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I will hijack stories and make crap. Why? Because there are stories with dark endings, death, pain, misery. I will make such stories happy. I will save the characters from a cruel end.



My Little Pony X Among Us Crossover

Join the cast of My Little Pony in this MLP Among Us crossover of Twilight and her friends, as they realize they don't know why they're on a spaceship, why they're here, nor what their names are. All they know is that there is a killer on the loose, who will stop at NOTHING to make sure the crew doesn't succeed.

Even worse, the crew doesn't know what they need to succeed at. Join them as they struggle to gain allies and make friends, when the one you trust most could stab you through the heart. If they are feeling kind.

So, welcome Aboard to Space Ship Pony Village, or S. S. Ponyville. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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Kind of wonder what erased their memories there?

You'll see...
In a waaaaayyy later chapter

Hopefully Luna doesn't get killed though..

In fact I feel like the mention of Celestia's name should jog Luna's memory in some way due to being her sister and such.

Wow I did not expect someone to do a among us mlp crossover

Hello! The automatic diagnostic and announcement system welcomes you to Space Station 13. Remember: Have a secure day.

Oh wait, wrong game.

A little confusing, but interesting.

Good job keep, up the good work
Remember red is sus :moustache:

[ $&#-? changelings remaining]

Yes and no. I won't say more then that because no spoilers. :P

This was a little confusing, but good.

Poor pink1.

I'd kill them all for the pinks.

So. Where's the real Rarity? And will they ever find out who they really are? Everything is interesting so far

One, she was in the kitchen. The Imposter messed up and didn't eliminate her.
Two, Yes. Just not yet.

So they mentioned about "recycling" which will erase their memories.
is that what happened to everyone?

No. Recycling a Pink 1 reduces it into "Pink Matter" which is then recycled with other elements (like waste) to create a new Pink. A Pink can go for some time in a dying state, even if it should be fatal.

"Big Red, Tall White, Singed, with me! The rest of you, stay here!" Rainbow Dash said as she threw aside her food, leaped over the table, and headed down the hall in ten seconds flat. Big Mac, Celestia, Time Turner, and Singed quickly followed, while the rest stayed. An Imposter cursed under their breath, as only a few left.

Who’s time turner?

Rainbow Dash closed the chute as the creature hissed. "Tall, Big, Lana, get over here." The three quickly did. Rainbow Dash looked back towards the Imposter. It now had one giant eye and HUGE teeth. Rainbow Dash pulled the lever and opened the chute. "I'm willing to spare you for information."


It laughed. "You found out. You knew how to find us. Then, you forgot." It grinned slyly. "I know who all of you are. I know your strengths and your weaknesses. I also know-" The hatch was shut as it's tongue shot out. The tongue hit with a thud against the glass.

Will that be revealed?

I'm sorry. I know that part at the end is supposed to be sad and heartwarming.

But all I can think of is loud banjo music.

I'm.. wondering on what happened to Luna or something prior to the events here honestly..

Gamer instincts have possessed button mash.

He will be their Messiah.

"EVERYONE SHUT UP AND CALM DOWN!" Rainbow Dash shouted into her microphone. After awhile of Spoiled screaming, she turned to the mare. "That means you too!" Rainbow Dash let out a sigh, before walking up and slapping Spoiled Rich.

She would have to fight me for that.

Also, I’m confused on what happened this chapter.

well first off, Singed is gone. Figure out the rest.

Honestly, so many things were happening at once.

You are 37% percent right.

Whos Singed again?
My memory can be iffy at times..

Singed was the P.I.N.K 1 who named herself aka the one who got zapped

This was sad and confusing at the same time.

Well well well this raises a few questions.

Either the impostors have a way of viewing the multiverse and used that to implant cozy with the memories of a alternative. Or the show was false memories.

There is also the possibility that this is a alternative universe and discord in this world is still evil and screwing with them. Going the sci fi route this time.

Also I feel kinda bad for cozy. Hopefully they fix her psychosis.

The. Again seeing her swing from tsundere to yandere for button could be darkly amusing.

