• Published 18th Oct 2013
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Fighting Games - Pics2Fics

Somepony's gotta look out for Button Mash. Babs, the new transfer student may be the one to do it.

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Scantily Clad Snuggles

“You were awesome, Babs!” Button Mash says as he applies another bandage to Babs’ shoulder.

She chuckles at his enthusiasm. Normally she would be happy to be bathed in Button’s praise, but the fight that had just occurred took it out of her. When she had heard that the school district had an honest-to-goodness boxing league, she leaped at the chance to sign up. She loved to fight, but her old town only had a run down little gym with two punching bags and rarely anypony to truly spar with.

However, there’s something to be said about going hoof to hoof against others who actually know how to fight rather than inflated ego blowhards that populate the school hallways. Not that Babs has had a problem, yet. She had won all six matches straight since she joined. A practically unheard of feat. All that’s left is the regional championship in two weeks and she would have a completely undefeated season.

She winces a bit as Button presses in the bandage to make it stick. The steam hanging in the air from Babs’ post match shower didn’t make it any easier for him to apply them. The cuff of her opponents glove had rubbed hard against it, peeling off some skin. She was fine to leave it alone, but it drew some blood, so Button slaps a bandage on it. For as much as he seems excited for Babs and her fighting career, he also tends to be a bit more of a worry-wort.

“I think that’s the last one,” Button says, putting the box of bandages back into his bag.

“Thanks,” Babs says with a little chuckle. She didn’t feel the need for any sort of treatment, but she’s as happy to let Button help her as Button is to help.

They both stand up. Babs puts on her hoodie and usual jacket as Button picks up the duffel bag with her boxing gloves. The locker room is empty except for themselves, so their hoofsteps echo as they approach the exit. Being used to the leftover heat of the steam causes Button to feel a little chill as they leave. In the gymnasium, a few ponies are still standing around, talking. The referee is talking to some of the faculty, filling out paperwork on a clipboard. Babs and Button walk right past all of them towards the exit.

Pushing the door to the outside open reveals that a mixture of snow and rain had started falling while they were inside. Babs puts up the hood of her sweatshirt while Button zips up his coat and adjusts his hat. Stepping out amongst the drifting white snowflakes and falling water drops, Babs reaches into her pocket. Pulling out her pack of cigarettes, she shakes the box to get one to poke out and puts it in her mouth. She offers the pack to Button who holds up a hoof with an apologetic smile to decline. It’s obvious that despite all the confidence Button has been growing lately, he probably would never take one. She doesn’t blame him, but she always offers, just in case the day comes. Flicking the lighter in her hoof, she burns the edge of the cigarette and inhales before blowing a cloud of smoke up into the cold air. The nicotine works into her body, starting to relax her tense muscles from their exertion.

The walk back to Babs’ house is silent. She prefers it this way as a chance to unwind after a fight. Button understands this well and lets her have her peace and her cigarette. He’s even started to grown used to the smell, but thankfully the wind is blowing the majority of the smoke away from him.

The day is so quiet. A gray sky, no ponies, no animals, not even a car passes by. Only the sounds of their walking, the rain, and the gusts that blow past them are present. It’s a nice feeling that allows them both to just forget about everything for a while. Turn their brains off, no worry of school or boxing, no stress or second guessing anything in their lives or each other. At least, for Button. The gears of Babs’ mind are grinding together as a dilemma strikes her.

Soon enough, Babs’ house comes into view. Taking the last drag of her smoke, she blows out the last and rubs the end of it against the sidewalk to put it out. Walking up to the porch, Babs takes out her key to unlock the door. Clicking to slide into place, it turns with a small squeak before allowing her to open it. They brush off the snow that have collected on themselves before stepping inside.

By the front door is a series of clothing hooks. Button sets down Babs’ duffel bag, takes off his coat, and puts it on a hook while Babs does the same for her jacket. Taking a look around Babs’ home, Button still can’t help but feel a little embarrassed that her house is always so much cleaner than his. It also seems that nopony else is home at the moment; their arrival not being acknowledged at all. Babs starts walking up the stairs and Button follows as always.

