dumb; how ironic, right? I would like to see you write another story, out of the sheer sake of writing, you might say. I'm interested, please don't let me down.

Thank you, glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

:ajbemused: ...Ok, writer's block now it's time for you to go away, ok?

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