To what exactly?
To literally all of that.
Also as a heads up to all who see this comment,
The beginning words person will be semi important so be sure to pay attention to them as well.

I’m so confused.

"Alright ya buzzards, come and eat your gosh dang breakfast!" a Pink 3 shouted from the kitchen counter. Her suit was part of her flesh, providing a layer of natural armor. Upon her helmet was a chef hat. "If any of ya even try comin for more then your share, I'll rip out your spleen."

I already hate her.

SLAP! Twilight stood stunned as Rainbow Dash glared at her. "Shut up for one moment and let me tell you something!" Rainbow Dash growled as she slammed Twilight against the self. "You are my friend, don't forget that. You are a good person. You felt bad when thinking you hurt a child. And I know we're all scared of dying. But I'll do my best to help this crew in any darn way I can, no matter what. Even if I die trying. I swear on the lives of those who are passed, I will do everything to protect any and all crew. Even you. I'm loyal to the crew." Rainbow Dash released Twilight and walked to the door.

Rainbow Dash would have to fight me.

If the Imposters/aliens are behind the memory erasure, how did they do it?
For Luna's case, I feel like its really embarrassing for her due to since she's the guardian of dreams she would be connected to mental stuff too.
Would her memories come back quicker due to that? Just seems humiliating for her to have her memories erased like that too.

Big Mac saw the blood on her new grey suit. He raised an eyebrow. He turned back to face the other two. They shoved past him and ran.

Why didn’t they snitch?

Twilight remained silent. She knew the girl was messed up in the head, and that she was the reason.

Technically, that’s not true.

Because snitches get stitches.

But, chances are they might die anyways.

They made a bargain (Chapter Title)

unless she's secretly an imposter.

But, are they actually gonna stand by it? (Also, i need to pay attention to the chapter titles.)

"In a reality where you have wings, I was forced into stone." Cozy Glow said causually. She leaned foreward, voice angering. "For five years. Never moving, never blinking, never sleeping. I saw the same sight, second after second. Minute after minute. Hour after hour." Her eyes turned red as she began shouting. "DAY AFTER DAY! WEEK AFTER WEEK! MONTH AFTER MONTH! YEAR AFTER YEAR! THE SAME SIGHT, THE SAME STANCE! I WAS A KID WITH MILD INSANITY! I DIDN'T DESERVE STONE!" She panted, curls or hair now hanging ovr her glowing eyes. "You sentenced me to a fate worse than death. You drove me mad. So I seeked revenge. Think on that for a minute, huh?" Another signal sent. *

I think that’s a sign to chuck her flank into space.

Cozy Glow's suit reverted to gray. {Soldier killed. The huge one with tiny wings. This makes me fear the Pink 3 even more.}

What does pink 3 have to do with it?

Rainbow Dash and the others quickly moved away from Twilight, who now was one of those... things. It moved towards them.

Is she an imposter?

The lever was pulled. The two turned to look, and saw Cozy Glow at the lever. "Bye bye, 'Macintosh'." she said, before laughing. She shoved Rainbow Dash aside and helped Applejack to her hooves. "Can't have you dying on us, Jackie!" Cozy Glow turned to face Rainbow. "Now somebody go and make sure Daddio doesn't die on us."

I guess she’s kinda trust worthy.

"Oh. Oh he was real. He was real and had answers." Cozy Glow looked around. "Ima just..." She gingerly touched Spike's eye addition. She sucked in a breath. "My bad..." She put the rest of the bone into her back, before backing away. "Yeeeaaah... Cozy Glow bolted towards the Emergency Medbay, as she discovered it was called.

Is anyone gonna question that?

"Kinda, not kinda, still healin." Big Mac said with a shrug.

Is he an imposter?

Purple-smart sus. Vote purple!

Well, this was confusing.

Should I add a mystery tag?

Is there mystery in it?

Uhhhh No you read from Imposter's veiws as well so there's no mystery much for reader except for background stuff.

Then, I don’t think it’s necessary.

So Spike only shows up only to be swiftly killed off like that?

Managed to read the two chapters.
Whats happening with Luna right now?

Not much (shes still alive

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