“I need to piss,” Babs says. “I’ll be a moment.”

Turning the corner, she walks into the bathroom while Button waits outside. Turning on the light also causes a fan to start blowing in the air vent, the noise masking her activities. Lifting the lid of the toilet, she sits on the seat and thinks to herself as nature takes its course.

She thinks about Button. She’s been doing that a lot lately, she’s noticed. Well, he is her coltfriend after all, it’s normal for a bit of infatuation. But still, something seems… lacking. Ever since that day that they decided to be special someponies, not a lot has happened. Maybe a peck on the cheek once or twice, but nothing that really put them past that friend stage.

Is Button afraid of her? Still around only because he fears what would happen if he tried to leave?

The memory of their first kiss comes back into her mind. His big smile. How he slumped to the ground, barely able to speak.

A small chuckle escapes Babs’ throat as she tears off a square of toilet paper. The chuckle isn’t at the memory, but at herself even thinking such things of how Button wouldn’t be there for her for anything other than his free will.

As she stands up to flush, something chilly against her fur catches her attention. Looking down, she notices just how dripping wet her shirt is. Her jeans as well are nearly soaked through. Sighing, she pulls the damp sweat shirt up over her head and drops it into the tub before kicking her jeans up into it as well.

To no avail, unfortunately. The material of the sweatshirt had managed to hold water and soak her undershirt as well. She pulls it off as well with a grumble and tosses it with the other clothing.

And then another thought strikes her. Is Button just standing around in wet clothes as well? Her house didn’t have the best heating, so he could be catching an awful chill in damp attire. She turns the knob to the faucet and collects a small spray of water which she rubs between her hooves. Drying them off on a towel, she opens the door just a crack. Immediately, she hears the electronic sounds of Button’s Joy-Boy.


No reply.


“Huh- what?” Button mumbles confused, breaking out of his game playing daze. He taps the start button and looks towards the door. He can only see the the edge of Babs’ muzzle, which he could swear is trying to keep from grinning.

“Are your clothes wet?” she asks. It’s a little hard for Button to hear her over the fan in the room she’s speaking from.

He feels around his shirt. He didn’t notice before, but his shirt and pants are definitely wet to the point that it’s noticeably chilly. He didn’t realize when he was playing, but it’s a bit uncomfortable now that he thinks about it.

“Yeah,” Button replies.

“Give ‘em here. I’ll hang them over the shower so they can dry off.” She sticks a hoof out the door.

No reply comes from Button for a moment.


“So you’re not sitting in cold, wet clothes.”

“But then I won’t be wearing anything.”

That’s true. Which would be worse, wet clothes or no clothes? A point can be made for the former as Babs almost feels the need to shiver coming over her just standing in her bathroom with nothing but her underwear. She thinks about the issue and gets an idea.

“We’ll find another way to keep warm.”


“Cuddlin’ up together like special someponies do.”

This could be her wish granted. She wanted to do more intimate things with Button and this may be the chance. All that’s left is Button’s response to her idea.

At first, there’s another couple seconds of silence. The she hears some shuffling and light grunting. After a few more moments, a wet shirt and pants are put in Babs’ hoof and she smiles. Pulling them inside, she closes the door and begins to hang the clothing up over the shower’s curtain bar as promised so they can start to dry off. Turning back to the door where scantily clad snuggles await, she stops.

She breathes into her hoof and sniffs it. Did she still smell like the cigarette she had on the walk back? Is it still on her breath? In her fur? Giving a couple sniff of her forearm yields no definitive results, but she may just be used to it. Going to the sink, she turns it on and scoops some water into her mouth and swishes it around. She takes some more water and begins lightly washing her arms and chest with a bit of soap in an effort to mask any sort of smell she may not be able to detect. Spitting the water out, she attempts to smell her own breath again. Drying herself off with the hoof towel, she opens the cabinet in hopes of finding some mouthwash or something stronger.

