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With aging we grow up either to know more about the world or nothing at all. We learn and evolve throughout our lives leaving things we use to do in the past. Some of those things fads into our minds deep in our memories, never to be heard from again. Forgotten after years of development.

Though there are some memories that we hang to that are precious. Memories that remind us the love in our youth of those around us. Even the small thing that was shared with one another can transpire for a lifetime. Rumble learned this one evening alone with Flitter first hoof.

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i might have missed some mistakes. but they're very minor. grammer Nazi type deal. but overall I really liked it

Loved the fic. Well done.

This is how it would have gone down...

Rumble blushed."d..d..do you really mean that?"

Flitter giggled.

No nigguh you dumb as fuck

(thank you for your time)

I actually noticed several grammar slips, but the story's good! I'd love to see a sequel too. :)

6118132 well I didn't write it I was just asked to correct some mistakes. and I would too

Understood - I was just mentioning it, not to criticize you (I didn't even think you were the editor!), but so that the author knew it might help to have somebody else give it a polishing pass some time. :)

This was too cute. I really liked this read.

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