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I take pictures and write little stories about them.


(Button Mash x Babs Seed) (Semi-Anthro)

Button Mash is an unpopular, videogame loving dork who is regularly picked on in school. Babs Seed is a new transfer student and a fierce brawler who doesn't take any lip from anypony.

One day, Babs meets Button in the hall on the way to class. Or rather, sees Button on the ground with three others above him. After scaring off the offending ponies, Babs helps Button to his hooves and walks with him to class. After that, the two become fast friends and start to get to know each other...

Short episodic scenes based on a series of pictures by Gordonfreeguy. You can find his tumblr here.

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Aww, now that is just not fair, Babs! I like this, especially the little drawings! I'm not going to fav this just yet, but I will be watching eagerly.:raritywink:

you know this remain me of the game of bully on the xbox 360 and ps2, babs is the new kid and button is that nerd with her to take over the school lol

This is a cute concept. It's rather fast paced and short, but it's got a lot of potential for growth.

The smoking is interesting. Not a fan of it (adults or kids), but it's something folks do, and Babs' philosophy of "no one cares if I do it" rings so true... if the dude at the counter doesn't bat an eye selling them to a kid and the casual observer says nothing about it when they walk by her, then it makes a realistic enough vice for Babs to have.

3363240 am not a smoker myself but it is true in CA everwhere i go is the same you know.

Hell i walk by to the park and 12 to 15 yrs old are doing it right there not giving a flying shit, and some dude not looking at ID is true becasue as long it pay i won't care.

same thing with beer and alot of things if someone knows how to not get a hold of them and become a problem than i won't give 2 flying shits about it.

really enjoyed it! a little fast paced, but good none-the-less...will be watching for further chapters

while I normally don't read the anthro...... This has caught my attention.

I think the pace is ok, kinda episodic in a good way. Just wish there was more! It seems like this story can develop a lot more if you try taking a crack at writing a bigger chapter! With your writing style, you got this. :eeyup:


I like that phrase. I think I'll add that to the description. Thanks!

I'm liking this so far. Short and sweet and to the point.

I'm enjoying this story. The pictures are a very nice touch.

... I can't hold it anymore.

What does "semi-anthro" mean? Nobody asks about it, so I feel that I'm the only guy in this world who has no idea about what you're talking about.

Okay, we have:

Pony (no tag): Pretty self-explanatory.

Human (tag): You can look yourself in the mirror to see what I'm talking about.

Anthro (tag): The missing link. Long story short, it's ponies walking on two legs. Having hands and feet instead of hooves is totally optional. For what the cover art says, you are using this one.

But what does "semi-anthro" mean? Is it something halfway between anthro and ponies (more pony than anthro, but still with certain human traits), or halfway between anthro and human (humans with some lesser discernible pony traits).

Enlighten me, oh writer, so I can solve this doubt I have.


Bipedal, but hooves instead of hands and feet. Basically ponies that just walk on two legs. Normally full anthro, in my experience, use a few more human details.

gotta say, i'm enjoying what you wrote so far. it's impressive that you are able to write stuff like this just from looking at those pictures you choose. keep up the good work dude.

never thought I would say this, but I like BabsMash

awaiting orders(and more)

As Quagmire once said "I like where this is going."

Keep this up. This is amazing!

:raritycry: thiso cute!!! the pacing is kinda fast but its not a giant issue (especially since chap 5 was longer).

Man, this fic is fuckin great. Will we be seeing more?

Next part tonight or tomorrow.

This story is one of the best I've read. Other than being rushed at times, I'm still loving this fic.

oh Button, every man knows that if your significant other wishes to have scantily clad snuggles that you must go through with it, no if buts or maybes

Babs's cutie mark is boxing gloves… and also an upside down heart.

This, this is why I like fim-fiction.

Straight to the story, seasoned with feels, with a slight hint of naughty.


I say good boy... This a great story to read and I'm really liking this. So please don't mess up with future chapters alrightâť“

Aaawww! This shit is so sweet it's giving me a cavity!:twilightsheepish:

Makes me remember the last time I had a girlfriend... Man, it sucks being single!:fluttercry:

Every time that she pulls a Cigarette out, I want to do the same thing lol.
And I miss the cuddling, the greatest part of a relationship.

Who here has Scantily Clad Snuggles as their fave chapter?

I'd shaking in my boots from her sudden change in attitude in the fight and that last display.

I'm reading this chapter with half a fifth of Evan Williams in me. 86 proof.


Contextually speaking...

How bucked are you? :pinkiecrazy:

Ok, that last image makes her look like a murderer.

Featherweight's move set sounds just like Mike Tyson from the NES game Punch-Out

Am i right?

Just happened to be listening to Disturbed when I read this. What a happy coincidence....

Those last two pictures... Me scared of babs now. Keep up the good work man.

Keep up the good work sir, I've enjoyed everything you have written to this point :pinkiehappy:

I'll do a new fic at some point, when I find a series of pictures worth writing a story about. For just plain one-shots, look to my random collection until I get enough to sort into separate categories.

This story will be in my top five romances... Damn its awesome!

I know that it is unlikely because the artist hasn't drawn anything close to it, but I would love the see the first time Button's mom met Babs.


So "Type 2" on shepherd0821's anthro scale, then?

This story will forever be bookmarked

So romantic.:heart: Definatly one of my top fave stories. :twilightsmile:

10/10, miles better than the previouse.

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