But wait… why does she care? Why does she suddenly give a rat’s ass about the opinion of-

Because it’s Button.

Her search continues, but finds nothing. A little panic starts to go through her as she doesn’t want to make Button wait too long or else he may think something’s wrong or get nervous and change his mind. She takes her toothbrush and puts a little toothpaste on the end of it before scrubbing her teeth. Brushing up along all of her pearly off-whites, she then scrubs her tongue up and down with the leftover minty suds. Spitting into the sink, she rinses her toothbrush off, but gets a little more water to rinse with by bringing water trapped between the brush’s bristles up to her lips.

One last spit and she checks her breath again. It’ll have to do. Breathing out the breath she hadn’t noticed herself keeping, she turns to the door yet again and- wait, she was holding her breath?

Babs’ couldn’t believe how nervous she’s acting. An impromptu scrub and brushing teeth all because he may not like how she smells? He’d probably snuggle up to her even if she didn’t shower after her match.

But would he enjoy it? Would he want to, or would he just to be nice? Or is he just being nice now?

She grits her teeth and curses her overworking mind. She would not second guess this. What’s going to happen is that she will fearlessly open the door, take Button into her bedroom, and then oh god, oh god, oh god-


She breathes deeply and calms her mind. No more thoughts. Only cuddles in nothing but underwear to keep warm.

She looks down to her underwear.

Buck it, he already said yes.

Hoof stretching the elastic, she steps out of her final piece of clothing and tosses it with the rest despite it being dry. She’s not afraid to get crazy and she doubts Button will complain, but of course he’d probably not say anything to spare her feelings- GODDAMMIT!

She nearly yells the last thing that went through her mind. No more distractions. She forces herself forward and puts a hoof on the doorknob. With a turn, she pulls it open, revealing herself all at once. No slow opening or delay for her to suddenly change her mind. She stands proud in front of Button, ready to share the warmth of their-

And he’s back to his Joy-Boy.

The dinging sound effects of his game become louder as Babs clicks off the fan. That action alone is enough to get Button’s attention as he looks up. He was not ready for the sight, however.

He imagined Babs would still be covered by something, but no. She stands in front of him, showing everything off, as confidently as she always is. A shiver unrelated to the cold runs down to his stomach as he wonders how Babs is able to act so brazen without a second thought.

“Come on,” she says, approaching him. Button could only babble a few syllables.

Seeing Button dumbstruck does boost Babs’ confidence a bit. She can feel his gaze going up and down her body. She smirks.

“Like what ya’ see?”

Slowly, he nods.

“Well then, let’s go,” she says, turning towards her bedroom. She only takes a single step before hearing the sounds of the Joy-Boy again. She understands that Button is probably just saving his game at this point, but it gives her an idea to continue her brash charade.

Walking over to Button, she kneels on one knee and puts her hooves on his shoulders. Pulling him forward, she’s able to get him to bend and balance him up over her own shoulder. She stands back up with Button slung over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“I said, let’s go,” Babs repeats, walking toward her bedroom with coltfriend in tow.

Her bedroom was nothing special. Only a bed, a desk with scattered papers and a wooden cabinet were in there. Right now, only the bed interested her and she makes her way over to it. Turning herself around carefully as to not hit her precious cargo on anything, she sits down and lets Button down onto the mattress.

First, she takes his Joy-Boy from him and turns it off before setting it on the ground. Then she takes his hat off his head. It’s wet like the rest of his clothes were, but she sets it on the corner of the bed.

Looking back to Button, she sees that he’s nearly shaking like a leaf. Either it’s the cold or perhaps his nervousness for reasons that she forced out of her mind before they could ruin the moment. She extends her hoof and places it on his shoulder.

Wow. Even just his shoulder feels warm. She begins to pull him closer, but instead of scooting forward, he just leans over where he sits. By the time he reaches her, his head is against her chest. She starts to lay back carefully with Button until her head is against the pillow. The sheets are cold, but Button’s fur against hers is more than enough to make up for it.

