• Published 18th Oct 2013
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Fighting Games - Pics2Fics

Somepony's gotta look out for Button Mash. Babs, the new transfer student may be the one to do it.

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You Have a Visitor

“Ms. Seed? You have a visitor.”

Babs' eyes look up from the gold trophy in her lap to the nurse in the doorway. Around the corner walks in the familiar brown colt in the backwards cap with a mass of gray tucked under his arm. With a sigh, Babs sets the trophy on the stand beside her bed.

Button approaches Babs' side carefully, scooting up a chair to sit in next to her bed. Half of her mane was shaved off so they could put in stitches to her scalp. Her eye was still swollen black and she has a couple new bandages applied here and there. The doctors kept her overnight to observe and make sure she didn't suffer from any sort of serious concussion.

“So, I um... I brought you your sweater,” Button says, giving Babs the hoodie he had with him.

Babs smiles a little. “Thanks. Getting' a little cold in here,” she says while taking the sweater. She pulls it up over her head, careful not the rub any of the stitches with it. Poking her head through, she shifts her arms into the sleeves.

When she's done, she just sits back. The two briefly make eye contact before Babs' eyes go down to the little strings of her hoodie. Button's eyes follow as well as he just watches her fidget with them.

The two sit for a while as a cold silence rolls in. Button doesn't know what to say. Obviously 'Congratulations' is out of the question. Thinking about what Babs has missed at school, he gets an idea for something to break the ice.

“So the ponies at school think you're possessed,” he says.

This actually gets a smile out of Babs, who is thankfully he finally said something. “Didn't they think that before?” she asks.

Button shrugs. “But now you've proved it.” The memory of last night plays again in his head as a smile creeps onto his face from ear to ear.

“Whatcha' thinkin' about?” Babs asks.

Button shakes his head. “Just how cool you are.”

Only for this one colt in the entire land of Equestria, Babs blushes. “I'm still hazy as to what happened,” she admits. “Can you fill in the details for me?”

“What happened is that you're going to be in that colt's nightmares for the rest of his life!” Button says.

“And what did I do?” Babs asks.

“Well, let's see...” Button says, putting a hoof to his chin. “How much do you remember?”

“I remember you showin' up with a bottle of water. Then... a lot's missin'.”

Button smirks as he prepares to tell the story. “Well, after the bell rang, you got up and prepared to fight again.”

“I remember that I was losin'.”

“Not for long. You got up there and he kept trying to dance around you.” Button puts up his hooves in a mock fighting stance. “But when he tried to duck in for a punch, BOOM!” He swings his hoof out in front of him. “You nearly flattened him out on the first blow! You lifted him off the mat!”

Babs begins to chuckle as she gets to hear the amazing tale about herself. “Then what happened?”

“It went like that for a while. He'd try to go for a punch, but there you were. Or rather, there was your hoof.” Button holds up one hoof and punches it away with the other for emphasis. “You had him figured out. He couldn't surprise you and you were always ready for him.”

“Because you were there,” Babs says, starting to remember some events more clearly.

Button waves a hoof. “Yeah, but you were the one fighting. Either way, he got knocked down every other swing, so I'm surprised he even lasted the full round.”

“The fight went three rounds?” Babs asks.

“Well, more like two and a half,” Button explains.

Her eyebrow raises in curiosity. “What happened? Did he finally wise up an' stay down?”

Button is silent. Babs smirk slowly fades as she realizes that whatever happened, Button is having trouble talking about it. He opens his mouth to try and speak, but just shakes his head as he attempts to put it into words. She gets an idea as to what happened.

“Is what happened next... why I'm in the hospital?” Babs asks.

Button nods. “Your opponent made an illegal move,” Button says. “He was disqualified. You only won by default.”

Babs' jaw drops. She lets out an irritated groan as she covers her face with her hooves. Her victory, her underdog come-from-behind victory with the help of her special somepony cut down and cheapened because her opponent was damn coward.

“Not that you weren't awesome!” he blurts out. He knew she wouldn't be happy with the news, so he tries to explain it quickly. “Seriously, what happened next was probably better than if the fight ended normal- I mean, except for...” He points at Babs' stitches.

She takes her face out of her hooves. Now she's curious. “What happened?”

A little giggle escapes Button's lips as he recalls the event. It's small, but the simple action relieves her disappointment and works up her wonder again.

“Like I said, he was getting creamed. The kids even started cheering for you! By the end of the second round, the place was filled with the chant: 'BABS! BABS! BABS! BABS!'” Button says, even cupping his hooves around his mouth for the cheer. He laughs again and continues, “You were waving to the crowd. I was telling you other things I saw about his fighting. You were sure to win.” Button's excitement falls. “And then...”