Button hears a gentle thumping inside Babs’ chest as it rises and falls. A soothing sound, something that makes him feel peaceful and safe around this creature who not two hours before just punched the living daylights out of another pony. His classmates fear her. The town beckons to her will. But Button Mash…

The word is on the tip of his tongue. It’s a feeling that seems almost… bubbly. It tickles his spine, makes his head light, and causes something in his chest to feel like it’s about to lift up and float away. It goes beyond ‘like’, into a territory he has never experienced before. Then again that makes sense. He’s never cuddled up with a special somepony before, but he’s enjoying it so far.

His last thought causes him to feel a sliver of guilt. He’s never done this before because he’s never had a special somepony. Babs said the same thing when they started going out. How long has he been keeping this sort of feeling from her through his nervousness?

“I’m sorry,” comes words from Button’s lips before he realizes he said them.

“...Why?” Babs asks, a little confused as to Button’s sudden apology.

“For being a bad coltfriend,” he replies. “For having us wait this long to do something like this.”

Babs snickers while patting his head. It feels strangely comforting to know he has the same kind of anxiety about their relationship. “You seemed to want to when I suggested it.”

“I know, but I’m sorry for not wanting to earlier…” his voice trails off into a mumble.

“Well, now ya’ do and here we are,” Babs states plainly.

Button shrugs.

“So how about not bein’ so nervous anymore?” she suggests, not only to Button but to herself. “If you have a suggestion, just throw it out.”

Button smiles. “I-I’ll try.”

Babs goes back to enjoying the close company while Button thinks. He feels the need to do something right now, something that could at least start him down the road of making Babs feel as word-that-escapes-him-currently as he does.

He thinks. What different that Babs is doing that he’s not? Something he can share?

He then feels Babs’ hoof petting him, up and down his neck. Looking at his own hooves, he notices that he’s not doing anything with them. He pushes against the mattress, trying to dig them underneath Babs so that he can wrap his arms around her like she has hers around him.

“Ow!” Babs exclaims as she feels something pinch her from either side. “What are ya’ doin’?”

The exclamation of pain makes Button freezes instantly. In his hurry to try and do something for her, did he just hurt Babs?

“I, uh, wanted to, um…” Button stutters.

“Spit it out. Don’t be nervous, we just discussed this.”

Button takes a deep breath. “I w-want to hug you…” he squeaks. “Like you’re hugging me,” he adds.

“Oh, is that all?” she says. Arching her back, she gives Button room to fit both his hooves. He goes around her waist, feeling a little more excitement by being able to hold her like this. As soon as he has a good grip, Babs relaxes herself back down again.

“A-AH!” Button exclaims as he feels his hooves get pressed against the mattress and Babs. She quickly arcs back up.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I just didn’t expect the weight of- NO, THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!” Button shouts as soon as he realizes what he said. “I DIDN’T MEAN, I MEAN, I SWEAR-”


Button stops instantly.

“Let’s see here…” Babs says, looking to see how Button may be more comfortable with herself laying on his arms. Accidental weight comments aside. “Can you scoot off me for a moment?”

Button complies, the cold setting in as soon as he moves away from Babs’ body. She also moves herself over, keeping one hoof on Button’s back. She moves close enough to the edge that her tail spills off the side. With enough space for Button as well, she pulls him closer, resulting again in the position with his head against her chest.

“Try now.”

He wraps his arms around her waist again and when she lays back down his forearm is much better to support the load. In fact, her body on its side make a much cozier fit for the two on Babs’ small bed.

She pulls him close to make sure neither of them fall onto the floor. She hadn’t realized just how little space they would have, but they could make it work.

Button squeezes his grip around her waist as she holds Button’s head close. They lay there together, eyes closed as they feel and think about each other.

Author's Note:


Sorry that this is a bit rushed. I just wanted to get this part done and it's late. Also, the next couple of chapters are the parts I've been wanting to write since the beginning of this little project. Stay tuned!