“What?” Babs asks. She keeps a smirk even through the impending bad news.

“He was battered. Tired. And then he got desperate,” Button explains. “His family was trying to get me away from the ring because they knew I was helping you. They tried to claim that they put something in the water I gave you.”

“That would explain the pee test they had me do,” Babs mumbles.

“Yeah. Either way, I guess he just got angry because when you had him against the ropes...” Button holds up a hoof and slaps it away with a sweeping motion. “Bam. His hindhoof came up and he kicked you across the jaw.”

Babs puts a hoof up to her chin. It feels a little tender now that she knows.

“You were knocked back. You lost balance and fell over. But, um...” Button pauses to breathe. “You fell right onto the corner of the ring. Caught the edge of the big metal bar holding up the ropes.” He holds an arm straight up and brings his other hoof down on top of it. “Ker-rack.”

Babs sucks some air in through her teeth and winces. “I knew that damn ring at the school was shitty, but...” She shakes her head with a sigh. “So where's the part where I'm awesome?”

The smile comes back to Button's face. “When you got back up.”

“I got back up?” Babs asks. “After that?”

“Yes, you did. And you weren't just mad. You were furious. Blood was pouring down your face,” he says, dragging his hoof down from his scalp. “But you just stood there as if it was nothing! And then you yelled at him.” Button points his hoof out. “YOU'RE A DEAD COLT, FEATHER-BITCH!” He said in a whispered yell, but couldn't even finish the line without laughing. “The look of sheer horror on his face. Priceless. I wish I had a camera, but there were a few ponies with them there. I'll ask around because you need to remember this face.”

“So the ref stopped the fight after that?”

“Not immediately. They didn't know what to do since you looked alright. Well, as alright as you can be with a big gash in your head.” Button shrugs as he talks. “But then, you just CHARGED at him! He was so scared, all he could do was bring his hooves up to shield himself! Did very little to save him.” He leans over in his seat to peek out the door. “I think he's just a couple rooms down, honestly.”

“Whoa, really?” Babs asks, a little fear in the idea that she landed a pony in the ER in a it of rage. Not that it wouldn't be satisfying to have a bit of mutually assured destruction by the fact that he put her in a hospital bed.

“Not really, I'm just kidding,” Button says with a wave of his hoof. “They wanted to check him, but he was fine enough to just send home. Still had the crap beat out of him. I think the refs called the fight more for his sake than yours.”

“I just charged at him?”

“And started wailing on him. He got backed up to the ropes again, which held him up. Poor guy,” Button says, chuckling at the last part while shaking his head. “But after the ref pulled you off of him, he collapsed. Ref started counting, but then some other guys came and the final bell rung when he got to four. But I counted, he didn't get up before ten.” He takes a deep breath. “Then you just started drifting when the nurses started checking up on you. After you passed out completely, the ambulance was called.”

Babs looks over at the gold trophy again, seeing her warped reflection in it. She also sees Button in it as well, right beside her. Where she knows he always be.

Button puts his hoof on her shoulder. “Undefeated champion,” he says. “Way to go.”

Babs feels pride start to well up within herself. “Couldn't have done it without you,” she says.

He doesn't respond. If anything, he would have just brushed off the comment like it was no big deal, but that would be doing a disservice to his privileged position of being the sideline colt for the one and only Babs Seed.

“So how's it feel?” he asks.

“Awful,” she replies, but still with a smile. “Like I got kicked in the face then split my head open.” They both share a laugh. Her hoof lightly touches around her stitches again. “I look like a mess, too. Probably a lot less pretty then I used to be,” she comments, heavy with sarcasm.

Button laughs again. “Not at all, Babs.” The statement gets a confused look from her. “You're just as pretty as ever.”

He takes his hoof off her shoulder and stands up. Leaning over, he looks at the stitches on her scalp and presses his lips against them in a small kiss.

“O-Ow...” Babs says.

“Oh, sorry!” Button says, pulling away. “But, um... I think you're still as cool and pretty as ever,” he says, his face starting to blush. He didn't quite know what possessed him to be so forward all of a sudden.

Babs smiles. She could take mock offense as a joke, but the poor guy probably couldn't take it after trying to be sweet to only poke her sore stitches. Besides, she feels herself almost becoming lighter than air at his words. Only Button Mash could ever call Babs Seed 'pretty' and get away with it.

“Thanks,” she says, her own cheeks starting to turn red as well. “But if you want to try again, keep it to just the lips for now.”

“A-Alright,” he says. Deciding he does want to try again, he leans in to kiss her, this time where she specified. He's still afraid she may be sore there as well, so he only presses enough to make contact.

Babs, still bruised and tired, is more than happy with the light touch of his lips against hers.